The Fires Fade Edition of Dark Souls III is a game bundle that includes the original game and all released DLC.

All bundle editions include the base game, Ashes of Ariandel and The Ringed City DLCs. The Japanese version coincides with the launch of an 80-page Japanese guide and map. You can get this for free over at the Japanese Wiki.


Game of the Year Edition



  • Region: Europe & Asia
  • Date: April 20th 2017
  • Price:
  • Extras:


The Fires Fade Edition



  • Region: Japan
  • Date: April 20th 2017
  • Price: JPY 5400 (download), JPY 5900 (Hardcopy)
  • Extras: ??


    • Anonymous

      04 Nov 2017 21:07  

      Hello picked up for fades edition, would like firdt play through to be without use of dlc how do I turn off dlc?

      • Anonymous

        30 Aug 2017 07:26  

        The Fire Fades Edition IS the same as Game of the Year Edition right? I just want to double check because I don't want to buy the game without the DLC.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jun 2017 06:07  

          I'm honestly surprised with how many people are interested in this. The game came out over a year ago and people still haven't played it yet!!!

          • Anonymous

            15 Jun 2017 12:04  

            I loaded standard dark soul on xbox and bought and now playing fire fade edition. { question } It did not show it loading how will i know the new games?

            • Anonymous

              20 May 2017 16:52  

              Does this version have a cloud for old save files (from the normal version)? Because one of my friends told me to not to buy the DLCs because he was gonna give me this version for my birthday and i wanted to know if i had to re-start the game

              • Anonymous

                11 May 2017 13:29  

                does the fire fades edition come with new trophies or are there just the old ones from dark souls 3? or do i have to unlock them again?

                • Anonymous

                  30 Apr 2017 17:23  

                  What I did : I bought The Fire Fades edition for PC . It came with 4 DVD's and a steam code . So , I enter the 1st DVD and it has inside some files and 1 .exe (steam.exe) (the other 3 DVDs has just files) . I didnt 2click on it but i open my steam app and insert the code there , then the game start to download...26Gb some or less. When i finish, in the main screen (ingame) i see calibration - version - and_the_2_DLCs_names_- on my upper left side on the screen.
                  QUESTION : The 4 DVDs that came with the code , what the mighty Sun those DVDs have in them ???? is there the full game for no internet installiation , they have only DLCs ,am I going to be need them in some future time in game to load areas ? what the have ......

                  Thanks for your Time

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Apr 2017 23:51  

                    I got my key through it's just one cd key and its basically the deluxe edition but way cheaper.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Apr 2017 18:18  

                      Bought the pre order and can confirm that I was sold Dark Souls III with Season Pass as described on the website so yes the Fire Fades is just the Deluxe Edition with an art book (and map in the Japanese version) on PC and on consoles should just be like Bloodborne with the DLC included on disk but can't verify that one. On PC it is exactly the same as having purchased Dark Souls III Deluxe and even activates as such on Steam hence no splitting of the player base as with Scholar! Praise the Sun!

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