Level 7

STR 12

VGR 10


ATN 14



FTH 16


Luck 13

Cleric is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

A traveling cleric who collapsed from exhaustion. Channels high faith to cast many and varied miracles.



Cleric Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • Has the highest Faith of all the classes and has a good Strength.
  • Comes equipped with the miracles Heal and Force. This makes this class along with the Herald the only two classes to have a miracle at the start, and have another healing source other than Estus Flasks early on.
  • The Mace is an effective weapon throughout the entire game and works especially well against armored opponents.
  • Note: The Force Miracle is exceptionally useful when dealing with human sized NPCs. With a single cast, much stamina can be drained if they attempt to block, or the NPC can be thrust onto the ground. This allows for some damage to be dealt before they recover



Builds That Use This Class

  • STR/FTH builds.
  • FTH builds.
  • Hollow/FTH builds



Academy Assassin  ♦  Assassin  ♦  Deprived  ♦  Herald  ♦  Herald of White  ♦  Knight  ♦  Mercenary  ♦  Northern Warrior  ♦  Pyromancer  ♦  Sorcerer  ♦  Thief  ♦  Wandering Knight  ♦  Warrior

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    • Anonymous

      His Mace with crude-infusion can deal with metal armor and shields pretty easy and enemys with normal armor a even faster nothing more than pulp .

      • Anonymous

        I chose the Cleric class in all 3 Souls games because in the first game, I wanted to throw lightning spears(bcos it looks cool) but I slid off to strength however I achieved my goal. I got Sunlight Spear and was able to use it. In the second game I tried to do the same but I found Hexes and decided to go with that. In the third game, I used it to boost my Pyromancy. So this class is my favourite and definetley recommend it

        • Anonymous

          You only need 4 dex levels for the sunlight straight sword, just putting it out there. I’ve made some pretty scary SL 25-30 faith pvp builds with this starting class.

          • Anonymous

            For optimization purposes, this is simple : the cleric is the best for FTH-oriented builds, for STR/FTH and quality/FTH builds too. Only DEX/FTH builds will not fit this class, prefer the mercenary. And if you want to add some bleed or poison on your FTH build, no problem, the cleric starts with 13 LCK, only 1 point less than the thief class, the pure LCK class! A class of choice.

            • Anonymous

              Always wondered why clerics have this much luck. But it is meant for bleed. For the Morning Star for example. And the page here doesn't tell us how usefull Force can be. Force trivialize some of the hardest NPCs! The Sword Master, Hodrick and Creighton. Crystal Kriemhild if you want to fight her, too. Vilhelm! Whenever you fight an NPC (or other players!) near a cliff Force is a one click! Ofc a new player will not realise this and will just see a cleric as a worse warrior with an additional healing ability. A DS3 wiki page however should go deeper into the important details.

              • Anonymous


                Holy crap, why has nobody added the ultimate low-level Gank-Spanker build to the list?!


                Dragon Clerics REALLY like their Nuclear Hammers. I thought that everybody already knew this...

                • Anonymous

                  I was totally naked as cleric, 0.0%, and tried the jump down to the road of sacrifice from where flame stoneplate ring is off the rock. I always make it as deprived. But, at 7 vitality, I think less physical defense causes you to die. I increased vigor to 18, even though I know fall damage is supposed to be percentage based, and at 18 vigor I still died. So, the 3 extra vitality points as a deprived may be why you survive more almost death falls as some starting classes and not with others.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is it possible that this cleric was in the way of blue? (Based off color) Regardless, this class is harder to play than the herald, but is still very good and can get some great gear thanks to its high luck.

                    • Anonymous

                      I want to Faith build, as it is supreme. But sorcerers and Pyromancer always complain and get us neutered to the point of irrelevance

                      • Anonymous

                        I wanna play as a paladin (str/faith). But I cant't decide which class I should choose: Cleric or the Herald. Which one would you choose?Advantage Cleric: - the soul level is 7 instead 9- much higher attunement and faith- the clerics chime seems to be better than the heralds talismanAdvantage Herald: - the kite shield seems to be very great for the first few hours of the game and much better than the clerics shield- vitality is much higher- vigor is slightly better

                        • Anonymous

                          i always play as a cleric but this gear looks so dorky. Gonna start off as a knight and become a cleric. Dat bowl haircut

                          • Anonymous

                            Was thinking about Herald but here's some thoughts on that:- Cleric starts a SL 7, and Herald is SL 9. So, they can have comparable Dex/Str as Herald once the Cleric catches up to the Herald's starting SL at 12 STR and 10 DEX. - Clerics Chime is superior - Force is just a fun spell, especially on tight ledges.- The extra starting faith and attunement is actually good for a hybrid build, because you can ignore those stats for a while and focus on building up your STR or DEX. Then slowly build up faith and attunement once you start accumulating some offensive spells. - MACE... FACEI plan to just go STR/FAI on my first run through. Faster casts be *****ed. My one question is, why does pyro and sorc get a ring to boost spells but Cleric does not?

                            • Anonymous

                              Ofensive and Defensive, also some magic, although a good start class, if you´re going melee best using knight or warrior, if you´re going mage, best using assassin, dex is going to count a lot for spellcasters.

                              • Anonymous

                                Why would you choose this class? You really wanna be one of those uppity types so convinced of their own righteousness that they practically just walk off cliffs to show faith? Honesty, how many clerics have we seen dropped off a shear ledge so clearly because of their own doing?

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