Crystal Soul Spear is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Crystal Soul Spear

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 46
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 48 Intelligence
Type Ranged Attack



Further sharpens Soul Spear via crystallization.

Fires a piercing crystal soul spear.

According to the Crystal Sages, old Big Hat achieved enlightenment within the Regal Archives, where he came to find the quintessence of sorcery in the facets of a certain crystal.


Acquired From




Affinity  ♦  Aural Decoy  ♦  Cast Light  ♦  Chameleon  ♦  Crystal Magic Weapon  ♦  Dark Edge  ♦  Dark Orb  ♦  Deep Soul  ♦  Farron Dart  ♦  Farron Flashsword  ♦  Farron Hail  ♦  Frozen Weapon  ♦  Great Deep Soul  ♦  Great Farron Dart  ♦  Great Heavy Soul Arrow  ♦  Great Magic Shield  ♦  Great Magic Weapon  ♦  Great Soul Arrow  ♦  Great Soul Dregs  ♦  Heavy Soul Arrow  ♦  Hidden Body  ♦  Hidden Weapon  ♦  Homing Crystal Soulmass  ♦  Homing Soulmass  ♦  Magic Shield  ♦  Magic Weapon  ♦  Old Moonlight  ♦  Pestilent Mist  ♦  Repair  ♦  Snap Freeze  ♦  Soul Arrow  ♦  Soul Dart  ♦  Soul Greatsword  ♦  Soul Spear  ♦  Soul Stream  ♦  Spook  ♦  Twisted Wall of Light  ♦  White Dragon Breath

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    • Anonymous

      26 Feb 2021 00:35  

      I played for a lobg time souls franchise (even demon's souls original) i wanna say, this is very powerful,
      But manny player say"Op" meanwhile it's more an investment, sure it do a lot of damage with 60 or more int, but u have low health or in others stats u are weaker thab full melee, like faith, less range but with weapon art to help it in cqc
      Intel is more for distance "obviously"
      And with is weapon art too, it's not for melee like the talisman do.
      Both (sunlight spear) and crystal soul spear is equivalent, and even lighting have lower defense in game (for only 1%)
      The only miss understand for new player and haters, i wanna say Skills.
      Play sorcerer without unfathering prayer is a bit more tricky than going Ugs hyper armor and a lot of poise, a lot of caster prefer light armor to have more mobility, that's why u take high damage
      Also caster "spam" spells yes, cuz its their builds, don't be cancer and insult without knowing why they do.
      With that say, have a good day and gl hf

      • Anonymous

        26 May 2020 18:13  

        Yet another total "fck u" to miracle builds. They had lightning spears, but some idiot in fromsoft decided to focus their damage on melee, despite how straight swords, curved swords, axes, etc... do a far better job at it.

        • Anonymous

          22 May 2020 07:37  

          Despite playing a lot, i can barely remember hitting anyone in PvP with this, who wasn't panic-rolling or chugging. I prefer backward jumping with HSM, FGD spam and area denial with Crystal and Farron Hail. GHSA is way more efficient for spamming.

          • Anonymous

            19 Feb 2020 15:13  

            Probably one of the few ds1 spells that retains some of their old good power and effectiveness in this game.

            • Anonymous

              24 Oct 2019 02:48  

              I prefer this over Great Heavy Soul Arrow, simply because of its faster cast animation, faster travel time, higher damage, piercing quality, and let's not forget the orgasmic sound effect

              • Anonymous

                15 Apr 2019 02:10  

                Hreat spell for farming area next to the Archdragon Peak bonfire. 2 casts, if you line up the spell correctly, net you over 26K souls in about 15 seconds in NG+.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Nov 2018 00:42  

                  768 damage @ 14 FP with Great Heavy Soul Arrow on Lorian... ~980 @ 43 with Crystal Soul Spear in the same conditions. Might be better in PvP but not worth it in PvE.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Sep 2018 11:56  

                    for PvE, the fp cost makes it kinda useless sadly. basically for all bosses i notice, personally, that i do better with a couple extra rolls than taking less ashen estus drink, aggresive kills you then. if you use this instead of Great heavy soul arrow you have to drink too much ashen estus, in pvp I actually haven't tried it yet, and it sounds like it's what we use there, but in PvE it's not as good as great heavy soul arrow imo.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Sep 2018 21:15  

                      Hey I just have a question. Why does every magic user do hsm and then fires this? Plz I just wast some info cause I’ve never seen a single group of magic or weaponry doing that over and over like magic users do. Nothing against you guy btw I’m a fucc boi pyro boi

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Dec 2017 17:28  

                        Crystal Gank Spear.
                        Further sharpens ganking via crystallization.

                        Fires a piercing crystal gank spear.

                        According to the Crystal Sages, landing such a spell is ineffective if the opponent isn't occupied, where they came to find the quintessence of sorcery in the facets of using it with phantoms present.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Aug 2017 21:14  

                          This spell is supposed to do a***** ton of damage. Fromsoft, please don't listen to the "CRYSTAL NOOB SPEAR!" or "IT"S TOO OP!" people who don't know how to dodge spells.

                          • Anonymous

                            18 Jul 2017 23:49  

                            everytime someone uses this spell on me im busy with another guy or two im trying to heal and the *****ing mage in the back stuns me with homing soul mass and uses this BS and when i do focus the mage i get *****ed by the other guy who pulls out black knight greatsword

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