Clandestine Coat

Physical Resitance 4.2 Bleed Resistance 25
Strike Defense 4.2 Poison Resistance 36
Slash Defense 4.2 Frost Resistance 30
Thrust Defense 3.6 Curse Resistance 65
Magic Defense 13.5 Poise 1.6
Fire Defense 12.9  
Lightning Defense 13.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 210
Dark Defense 13.5 icon_weight.png 3.0
Armor Type Chest Armor 

Clandestine Coat is an armor piece in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Clandestine Set.

Traditional coat of the Vinheim Dragon School.

Normally a deep blue color, this black variation is a sign of a sorcerer engaged in surreptitious work. 

These were covert agents who excelled at manipulating sound.

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    • Anonymous

      Little known fact: This coat functions like the slumbering dragoncrest ring, and obscures all sound the player makes

      • Anonymous

        Pretty bad because it can't benefit from flynn's ring as good as, master's attire/desert pyromancer garb. Although it's decent if you care about fashion. I don't mind running around as a naked man, but that's just me. Last thing don't be discouraged because i say it's trash, wear whatever you want to

        • Anonymous

          Notice this is the lightest chest piece in the game that doesn't make you look like a hobo (desert pyromancer garb is at endgame). If you plan to stay at very low levels, killing Orbeck might be a good consideration.

          • Anonymous

            I just tested it and can CONFIRM:

            You can buy the Clandestine Coat from the Shrine Handmaid after you pick up Orbeck's Ashes from the Grand Archives. You DO NOT need to turn them in to her!

            • Anonymous

              Female character: Shira's Crown, Clandestine Coat, Court Sorcerer Gloves, Black Witch Trousers

              Thanks me later, Weebs!

              • Anonymous

                There's a variant of this piece for female characters. It looks pretty good with Yuria's mask, black gauntlets and Vilheim's leggings.

                • Anonymous

                  The Coat just appeared in my inventory after giving the ashes to Yuria instead of the Shrine Handmaiden, then reloading the area.

                  • Anonymous

                    Can confirm, triggering Orbeck's departure after the Twin Princes fight will allow the purchase of his coat, although the aforementioned spells are still forfeit.

                    • Anonymous

                      wrong, i never gave her orbecks ashes and still got the coat.
                      i guess you can buy it as soon as you complete his quest

                      • Anonymous

                        Female version looks like a retro japanese school girl uniform. Wear ringed city loincloth for panty shots

                        • Anonymous

                          This is wrong. as long as you killed Orbeck, you can get the coat. You don't have to do anything with the ashes.

                          • Anonymous

                            Didn't seriously anybody noticed something about the female version? I mean...LOOK!!! This thing is a gift of heaven people! Thanks FROM. DOMO ARIGATOU!!!

                            • Anonymous

                              It is better to finish his quest line by buying all his spells and getting his ashes from the grand archives similar to greirat and then getting the morian blade through yurias quest

                              • I can't say for certain since I've not fully beaten/explored the game, but just reading this page and with common sense, I'd guess there aren't any other pieces. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but this is just the sorcerer robe minus the white coat. The other sorcerer set pieces are likely meant to make up the rest of it.

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