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    • Anonymous

      22 Nov 2016 15:33  

      She has to be the weakest npc invader i have ever fought. I killed her without being hit. She goes down like a ton of bricks if claws are used against her.

      • Anonymous

        Carefull with the fall15 May 2016 19:53  

        So, pretty much it, while fighting i kicked her off the cliff but then i fell. Result? No item and no new invasion.

        • NPC in Grand Archives04 May 2016 00:45  

          I'm sure that she is the female sorcerer of the trio of npc in the Grand Archives. The description of the Sage's Crystal Staff says that it was a gift to Kriemhild, and when you kill the nps, it drops this staff

          • Anonymous

            her gear01 May 2016 15:02  

            There are a couple of npc invaders that leave their gear somewhere in your world after you've defeated them, so far I haven't found hers... :/ Which is a shame because i'd love to find some more lore about her.

            • Anonymous

              Who is she? reference? story?24 Apr 2016 13:46  

              what a weird place to invade, is she have anything to do with dark souls 3 story? perhaps untended grave story?

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