Definitions guide for our chat bot Uri on Fextralife's Dark souls 3 Discord. If you have access to control the bot, by being a vip user, you can type the following definitions and the bot will post details of the item / boss / spell you are querying.


.def IudexGundyr

.def CurseRottedGreatwood/.def Greatwood/.def Wood

.def CrystalSage/.def Sage

.def Deacons/.def DeaconsoftheDeep

.def AbyssWatchers

.def OldDemonKing

.def Wolnir/.def HighlordWolnir

.def Pontiff/.def PontiffSulyvahn

.def Aldrich/.def AldrichDevourerofGods

.def Yhorm/.def YhormtheGiant

.def AncientWyvern

.def NamelessKing/.def KingofStorms/.def Nameless

.def Dancer/.def DanceroftheBorealValley

.def Oceiros/.def OceirostheConsumedKing

.def ChampionGundyr

.def DragonslayerArmour/.def DragonslayerArmor

.def TwinPrinces/.def Lorian/.def Lothric

.def SoulofCinder

.def Friede/.def SisterFriede/.def FatherAriandel

.def ChampionsGravetender/.def GravetendersGreatwolf/.def Gravetender

.def Demons/.def DemoninPain/.def DemonfromBelow

.def DemonPrince

.def Midir

.def Halflight/.def  HalflightSpearoftheChurch

.def SlaveKnightGael/.def Gael


All spells are .def ds3(spellname). PYROMANCIES ARE WORK IN PROGRESS!



All locations are .def (locationname). DLC AREAS ARE WORK IN PROGRESS! Exceptions are :

.def Cemetery

.def Firelink

.def Highwall

.def Cathedral

.def Irithyll


All gestures are .def (GestureName). Exceptions are :

.def ApplauseGesture

.def PraiseTheSunGesture

.def PrayerGesture

.def RestGesture



 .def IllusoryWalls1 - .def IllusoryWalls6



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