Cell Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Cell Key


Key to a cell holding thieves and the like.

There is no shortage of brash thieves in Lotheric and these particular thieves likely scaled the wall from the Undead Settlement.

But they are only willing to practice their thievery on the High Wall, for their fear of Lotheric Castle, rumored to devour men, keeps them clear of its grounds.


Cell Key Usage

  • Opens the cell to Greairat in the Highwall of Lothric, at the bottom of The Tower on the Wall bonfire.



Cell Key Locations




  • Greirat will give you a Blue Tearstone Ring to give to Lorreta if you accept his request. He will then move to the Firelink Shrine if you accept his service. 




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    • Anonymous

      Bug14 Apr 2016 00:41  

      I grabbed the key off the anvil but I was axed by the ax wielding hollow at the same time, I went to go unlock the cell and it wouldnt unlock. I then checked my inventory to find no cell key an when I went back to the anvil it was no longer there. Please advise unless this was not the correct spot for the key

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