Dark Mass is an Enemy that will appear in Dark Souls 3.

Weakness Fire
Souls 250
Drop Ember
  Titanite shard


Hollow infected by a Dark Mass

Hollow infected by a Dark Mass, which will emerge when the player character nears.

Video Location of Dark Mass in Consumed King's Garden region

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    • Anonymous

      Hit it with fire and it will panic, ceasing attacks while writhing around. This will give you a few precious moments to get one to three hits in. Firebombs, arrows, spells, buffs and infusions are highly recommended.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, I am new to this wiki and got some info for everyone. I have killed him several times and so far I got titanite shard, but only the first time, along with an ember. The next two times I got a single ember. I killed him a few, like 5, more times but didnt get anything so I got bored and moved on. He drops nothing if u kill him before he transforms and can be a bit difficult because he has a wide area of attack and hits hard for someone early in the How to Cheeze on High Wall of Lothric:As you come down the ladder onto the roof area where he and his group of koolaid drinkers are, beyond the roof they are on is a lower part of the roof. This part has two raised pieces of roofs that can be used as walls to hide behind. Run up behind him before he transforms and give him a heavy charge attack. Roll back and run to your left and hide behind one of the roofs. He has severe ADHD so he forgets about you in just moments. After he starts standing still again hes majorly zoned out. Walk up behind him quietly and give him another charged heavy. Rinse and Repeat. Cheers,RawrZombii

        • Anonymous

          Kill them before they transform with a bow/spell. You can do it with melee too but it's much harder to close the gap. Before transforming they have the same HP as a civilian undead, so one good hit should do it and save a LOT of hassle

          • The dark mass on the High Wall of Lothric (right from the first bonfire, if coming from Fire LInk Shrine) drops a titanite shard and an ember the first time you kill it. If you kill it before it transforms, these do NOT drop.

            • Anonymous

              Seriously, F%&K those things. I looked them up so I can (message) warn people about them by name. I've been using the 'Monstrosity' message

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