Corvian Settler


Corvian Settler
General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
???? ??? Painted World of Ariandel None

Corvian Settler is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Corvian Settler Information

  • Killable
  • [wanted] List of items that refer to this NPC



  • You can find Corvian Settler at the Painted World of Ariandel, in the house as you first enter the village, in the corner. He looks just like the mindless corvian settlers that roam the area, so be wary of attacking him.
  • After killing Sister Friede, he relocates to outside of the house.



  • Souls: NG (1000), NG+ (??), NG++ (2200), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Weapons: None
  • Armor: None
  • Key: None
  • After killing Sister Friede, speak to him just outside of his house and he will give you a Titanite Slab.

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Combat Information

  • Weak to Fire Damage.
  • Strong against ?? , ?? and ?? damage.
  • Use ?? Item



First encounter dialogue:


"Hmm, well, there's nothing forlorn about you.
You must be the other Ash, I suppose?
I am ash/I am not Ash
I am Ash: Ohh, ohh, finally, you've come!
Oh wondrous Ash, grant us our wish.
Make the tales true, and burn this world away.
My Lady must see flame, and you have only to show her.
You are Ash, are you not? Is it not fire that you seek?

Surely you've seen the rot that afflicts this world.
But that witch fooled the good Father, and buried the flame.
After we had all made up our minds, too.
So, please, grant us one wish.
Make the tales true, and burn this world away.
My Lady must see flame, and you have only to show her."

If you return to speak to him after completing the DLC he will say:


"I can hear the crackling from here.
The sound of my home, the painting of Ariandel, burning away...

(He will then give you a Titanite Slab)

"When the world rots, we set it afire.
For the sake of the next world.
It's the one thing we do right, unlike those fools on the outside." 

If you kill him, he'll say:


"Yes, of coure, as a burner of worlds should...Set fire to the rot..."



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    • Anonymous

      He relocates to the outside of the house from where you enter to the Corvian Settlement, face to the church.

      • Anonymous

        i went to kill champion gravetender right after i killed friede and then went to pick up the slab from him but he's gone. what gives?

        • Anonymous

          I accidentally hit him and when he yelped i felt so bad, i already feel bad for these corvians but omg i just wanna give him a hug

          • Anonymous

            So when I met this guy, he was super nice. Very happy to see me, asks me to burn Ariandel. So I’m like “sure”. I burn Ariandel, come back, dude is super nice again, thanks me for burning Ariandel, gives me a titanite slab. So I think, “this guy is really nice, I’m gonna kill him just to spite him.” So I kill him, and he’s stoked about it. Thinks I’m super cool for choosing to kill him. There is just no losing with this guy. Best mate in the Souls games.

            • Anonymous

              "It's the one thing we do right, unlike those fools on the outside."
              Basicly this Birb knows linking the fire was a stupid idea and the first flame should be let to die and then wait for the next flame to give life once again.
              What a wise birb

              • When he said he was afraid of rotting away "like those fools on the outside" i thought he meant the fools outside of his house. Then, after killing friede he says that the people of the painted world know how to do things, "unlike those fools on the outside". Then i realized that he meant the fools outside of ariandel. I know it doesn't seem like much but it really struck me. Really good writing

                • Anonymous

                  Just a question why dose this guy exist he doesn’t really do anything other than make me think about

                  We’re corvians a product of humans and birds mating

                  • Every single time I saw him in a new spot I reflexively just attacked him and have a slight jump from him screaming, but then it just sounds funny and he doesn't do anything so, sall good lol.

                    At least twice, when you first see him in the house, and when you come back to him and he's outside on the balcony type area.

                    Just, slapped the **** out of him.

                    Still gave me that slab.


                    • Anonymous

                      I feel sorry for the birds. What a nice place Ariandel could have been, if not Friede... The birds are disgusting, but one can only pity them. I honestly tried to leave them alive as much as possible.

                      • Don't be content with merely linking the fire, beef up the fire to such an extent that it burns up everything in its path. Get rid of the corruption by cleansing it all in fire until only ash remains.

                        • correction to his dying phrase when you kill him:
                          "Yes, of course, as a burner of worlds should… Set fire to Ariandel… Set fire to the rot…"

                          • Anonymous

                            you can kill him and still get the slab by going back after killing the area boss and it'll be on a little table near where you talked to him first

                            • Anonymous

                              Are we the "fools on the outside"? you and i in reality on earth outside the world of dark souls? should we set fire to things...?

                              • Anonymous

                                dont worry, if you kill him, the titanite slab will be on the stove next to where he stood after you kill friede

                                • Anonymous

                                  The second I entered the room I attacked him and almost killed him, nearly losing out on a titanite slab...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Just want to note that these guys remind me of the Skeksis from this old movie, The Dark Crystal. Coincidentally, that movie was also about a dying world.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      After grabbing the Titanite slab, if you kill him he will say "Yes, of coure, as a burner of worlds should...Set fire to the rot..." and not drop anything.

                                      Take that how you will.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Is it me or the lounging Corvian sounds like David Wenham?(Dilious of 300, Faramir of Lord of the Rings)

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Even this bird guy knows that we need to end the fire, let it go out. We're the fools on the outside letting the world rot by kindling a sickly flame over and over.

                                          Also people should read that he moves before asking where he's gone. If he's dead he's dead, as well. No slab for you.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            His Death Quote is actually "Yes, of coure, as a burner of worlds should... Set fire to Ariandel... Set fire to the rot..."

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