Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

A silver ring depicting a snake that could have been, but never was, a dragon. Fallen foes yield more souls.

Snakes are known as creatures of great avarice, devouring prey even larger than themselves by swallowing them whole.

If one's shackles are cause for discontent, perhaps it is time for some old-fashioned greed.

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.



Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Effect

  • Fallen foes yield 10% more souls, rounded down.
  • +1 Version (NG+): +20%

  • +2 Version (NG++): +30%

  • +3 Version (The Dreg Heap): +35%
  • Weight: 1.2


Where to Find Covetous Silver Serpent Ring

  • In a chest behind an illusory wall at the top of Firelink Shrine. You need to have bought the key for 20000 Souls from the handmaiden. Take the right upper staircase in Firelink Shrine. Move past the the giant-tree on the right, unlock the door and go up the tower. You will reach a bridge, jump down onto a large roof on the left of the bridge. You will find a nest with an invisible crow baby (Pickle-Pee). Go straight past the nest and drop down onto a ledge. There is a door there that leads to an area with two crossing beams. Go straight towards the opposite wall (past a second nest) and strike down the illusory wall. Head forwards and drop down, the ring is in a chest to your right.

  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Location

  • If you use the tree shortcut onto the roof of the darkened Firelink Shrine (after the Untended Graves), you can find the ring in the same location as you would at the hub firelink shrine. This is only if you have not collected it already at the Hub Firelink Shrine. Conversely, once you have collected the ring from the darkened Firelink Shrine, the chest will be found opened and empty in the hub Firelink Shrine.
  • Watch Fextra Video at 1h 53mins 46secs in
  • +1 Version (NG+): can be found in the elevator near the first bonfire in Irithyll Dungeon.

  • +2 Version (NG++): Undead Settlement. In the area after meeting Siegward with the Fire Demon, located on the roof of a shack in the far back of the area. Drop off the wooden ledge outside the room with two lady ministers to access it. () (video location) or watch this video from the bonfire

  • +3 Version (The Dreg Heap) After meeting the first angel that shoots at you fall down onto the perch and continue into the open door archway. From there you should see 2 Knight enemies and on the right hand side there is an area you enter. You make a right and you should be in some small quarter areas. Proceed all the way to the furthest wall north of you. Turn to the left and hit it to reveal a fog wall. Climb the stairs there and just before you obtain Great Soul Dreg on your left, is a balcony. From that balcony you must drop down and there is your ring. Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3 Location  






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    • Anonymous

      12 Aug 2019 05:32  

      Ok so i started a NG+ and found the sliver serpent ring at Firelink Shrine, i thought i’d get +1 ring but i got a duplicate .... wut .-.

      • Anonymous

        07 Jul 2019 23:49  

        Hello. Can anyone drop me the +3 version of this ring please? I'm at Lothric Castle and I'm just grinding. Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          20 Mar 2018 02:29  

          After fighting a boss, there is a slight pause before souls are dispensed to the player. As long as you equip the ring before the souls are given out, you will still get the 10% extra souls (in case you want to use a different ring during the fight with the boss).

          • Anonymous

            21 Feb 2018 05:48  

            One of the best rings for PvE, especially for NG.

            You're gonna be killing a lot of enemies right? So why not equip the ring for an extra 10%?

            Sure 10% looks small on paper but in the long run, it's gonna pay out.

            • Anonymous

              08 Apr 2017 02:03  

              Additively: 100% + 20% + 10% + 50% + 20% = 200%
              Multiplicatively: 120% * 110% * 150% * 120%= 238%

              base version + shield of want + symbol of avarice + mendicant's staff

              Which is it? Multiplicative or additive?

              • Anonymous

                25 Mar 2017 05:27  

                please help me guys
                i am in NG i found this rig but when i want to use this ring unfortunately i drop this ring and now i cant find this ring any where.
                how can i found it again??

                • Anonymous

                  30 Jan 2017 17:38  

                  You don't need the key. Just get nekkid and do the running jump off the tree outside the tower with the locked door onto the roof.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Jan 2017 00:17  

                    I noticed that the extra souls you get do not stack while finishing with a jump attack i learned this while farming the cobra wizard at the bell near the nameless king

                    • Anonymous

                      Upgrade rings30 Aug 2016 16:06  

                      Hi guys pls I need help, I dont have ring with upgrades why? Iam on spot but ring not here. why? I have Covetous Silver Serpent Ring bul I cant fing +1. Iam on spot but he is not spawn, its bug?

                      • Anonymous

                        covetous silver serpent ring02 Jun 2016 20:36  

                        I took covetous silver serpent ring in firelink shrine. My problem is I couldn't find other covetous silver serpent ring +1 / +2. I know where I have to look but dead bodies and rings aren't located at that place. I've looked in my inventory but I haven't taked them. If I have covetous silver serpent ring, can't I find other +1/+2 rings ? (If I sell the ring, may I able to take +1/+2 rings?)

                        • Anonymous

                          Maximum soul boost multiplier21 May 2016 17:18  

                          1.3 (Silver Serpent Ring +2) x 1.2 (Shield of Want) x 1.2 (Medicant's Staff) x 1.50 (Symbol of Avarice) = 2.808Nearly 3 times the original soul amount.

                          • Anonymous

                            Alternate Location for the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring02 May 2016 02:31  

                            Covetous Silver Serpent Ring can alternatively be found at Untended Graves in the exact same location as Firelink Shrine. If you looted the ring in Firelink Shrine first, the chest in Untended Graves will appear looted. Vice versa.

                            • Anonymous

                              2 rings in NG.30 Apr 2016 20:44  

                              After killing Champion Gundyr and going to the dark firelink I used the tree jump to get up on the roof and the chest that has a Silver serpent ring is still there, as well as gives you another serpent ring.

                              • Anonymous

                                Lots of souls19 Apr 2016 12:15  

                                2 shields of want, basic silver ring, and the helm of avarice (1.1 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.5) is 2.376x normal souls gained. If you're being carried by phantoms I'd highly recommend using it (get an extra shield of want from a friend if possible, borrow maybe)

                                • Anonymous

                                  Percentage16 Apr 2016 14:05  

                                  The vanilla version of this only gives me 10% more souls, not 11%. For istance, 2500 souls goes to 2750.

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