Dark Gem is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Gem

A gem of infused titanite. Born of disembodied humanity.

Used in infusion to create dark weapons.

Dark weapons inflict dark damage, and scale with intelligence and faith.


Dark Gem Usage



Dark Gem Locations

  • Rare drop from Pus of Man in High Wall of LothricConsumed King's Garden, and Lothric Castle.
  • Rare drop from the Rotten Slug in Consumed King's Garden.
  • Drops from the second rolling "boulder" in Catacombs of Carthus. You must destroy the hat wearing skeleton for the boulder to stop rolling.
  • Consumed King's Garden: Under the left set of stairs leading up to the courtyard full of knights just before the boss room. (Video location)
  • Located after the Corvian Settlement bonfire (Ashes DLC). Head up toward the large NPC wielding Crow Quills and turn right before the gate at the end of the path, drop down and into the open window and defeat the two fly type mobs inside. Gem is on a corpse here.
  • 1 located on a corpse surrounded by baby locusts at the entrance of the giant swamp in The Ringed City (Ringed City DLC)
  • Can rarely drop from the Harald Legion enemies (The Ringed City DLC).




  • Requires the Profaned Coal in order to start infusing weapons.
  • Some weapons have higher Dark scaling than others (e.g. Corvian's gets E scaling at +0, while a Notched Whip gets D).
  • An alternative to the Dark Blade miracle for a non-caster character.
  • A variety of enemies (Silver Knights, for example) and a couple of bosses (Vordt, Dancer) are fairly weak to Dark damage.
  • With minimal Intelligence and Faith, it's best to stick to Deep gems.
  • Damage Scaling softcaps at 30/30 INT/FTH
  • It offers the exact samge damage as the Chaos Gem, the only difference being the damage type. This being the general rule with some exceptions like player vs player or Murky Hand Scythe.




  • To our dismay, the Dark Sword gets renamed to Reinforced Dark Sword when infused with a Dark Gem.


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    • Anonymous

      02 Sep 2021 05:39  

      I love that they buffed dark elemental damage. It created a new build. However, the community greatly over estimates how good dark builds are. To be clear, dark builds are one of the best kinds of builds, however, there is this idea among players that dark builds have essentially replaced quality builds. This isn't true. In fact, after playing many hours with both, I'd argue quality builds are a bit better. Here's why: 1) quality builds use strength and leveling strength raises your physical defense which is much more important than raising elemental defenses and strength gets a free 50% increase when two handing, 2) while dark builds do tend to out damage quality builds slightly, this is mitigated by the use of resins, albeit only temporality, 3) dark builds have a soft counter that is accessible to EVERYONE and that's eating a Black Bug Pellet. For some reason, not many players take advantage of this, but when they do, dark builds get a huge nerf for 2 minutes (and then they can easily just pop another), 4) and I saved the best for last: quality builds have access to the best spells in the game: items. If you haven't tried using Throwing Knives on a quality or DEX build, you're missing out. Not a lot of players know this, but Throwing Knives can be absolutely busted in the right hands. Then there's BFBs and Kucks that are basically like discount sorceries that cost nothing to use. Dark builds are great, but they aren't the only melee build.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jun 2021 04:53  

        restarted my pyro run because I forgot to get moundmakers before the tree. first puss of man in high wall gave me a dark gem, feelsgood

        • Anonymous

          27 May 2021 19:05  

          I was gonna make a crystal lothric sword but I then saw that the dark infusion and it has a significantly higher AR. Is Dark infusion broken or something? I'm have 30 int but only 8 faith

          • Anonymous

            21 Nov 2020 10:14  

            That last bit of trivia is wrong, it's a dark dark sword. Not reinforced, you'd need a refined gem for that.

            • Anonymous

              22 Oct 2020 21:31  

              Took me 14 runs through kings garden with 357 item discovery to get my first gem. Didn't get any drops at all from the slugs. These seem to be a lot harder to farm than the chaos gems.

              • 31 May 2020 14:48  

                Easiest Method to Farm: 1. Attune/Respec whatever you need to do to use fire spell like Chaos Bed Vestiges or Chaos Fire Orb(Ball?) OR use strong Fire AR weapon. 2. Crystal Sage Rapier and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (+3 obv best choice but whatever). 3. Spawn Dancer Bonfire, go up and left through Consumed Garden, ignore cathedral knights and spam fire spells from safe distant at Pus of Men or Slugs. Notes: this method is for lower levels looking to have to deal with Harald Legion Knights.(I am able to get at least 1 Gem every other run! RNG is RNG at SL22 +2) Harald Knights aren't so bad if you have a decent fire AR weapon with a critical modifier, along with hornet ring when you plunge attack them, however plunging isnt the easiest to pull off on smaller weapons, the legion knight also can't be in a hyper armor animation because youll just fall through them and do normal plunge damage. However as a l'm low level these guys can one shot me unless I'm embered so you're choice.

                • Anonymous

                  09 May 2020 18:00  

                  Does anyone have an excess of dark gems they would like to drop. Farming has not been going well. Steam: Zarg9872

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Apr 2020 06:42  

                    someone tell me please which is better, to have an infused weapon (like dark, chaos) or to have a buffed weapon (like Carthus' Flame Arc or Dark Blade)? I'm running a pyromancer with 28 str and 40 int 40 fth. And have 3 slots of magic.

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Nov 2019 21:03  

                      this is one of the hardest gems to farm in game, I use to farm this on dragon barracks bridge where you can find two pussyman, I have 615item discovery, SL 120, 99 luck, two crystal rapiers, gold ring+3, mimic helm and rusted gold coin. I can finish within 30secs every run with chaos twin sellsword, I swear you can get only titanite chunks, embers and usually large titanite.

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Nov 2019 22:10  

                        Fun fact: at base str/dex and 9 int/9 fth Dark deals more damage than Deep when infused on most +4 weapons. So Deep is basically useless, even at low levels/weapon upgrades.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 May 2019 20:19  

                          If you stop being a scrub and git gud you can kill the Harold Knights pretty fast with two parries and riposte from a chaos dagger. Instead of wasting time climbing up to plunge them.

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