Carthus Milkring

Ring worn by the warriors of the sand kingdom, Carthus. Slightly boosts dexterity and obscures the wearer while rolling.

The sword technique of Carthus allows for fluid movement with a curved sword. Masters of the technique are said to dazzle their opponents by moving as weightlessly as a grain of sand. They live for their High Lord Wolnir, conqueror of most kingdoms known to their people.

 Carthus Milkring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Carthus Milkring Effect

  • Gives +3 to Dexterity and obscures wearer while rolling.
  • Weight: 0.8



Where to Find Carthus Milkring

  • Found within the Catacombs of Carthus after the first encounter with the rolling skeleton ball at the large stairs, continue on the path, the ring (and the vases) will be on your right side. Be careful though, as breaking the vases unleashes flying dark spirit skulls. ()
  • Video Location




  • The player vanishes in a puff of smoke when rolling. However, the effect is purely visual and does not increase the number invulnerable frames. This can serve as a distraction however in PvP; either offensively, or defensively.




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    • Anonymous

      08 Jul 2019 05:10  

      Tested this with a dark hand and with continuous rolling the red particle effects completely disappear, even after the milkring invisibility wears off.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jun 2018 03:41  

        This doesn't straight up break locks, but it does redirect locks if there is a secondary target nearby. Had it happen multiple times in fight club.

        • Anonymous

          13 Apr 2018 19:35  

          Omg. I wish I looked this up. I beat the whole game twice with the ring on. I thought it said INVINCIBLE not INVISIBLE.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jul 2017 16:17  

            Invisibility does mess with homing spells. Same goes for the Chameleon spell as tech. However you have to be rolling sooooooo.....

            • Anonymous

              31 May 2017 16:08  

              I wonder what the reasoning was behind removing the "smoke" effect for this ring.
              In fact, the behavior of this ring seems to have changed a lot from release.
              For example, currently your first roll with this ring doesn't even make the character completely invisible, just about 50% transparent. However if you start spamming dodges the character will be completely invisible during the roll, and only briefly visible between rolls, as long as you continue rolling. Even fat rolls can attain a moment of complete invisibility.

              • Anonymous

                26 Apr 2017 07:29  

                The description and video of the location are horrible. Go from the abyss watchers bonfire and make your way past the first skeleton ball into the area with tons of pots before tou drop down to the area with rats. Its by the pots

                • Anonymous

                  18 Nov 2016 16:35  

                  It increases invulnerablity frames slightly. It's just a mashup of the blood ring and the hunters ring with reduced effect and flashy poofs. I like it.

                  • Anonymous

                    now correct me if I'm wrong...02 Jun 2016 15:01  

                    but I feel like (what I FEEL and what is REAL are two different things I know) the invisibility effect scales with your dexterity... so the effect lasts longer the more points in dexterity you have...

                    • Anonymous

                      Possible effect in PvE02 May 2016 05:48  

                      I can't confirm it, but I think it removes the lock the enemy has on you for a fraction of a second, making it easier to get behind their back.

                      • Anonymous

                        Unconfirmed use30 Apr 2016 16:23  

                        This ring lets me roll through illusion walls.Dont know if bug or every other ring no rings can do it as well

                        • Anonymous

                          You need this ring!24 Apr 2016 17:06  

                          This ring seems to make your dodge roll actually work. It feels a little more like bloodborne's dodge. I honestly hate the dodging mechanics without this ring.

                          • Anonymous

                            Sneak passed enemies20 Apr 2016 14:12  

                            Consecutive light rolls let you sneak passed some enermies, notibly the dragons on lothric castle.This may need testing as I've done it only a few times, Could have been luck.

                            • Anonymous

                              Strong rings19 Apr 2016 08:51  

                              The two Carthus rings are so good on dex builds. Have been playing with them since the catacombs, no regrets whatsoever.

                              • Anonymous

                                iframes???19 Apr 2016 04:13  

                                Does anyone know for sure if this gives any additional iframes for dodging? The ring similar to this in DaS2 did.

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