Darkmoon Ring

Ring of the moon deity Gwyndolin, youngest son of Gwyn, the First Lord.

Adds many slots for attunement.

Gwyndolin, also known as the Dark Sun, commands the Darkmoon Knights, and bestows this ring upon the best of them.

Darkmoon Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Darkmoon Ring Effect

  • Grants 2 additional Attunement slots.
  • Weight: 0.8

Where to Find Darkmoon Ring


  • Player note 1


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    • Anonymous

      23 Mar 2020 17:35  

      Gave 10 hard farmed PoCKs for the ring, didn't get it. my dissappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined

      • Anonymous

        22 Jul 2018 01:24  

        Got to update the info: ring now gives you the more attune slots the higher your rank is (1 rank = 2 slots, 2 rank = 4 slots).

        • Anonymous

          27 Apr 2018 14:25  

          looking for friends that play dark souls 3 or who plan on getting dark souls remastered PSN:WitheredLuck0
          that is a zero not an o.

          • Anonymous

            21 Jun 2017 01:31  

            Anyone willing to gift or trade me this ring for something? Already blew my chance getting it. Thanks, Dragonrollsushi PSN.

            • Anonymous

              16 Apr 2017 07:43  

              how can i get proof of a concord kept in blade of the darkmoon the fast way. message me on ps4, username ShadowWarrior993

              • Anonymous

                31 Mar 2017 21:46  

                Trade darkmoon ring or any of them (have all except wolf ring from cov) drop for wolf ring drop and trade back to get trophy SavagemonkeyXL on PSN

                • Anonymous

                  09 Feb 2017 20:39  

                  Found a cool little exploit. If you equip this ring before being summoned into another world or before you PvE you get a free tears of denial cast.
                  For example attune the spells you want then put on this ring and attune tears of denial. So when you get summoned or when you're going to PvE you can cast tears of denial then unequip the ring and tears of denial is unequipped but you still have the tears of denial effect.
                  Neat trick for casters who want to use tears but don't have the spell slots to do so.

                  • Anonymous

                    freebee11 Jun 2016 18:14  

                    got this ring right after talking to the halfbreed didnt giver her a single proof. glitche? this happened like 3 days after the game came out

                    • Anonymous

                      Can someone help?26 May 2016 22:09  

                      Im on ps4 I know how to duplicate any item, I can dupe any item for you and I can dupe this ring for myself

                      • Anonymous

                        Please help25 Apr 2016 00:57  

                        Can I get this ring twice on one character? I accidentally sold it. If not is there any way to transfer it from another character?

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