Carthus Pyromancy Tome is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Carthus Pyromancy Tome

A pyromancy tome from Carthus containing pyromancies crafted for battle.

Give to the old pyromancer to learn advanced pyromancies of the Great Swamp.

Carthus pyromancies developed in isolation from other forms, explaining their divergent evolution.


Carthus Pyromancy Tome Usage



Carthus Pyromancy Tome Locations

  • Catacombs of Carthus. From the Abyss Watchers bonfire cross the bridge with the Scimitar wielding skeleton. Go up the nearby staircase, head down the hallway to the left, and descend the ladder you find. When you see the red eyed shotel skeleton, there is an illusory wall on the right.






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    • Anonymous

      You can get it faster by jumping off the bridge to the left and onto a platform, I don’t know why the wiki doesn’t include this

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha, I don't know that we can advanced our pyromancy skills more after we acquired great pyromancy tome. So I killed four cinder lord without this. Well, looks like it's time to take this. :D

        • Anonymous

          "Its best to use this in PVE or PVP if you have high dexterty for faster casting speeds. "

          What relevance does this have to the actual item? If it's talking about a pyromancy that is unlocked from the tome, wouldn't it be best to clarify which one, or better yet, put that information on the page for said pyromancy? Even worse is it has a spelling error "dexterty" instead of "dexterity".

          • Anonymous

            From the Abyss Watchers bonfire, cross the bridge with the red eyed, scimitar wielding, skeleton. Halfway across the bridge, drop down to the platform to the left. There will be a doorway with an item corpse, and 2-3 skeletons. The item is the Carthus Pyromancy Tome.

            • Anonymous

              Wall->Undead Village->Road of Sorrows->Forest->Swap->Undead Legion Fire Lord->Crypt->Past the first bridgeGo up and to the left until it loops around. Once on the lower floor hit the wall on the right to remove the illusion.You will also see an archer below you on the left when you're crossing the first bridge. It is down there.

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