Deep Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Deep Ring

A ring bestowed upon the Deacons of the Cathedral of the Deep. Allows attunement of additional spells.

In the Cathedral slumber things most terrible, and as such, the deacons require a grand narrative, to ensure they do not falter in their duty. A philosophy, to ward away the madness beckoned by the grotesqueries at hand.


Deep Ring Effect

  • Equip to increase Attunement slots by 1.
  • Weight: 0.5

Where to Find Deep Ring

  • From the Cleansing Chapel bonfire in Cathedral of the Deep, take the elevator through the door left of the bonfire that leads up to a room with a single hollow wielding a crossbow. From there, walk out onto the ledge through the doorway/window and take a left and go around the corner where you will find a ladder. Take this ladder up to the next floor and there will be a hollow pyromancy priest that, when killed, will put the ring into the player's inventory.
  • Watch the Fextra Video at 2hr 44mins 13secs in. Or see the video location from closest bonfire.



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    • Anonymous

      Trivia should include that: the hollow pyromancer priest does not aggro, even when attacked... (which may hold lore-significance) how do we know it's a pyromancer? I'm serious it's never aggroed for me as long as I can remember. I guess that's the enemy type it's model is designed as? This is a special enemy for this quality however. Should be called the Pacifist Deep Priest idk

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone else noticed that the Deacon who drops this does not aggro? I'm not even certain he attacks in self defense. Trying to fathom a reason why.

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