Crystal Hail is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorcery.

Crystal Hail

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 19
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 18 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack



Unique sorcery developed by extraordinary preacher twins known as the Crystal Sages.

Casts a cascade of small crystal soulmasses from above. Crystal soulmasses have piercing qualities.

In a pact said to have been formed long ago, one of the Sages allied with the Undead Legion in order to train the sorcerers of Farron.

Acquired From




  • Each falling crystal dart inflicts (Spell Buff x 0.62) magic damage before resistances.
  • Creates a mass of crystals that hover in the air for a moment before splintering off into small crystal projectiles that fall down on enemies in a few bursts. These projectiles have low individual damage and little tracking, breaking off in random formations with each cast, making them ineffective against smaller targets. It can be more useful against large targets as more crystals will hit them each cast increasing the damage of the cast. This is unfortunatley one of the weakest sorceries currently.
  • Similar to Soul Shower from Dark Souls 2.
  • Very good for pressure since the crystal will force a roll from your opponent, allowing setups into other spells or attacks.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Aug 2021 05:10  

      I did some tests on a giant crab. Regardless of whether I lock on or free aim just above the crabs head, it hits 3-5 times, in total averaging just a bit more damage than a single basic soul arrow but at ~3x the FP cost. It feels bloody awful to use, and I wouldn't be surprised if it could only land six crystals at most on the largest bosses in the game.

      • Anonymous

        10 Aug 2021 02:15  

        it's a spell for big monsters but it doesn't do percentage damage... why use this over pestilent mist or even snap freeze? it's just incomprehensible... especially since it only does damage when you have higher stats than the base ones.

        • Anonymous

          22 May 2021 16:59  

          I think this spell would have been far better off it they all came down at once on the target and did a load of damage like when the crystal sage actually uses it, however I must say it isn't at all useless and can actually be pretty fun to use.

          • Anonymous

            30 Aug 2020 21:10  

            Nice for pvp and against large hitbox bosses. Area denial in pvp but unreliable, sometime*****s 0, then multiple times. However i wouldn't recommend running into this, since it CAN stagger and hit multiple times. All other area denial spells like Snap Freeze and Pestilent Mist are way weaker, except against someone turtling in the entrance of a narrow room..which almost never happens.

            • Anonymous

              30 Aug 2020 21:01  

              Instead of this, the soul should've given us that *******ish star shaped spell that slowly tracks and deals a ton of damage lol

              • Anonymous

                13 Aug 2020 21:20  

                I find it kinda funny that the CRYSTAL hail is less effective then DKS2's SOUL hail. I thought crystal sorceries are supposed to be an improvement over the standard version

                • Anonymous

                  18 Nov 2019 04:31  

                  It would be better if this spell s proyectiles were chunks of crystals that do the same thing as boulder heave, but with magic damage

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Apr 2019 12:03  

                    I would have loved if this spell were instead just the orb itself following its target. Imagine casting slow-moving crystal orbs at people!

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Feb 2019 09:57  

                      Literally, just fix the tracking and this would be top tier. Still a good spell though. Very useful for crowd control.

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Jun 2018 12:37  

                        This spell is a staple for my build. Your opponent will almost always try to roll away from it, which gives you time to cast your other spells (Great for recasting Homing Crystal Soulmass or giving you a chance to hit with Crystal Soul Spear). Never leave home without it.

                        • Anonymous

                          07 May 2018 23:32  

                          1) Get 40 Faith 2) Get 18 Int 3) Throw Divine Pillars of Light into the trash can 4) Use this thing 5) Stop playing poorly designed gam

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Apr 2018 12:55  

                            The only time you'll want to use this is in the middle of a fight when you can pressure them, you can follow up with another spell. But unless your whole PvP plan revolves around this spell, just go with the rapier. The item discovery really helps farming for better weapons.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 May 2017 14:14  

                              Ok so i cast this thing on those poison spreading bug thingie cluster at earthe peak to test its damage and guess what, it hit only once on one of the enemies. It is as if the damn thing is aiming not to hit :D. I mean there is an abundance of enemies below it. Oh and by the way i found otu something about the spell, the height it flies to is dependent on where your character is looking. If you cast this spell while looking at the ground the crystal thing stands around your head, if you look skywards it flies even higher. Could be useful when casting this thing indoors. However if the crsytal thing hits something it dissipates while dealing damage. The damage it deals in that case is equal to the damage of a single bolt from the hail.

                              • Anonymous

                                21 May 2017 14:26  

                                Here is some advice for this spell. Use it when before someone is runs towards you in a straight line at a good distance. If you rolls away backwards after all that they will get hit by a few. If they decided to roll around you in a circle instead if you have a danger the stun lock plus hail work really good together they break through poise with the flurry of daggers and hail

                                • 11 May 2017 01:57  

                                  Since this is "crystal" hail, the same "crystal" that amplifies the damage at a big FP cost, what the heck would the non-crystal version be like? Soul Hail that hurts like irl hail for the price of 6 FP and takes up half an attunement slot? It better spew more spit so at least my opponent will waste more stamina and dignity rolling.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Mar 2017 19:43  

                                    It really could use a serious boost and more crystal firing. 120-150 to a max of 240 damage each shard would be perfect for this boss soul sorcery. I don't think my suggestion is OP due to the poor tracking of the spell and how slow it works.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      14 Feb 2017 23:19  

                                      It can work as a flare to send help signals. I think it is quite useful for Aldrich Faithful to find each other.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        04 Feb 2017 20:22  

                                        It's like Soul Shower from DS2 except this would be DS2 Soul Shower post-nerf, and even worse than that.

                                        It's like 5 little dinky Crystal bolts that fall from the sky, have very little ~ zero tracking, and deal extremely poor damage. This spell also has the same issue as Soul Shower and Splintering Lightning Spear from DS2, if the orb you cast out to begin the barrage hits a ceiling or an enemy, it will deal a tiny amount of damage and then disappear, completely wasting the cast.

                                        The advantages that this spell has is that it's quite fast to cast, and costs very little FP per cast. Other than that, using this spell is generally not advised; it's poor for area denial, poor for CC, poor for damage even if every bolt hits an enemy, and unlike Floating Chaos, is poor for forcing your opponent to take mistimed rolls since everyone knows that this spell does zero damage and has almost no chance of hitting you anyway so they won't even bother rolling.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          09 Jan 2017 06:31  

                                          A real balanced fix would be, to keep the fall of the hail the same way it currently is BUT to go back like in DS2. When it use to appear above its target.

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