Crystal Magic Weapon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Crystal Magic Weapon

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 45
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 30 Intelligence
Duration 60 seconds
Type Weapon Buff



Further sharpens Magic Weapon via crystallization. Reinforces right weapon with crystal.

After much experimentation, Logan found the crystal medium facilitated a stronger bond between weapon and soul.


Acquired From




  • Adds (Spell Buff * 0.95) in Magic attack power.
    • Damage is applied each time the enemy is hit with the weapon, regardless of the damage of the attack performed.
    • This buff is easily identified by the crystal protrusions coming from the weapon
  • When compared to Darkmoon Blade on the respective highest scaling catalysts (Yorshka's Chime/Saint's Talisman vs Court Sorceror Staff), at 60 of their respective stat (Int or Faith), Darkmoon Blade buff wins out in magic damage increase, even though they have the same Spell Buff multiplier.
    • This happens because Faith catalysts have a (slightly) higher Spell Buff on 60 Faith, than staves do at 60 Int.
    • However, this spell costs 5 FP less. Meaning, it can be cast 3 times with 18 Attunement, and 4 with 24 Attunement, something Lighting Blade and Darkmoon Blade buffs awkwardly struggle with.
    • Crystal Magic weapon is also much, much easier to obtain (if a bit late, until Grand Archives) than Darkmoon Blade (which is a covenant reward).
  • Magic damage of this buff is boosted by the Magic Clutch Ring (+15% in PvE, +8% in PvP) and Crown of Dusk (+10%).
  • Lasts 60 seconds, and can be lengthened with the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
  • Young Dragon Ring and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
  • A few weapons and weapon arts have hidden multipliers that slightly lower the buff's damage per hit.
    • Namely, Daggers and Twinblades display this adjustment.
    • Regardless, the buffs always remain efficient.
  • This spell is the strongest version of Magic Weapon and Great Magic Weapon.
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    • Anonymous

      30 Jul 2021 21:59  

      it's so frustrating to not being able to buff infused weapon or literally half of the arsenal in this game, DS2 did it a lot better in this. Going magic is a waste of levels in this **** game unless you enjoy roleplaying and suffering.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jul 2021 11:07  

        I just started a mage warrior build, is it better to have a weapon buffable with this or directly infuse a weapon ?

        • Anonymous

          26 Feb 2021 21:13  

          Im probably wrong here but I just wanted to say...AR isn't everything...and I always thought crystal had a weird effect that slightly ignores armor so even though the AR is lower the damage is still better than dark moon based on that but don't quote me on it...

          • Anonymous

            17 Mar 2019 00:38  

            Darkmoon Blade vs Crystal Magic Weapon. Tested on a Sharp Falchion at 40 Dex, 60 Int, 60 Faith. Yorshka's Chime (247 Spellbuff @ 60 Faith) and Court Sorcerer's Staff (238 Spellbuff @ 60 Int) were used. AR Before Buffs: 402 Physical, 0 Magic. AR with Crystal Magic Weapon: 402 Physical, 226 Magic. AR with Darkmoon Blade: 402 Physical, 235 Magic. Darkmoon Blade has higher AR simply because Yorshka's Chime has a higher Spellbuff than Court Sorcerer's Staff. The only difference between the two is that Darkmoon is a Miracle and CMW is a Sorcery, and thus scale with Faith and Intelligence respectively. They both share the same modifier of 95% Efficiency. Also, stop spreading misinformation about how Talisman's have worse scaling than Chimes when it comes to Weapon Buffs, the only difference between Chimes and Talismans is the Weapon Arts and the Spellbuff. I imagine this misinformation comes from the fact that the Sunless Talisman has the highest Spellbuff as it scales with both Intelligence and Faith, but that it only works for Dark Miracles, so people thought it's weird that it didn't scale with Dark Blade, a Dark Miracle. This is simply because Fromsoft are idiots, and didn't label Dark Blade as a Dark Miracle in the games code. The Sunless Talisman scales with every other Dark Miracle correctly, and Dark Blade has the same spell artwork as all the other Dark Miracles, yet is not labeled as one for some unknown reason, which can be used as justification as to why people thought that Talismans didn't scale properly with Buffs. Or it could be because people can be ignorant, and since CMW is a direct upgrade to Great Magic Weapon, people must have assumed that Darkmoon Blade was the direct upgrade for Dark Blade because it had "Dark" in the name. And so, they used the best Catalyst available, I.E. the Sunless Talisman, because they thought that since Darkmoon Blade and Dark Blade were Dark Miracles, they would get extra scaling. And it didn't work. By chance, they would use a Chime instead as a test, and get higher numbers, thus they assume it must be because it's a Talisman, and that means Talisman's must have poor scaling with Buffs. This was only reinforced by the fact that the Weapon Arts for Talismans is Unfaltering Prayer, which, for lack of a better term, gives you "Poise" when casting, thus meaning that they should only be used for casting Offensive Miracles. Chimes, by comparison, have Gentle Prayer, which gives you a BUFF that restores health over time while the Chime is active, thus meaning that they should only be used for casting Buffs. It snowballed after that, and people started repeating all the wrong information. But whatever, it's not likely anyone will read this and change their perception of the game at this point.

            • Anonymous

              10 Oct 2018 12:05  

              Another time the wiki is wrong. Test it yourself, this spell adds 226/227 (depends on rounding, I think) magic damage at 60 int with a +10 court sorcerer's staff (238 spellbuff) which is, when rounded, 95% of spellbuff. This makes it add slightly less than darkmoon blade cast with a +10 yorshka's chime at 60 faith (235 magic damage) It's straight up outclassed. For PVE purposes, it's also nice that lightning blade lets you use a different type of elemental damage, to work around enemy resistances better (though, for pvp, darkmoon blade will outdamage it in 90% of cases because of how lightning defense is tied to the endurance stat)

              • 14 Jul 2018 14:18  

                Actually CMW does more damage than miracle alternatives. If you do some research, or test it yourself, you'll see the result. It's only like 2-3 AR, but talismans always deal noticeable lower damage because buffs are supposed to be cast with chimes, while staves are always good for all sorceries, and they cost 5 FP less which is way more convenient due to how FP scales along with attunement slots. It's just awkward.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Mar 2017 21:11  

                  "Adds 96 * (Spell Buff / 100) for 60 seconds."

                  This is wrong.
                  On my Sorcerer character, using this spell with a 238-spell buff Court Sorcerer's Staff on a +9 Raw Hand Axe added +142 damage to my attacks against a Lothric Knight (Int 60). With a 216-spell buff Sorcerer's Staff I was getting +122 damage.
                  On my Cleric character, using this spell with a 241-spell buff Archdeacon Great Staff on a +9 Raw Hand Axe added +26 damage against the same Lothric Knight (Int 30, Faith 60).

                  If this spell scaled with Spell Buff, then the Archdeacon Great Staff coupled with high Faith should yield the most bonus damage, but instead it gets blown out of the water by a high Int build. My guess is that what this spell actually does is add bonus Magic damage that scales with your Int, the more spell buff the more Int scaling. It's the only way I can reconcile the results from the testing I did.

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Mar 2017 01:18  

                    Is it worth to put this buff on slow heavy weapons like Murakumo? If this buff adds the same damage regardless of what weapon, faster dual-weilding weapons are obviously the way to go, but is it?

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