Deacon Priest / Fat Priest Deacon Priest (false name)

They look like rich wizards, some are fat and jumpy, some are slow and slim, but all of them throw fireballs at you.

Irithyll of Boreal Valley - Behind the first few Silver Knights.
Anor Londo - in the ruined cathedral

fat or slim

Health: ???
Souls: NG (1000), NG+ (???)
Drops: Deacon SkirtDeacon RobeHuman DregsDeep Gem


Sorry for this ugly page, feel free to change the layout, pictures, descriptions, tags - I just wanted to put down some informations I wrote down on peeve's playthrough. greetz valinov.

    • Anonymous

      Annoying23 Apr 2016 19:11  

      These to me, are the most annoying enemies in the ***** game. Can't count how many times I've been rained down upon by this guys while fighting an invader.

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