Dark Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Arrow

Dark Arrow

Ritual arrows said to have been used by savage hunters.  

Inflict dark damage.  

It is said that these arrows scrape out death from their targets, but savages are known to tell tall tales.


Dark Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Arrows that inflict 65 Dark damage.



Dark Arrow Locations



Notes & Trivia

  • Arrows home in on select target. Very useful if used with the Compound Bow or Black Bow of Pharis with the weapon art.
  • When the arrows are used with a bow's weapon art (other than Rapid Fire), they can be manually curved. When zoomed in, the inital spot you're aiming at when you begin to draw the bow is where the arrow will curve towards, and wherever you're aiming at when you fire is where it will curve from.




  • It's an arrow.‎


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    • Anonymous

      Clutch rings dont seem to increase the corresponding damage types from special arrows.
      Have only tested it with dark clutch and these arrows.

      • Anonymous

        Is no one going to point out that when using these arrows on abyss-type monsters, they're actually deflected and aimed off as soon as they near the target?

        • Anonymous

          Question: Dark damage is great for breaking guard, yes? If I used these arrows with a short/composite bow, utilizing the WA against a shield user, could I potentially break my opponent's guard and leave him open for a counter hit? If so, then these little bastards just made to the top of my priorities list.

          • Anonymous

            greatbows aside this brings viability to bows with the pharis triple shot, if you stack blindfold mask and dark clutch ring and hawk ring, you can deal 200-400 damage (within the bows range ofcourse, though the arrows do tend to fly much much MUCH further, and can follow a player until the "bullet" expires if they run in a single direction, damage dropping exponentially beyond each range increment)

            • Anonymous

              Dark arrows home in on locked targets, but also have a neat interaction with weapon arts and the targeting reticle ( l1) Puncture/darkmoon arrow/PharisT-S:hold l2, hold l1 and aim where you want arrow to go (even aiming through an object/person/pillar if target is behind) and press r1/2 (which ever Dark arrows equipped, now drag reticle away while the weapon art animation is happening in any direction and when arrow releases it will swing back to where you were first aiming, "wanted" movie style. It does the same with rapid fire, but due to short release time you can't get much swing as your limited by camera turn speed. Flight swing appears unaffected by hawk ring. I did manage to get one arrow to go up, swing down and back towards me into the back of a anor londo knight (not locked on) but couldn't get it to do it again if anyone wants to work that out.

              • Anonymous

                If you use Dark Arrows with a normal Bow, will Dex still affect the Damage as normal, Does it Split Damage? or does it only Dark Damage? SO many Questions ;-/

                • Anonymous

                  You can buy these after you give her the Easterner's Ashes, in irithyll, up by where the silver knight archers are. Go up the right archway and go right, there should be a flight of stairs taking you down to a lower level where the ashes are.

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