Dark Edge is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Dark Edge

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 26
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 30 Intelligence
Type Melee Attack



A forbidden dark sorcery. Strikes with blade formed of humanity's darkness.

Passed from mother to daughter, this blade was intended for both protection and as a means of taking one's own life. The young girl never swung it more than once.


Acquired From

  • Bought from Karla for 8,000 souls




  • This spell deals dark damage, and as such will be slightly more powerful when cast with the Izalith Staff with high Intelligence and Faith.
  • A pure Intelligence build with no Faith investment can still cast this spell with any other staff, and it will only deal 30-50 less damage.
  • The blade is swung vertically, however, the hitbox is fairly large and is capable of hitting  enemies on either side of the blade's impact.
  • Unlike the similar Lifehunt Scythe or Soul Greatsword, this spell will continue to track even after casting, though your turn speed slows down. It can be very effective when aimed manually to hit ahead of an opponent.
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    • Anonymous

      21 Feb 2019 00:37  

      I discovered a fact. If you break the guard of an entity with this spell and go for a frontal critical hit The crit will deal no damage. I found this when killing monsters then tryed on my friend in pvp and it did no damage at all.

      • 16 Feb 2019 07:29  

        The magic equivalent of R1 spams, for edgelords. No offense to the spell, it hits like a truck when it connects and it's really difficult NOT to miss honestly

        • Anonymous

          14 Feb 2019 19:42  

          is it just me or does this hit stupid hard? ive been hitting people for 800+ with it on my new hex build. SL80

          • Anonymous

            18 Oct 2018 18:37  

            While this spell is cool as hell it is strange how it seems to be worse than the Soul Greatsword in many ways and yet costs more to cast when the theme of the other dark sorceries and miracles is that they're much more cost effective than their non-dark rough equivalents...

            • Anonymous

              09 Aug 2017 02:27  

              "The young girl never swung it more than once." Either Karla only performed it perfectly once after years of training and honing, or she mastered the spell on her first try. Whichever the case, she is a perfect example of what the dark once was before the light stole its rightful coming, cold, gentle and accepting of all beings who came to her without malice or pretense.

              • Anonymous

                29 Apr 2017 19:43  

                Honestly needs some hyper armor and a move set for it would be epic especially the ability to riposte/backstab and drop attack

                • Anonymous

                  02 Mar 2017 03:45  

                  I changed game's code so that this spell slams those mobs down to the ground just like greataxe's power attack. Can't be funnier.

                  • Anonymous

                    Great Damage14 Jun 2016 09:10  

                    On day of testing this spell did in average 500~600dmg on any PvE enemy without huge ressistance.Stats: Izalith staff +3 30/30 Int/Faith and +20% ring. nothing else

                    • Anonymous

                      Origin of the spell11 May 2016 23:27  

                      I suspect the daughter referenced from the description of this spell is the Eldest Sister of Yuria of Londor. She uses this once on her mother, before possibly be one of the first in the Sable Church of Londor

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