level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 125 24  18  30  19
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 40  16  30  30  7


This is a player-construed Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Adjudicator
  • Build Level: 125
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main: 30/30/40   (Faith/Int/Str)
  • Attunement Slots: 3    (Tears of Denial, Power Within)
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator



Optimized build for a Exile Great Sword weilding "glass-cannon hybrid". Has max damage obtained through Dark infusion + various buffs, whilst retaining a decent amount of HP (1300 HP) and medium armor. The only difference IN DAMAGE between a "traditional" glass cannon build and this, is that you don't get the extra damage from the Flynn Ring and 22 EXTRA points invested in Strength (for it's 66 hardcap), or 80 in Dex (for it's 80 hardcap) if you were going for a Dex build with some other weapon.


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Dark Exile Greatsword
  • Left Hand: Pyromancy Flame, Sacred Chime of Filianore, Morion Blade
  • Head: Blindfold Mask
  • Chest: Dark Armor
  • Hands: Dark Guantlets
  • Legs: Dark Leggings
  • Rings: Dark Clutch Ring, Pontiff's RIght Eye, Red Tearstone Ring, Prisioner's Chain



The build was contrived via altering a glass-cannon build (See "Dark Souls 3 One Shot Build" by ChaseTheBro on YouTube) to make it more practical by having a decent health pool (1300 HP) and  medium armor set, whilst retaining max damage. Thus it's a "glass cannon hybrid" build... The weapon of choice here is the Dark Exile Greatsword because it's gets an A in both Faith and Intelligence (which set is at 30/30; the softcap for Dark infused weapons), and a B in Strength (which is set at 40; the softcap). I chose the Dark Armor Set because it's one of the better "lighter-weight" medium armor sets, but mainly cause it looks cool with the Blindfold Mask (i'm using the Blindfold Mask for it's 5% increase in Dark damage). If you want the best "light-weight" medium armor, I recommend Armor of Thornes. There are 3 attunement slots; 2 for for Tears of Denial and 1 for the Power Within buff.

The sheer damage on the Dark Exile Greatsword (the focal point of this build) comes from the following:

  • Red Tearstone Ring         (Boosts Attack Rating by 18.8% when HP is below 20%)
  • Power Within                    (Boosts Attack Rating by 18.8%)
  • Morion Blade                    (Boosts Attack Rating by 10% when HP is below 20%)
  • Dark Clutch Ring              (Boosts Dark Attack Rating by 8%)
  • Blindfold Mask                  (Boosts Dark Attack Rating by 5%)
  • Dark Infusion                    (Gives A scaling in both Faith/Int which is at 30/30, and B in STR which is 40)



  • Extremely high damage output, comparable to glass cannon builds but without having to reduce your HP before fights via Bloodlust.
  • More HP and armor than "traditional" glass-cannon builds.
  • Offers intense and strategic playstyle.



  • Mediocre (but doable) health at 1300HP and stamina at 146.



  1. Use Oath of Sunlight and then Power Within and the start of the fight.
  2. Use Tears of Denial when you think you're about to die, but preferably wait until Power Within ends. You can't use both together as they overwrite each other.
  3. If you set up this build correctly in the start of the fight you should have ATLEAST a 37.5% damage increase (Oath of Sunight+Pontiff's Right Eye+Blindfold Mask+Dark Clutch Ring+Power Within), and 44.8% when you get below 20% HP (Red Tearstone+Morion Blade+Pontiff's Right Eye+Blindfold Mask).  Making you very powerful from start to finish. And I say 'atleast' cause Pontiff's Right Eye will actually increase those percentages when landing consecutive hits though the Exile Greatswords's weapon art.



  • I'm not using Darkmoon Blade like usual glass cannons do since the Dark Exile Greatsword gets two A's in both Faith/Int and one B in STR. Which I think is better on any weapon vs something that say has an S in Dex + Buff (In other words two A+A+B > S+Buff). In addition, not having to use Darkmoon Blade frees up an attunement slot.
  • If some of the stats seems low please take into account i'm using Prisoner's Chain which adds 15 virtual levels, which was greatly needed to tweak the build and optimize stats.
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