Captain's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Captain's Ashes


Umbral Ash of the Captain of the Millwood Knights. With this, the shrine handmaiden will prepare new items. 

Long ago, when the Millwood Knights lost the forest they called home, they began a journey so long that even thoughts of their sworn enemy washed away, replaced by a vision of a cold and brittle wood.


Captain's Ashes Usage



Captain's Locations

  • Painted World of Ariandel. Looted from a corpse at the top of the tower with the two millwood archers.
  • Fextralife Video: Location of Captain's Ashes
  • Video Location -From the Snowfield Bonfire. run straight until you hit a wall then veer off to the right. Fall off from the cliff and run past all the wolves. Once you are with all the Knights. find the large tower and enter through the door. There will be a knight blocking your way, kill him to proceed. Take the ladder up and run up the stairs going outside and up the final ladder. Walk the beam to find the Captain's Ashes.




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