Demon Prince

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
7045 100,000 Dreg Heap
Drops Soul of the Demon Prince
Weak Resistant Immune
Bleed, Black Knight Weapons FireFire, MagicMagic, LightningLightning,  Standard, StrikeStrike, ThrustThrust FrostFrost, Poison&ToxicPoison/Toxic

Demon Prince Information

Demon Prince is a Boss in Dark Souls 3, available with the Ringed City DLC.

  • Final phase of the Demon in Pain & Demon From Below fight
  • You can summon Slave Knight Gael to help you fight this boss. Summon sign can be found beside the Bonfire before the fight.
  • You can summon Lapp to help you fight this boss. Summon sign can be found on the ledge before you drop down.
  • Must be defeated in order to reach The Ringed City.


Demon Prince Location


Demon Prince Drops

  • Souls: NG (100,000), NG+ (150,000), NG++ (165,000), NG+3 (180,000), NG+4 (168,750), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (255,000)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (25 000), NG+ (37 500), NG++ (41 250), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+6 (53,412), NG+9 (??)
  • Other: Soul of the Demon Prince


Demon Prince Combat Information

  • Health: NG (7045), NG+ (??), NG++ (??), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (9,705)
  • Parriable: No
  • Demon Prince's attacks deal Fire Damage and Physical (Slash/Standard?) Damage.
  • Can be staggered, which may give players an opportunity to perform a critical strike.
  • Neutral to Physical/Bleed, and Dark Damage
  • Has the same amount of Bleed resistance as the Demon in Pain and Demon From Below, so Bleed is just as effective. 
  • Highly resistant to Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, Magic Damage.
  • Immune to Frostbite and Poison/Toxic.


Demon Prince Strategies

Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee Co-op)

For this strategy, you have to play Co-op. Many say to use only one summon, but using both Amnesiac Lapp and Slave Knight Gael is an amazing combination because they heal themselves constantly, and draw aggro so the player can have huge windows to do damage. If the player is adamant about using only one, or is doing better with just one for some reason, it is better to choose Lapp as he does similar damage to Gael, but takes more damage easier than Gael does.

Phase 1 :

In this phase, while Gael or a player aggroes Demon in Pain, you will focus on Demon from Below. Now, the strategy will change depending on if the Demon from Below is or not on fire. An important note is that a good shield for this fight that resists high physical and fire can come in handy blocking their attacks.

If the demon you're facing is burning, then you'll mostly want to stay under or behind his legs, as he will have difficulties reaching you to make damages, while you'll be able to attack him all you want. Now, it might seem like a really basic advice, but don't use up all your stamina, since you'll need it if you have to dodge. Green Blossoms can help, in order to land more attacks, while still being able to dodge after.

If the demon you're facing isn't on fire, stick to his face like a bubble-gum sticks under a high schooler's desk. This way, if the demon barfs, you won't get hit nor poisoned. However, if he slowly rises on his legs while raising his arms, that means he wants to slam you, so turn around him, and dodge if necessary, then go back to his face.

When your demon is dead, go finish the other. Now, the second phase begins.

Phase 2 :

In this phase, you're fighting the Demon Prince, who is always burning. Simply repeat the strategy for the burning demon by staying under or behind his legs, as his physical attacks will be almost if not the same. Be wary of two things though: his charge, and his magma shower.

For his charge, he will create some distance between you and himself, and then charge you while leaving fire in his trail. I don't really have advice for dodging him, since I only got hit once, while the other time he tried it on me, he completely missed me, so you're on your own for this.

His magma shower will happen after he makes 2 floating turret-like fire orbs, which is followed up by spewing fire in the sky after making some distance between both of you. Now, I advise you to do what you can to interrupt him, while dodging the projectiles shot at you by the fire turrets.

The three demons can actually be staggered, and then you can land a critical hit by attacking their face.

Finally, just be patient, focus and attack when you can. Good luck!

Strategy 2 (Melee solo)

First Phase:

First of all, if you stay in the ring at the beginning (don't cross the bricks) both demons will always begin with same moves. Staying still and charging R2 to attack the demon who's jump attack barely misses you is a good way to get some easy damage in. Also they do not immediately regroup so focusing on one demon at the beginning and killing it fast before the other drifts too close is a solid strategy.

This phase is all about free camera, staying near one demon to fish for attacks and dodging below it as soon as it attacks. However, unlike with Lud and Zallen in Dark Souls 2, a demon can melee attack you through the other one so staying below one is not a safe place from the other

Phase 2, The prince.

Three rules of thumb: get near it, walk right and always stay locked on. This way you will mostly trigger short range moves that are punishable just by rolling below it and attacking like before. Staying locked on helps when it jumps up to do explosive punch dive. It is very difficult to dodge blindly. If it does a short jump behind you while you are near, it will always either swing too or punch the floor creating a homing fire trail.

If its right hand slowly forms a fireball it is about to jump up and throw a homing fireball at you. It always jumps little backwards so blindly running towards the direction of where its back was facing usually avoids the attack and let you close in and attack before it recovers.

If it slowly summons two fireballs it is later about to jump away and conjure the meteor shower. Both are excellent opportunities to attack and hope for a chance to stun and visceral attack it. Great thing is, if you stun it during the summoning of first two fireballs, it will do it again after it recovers from your visceral attack.
In conjunction, the below includes a playbook:

1. The boss fight will open up with both the Demon In Pain, which is on the right, and Demon From Below, which is on the left. The Demon From Below will be glowing a bright color, and this is a sign that he is doing melee attacks, and berserking at you. He will start off with a delayed jump attack. Roll into his safe spot, which is his rear and side pelvic region, and get in some hits.
2. In some moments, the Demon From Below will stop glowing, but his brother will start to glow. This means you should focus on the currently glowing brother, as you have to kill both enemies anyway. When a demon is spraying toxic, he is more open to being hit, but it is easy to get flanked by the berserking demon. If you can, hit the demon's head to stun and riposte him for bonus damage. If you can, try to kite the demon who is charging and throwing melee attacks at you so they are separated.
3. This fight is largely about timing stamina. The bosses want you to think that you can deplete your meter, but their follow up combos are extremely powerful (600-900HP damage per attack easy) and you really don't want to get hit by those. Using a shield here will be foolish, as your stamina will be too drained to do the maximum of five rolls needed to attack.
4. The timing for these demons' attacks is among the most irregular in the whole game. You have to really be conscious about your dodges because the Demons try to roll-catch, and wait for you to dodge so they can hit you on recovery.
5. Still talking phase one, the demons will alternate between glowing bright and berserking, so once you punish, get in position to efficiently attack the other Demon. Sometimes, they will both berserk. During those times, just back off, focus on avoiding damage, and let one of them calm down so he won't interrupt you while you are hitting the berserking Demon. Two things you can also do is (again) use the charging demon to separate from the other demon, to buy you some time for hits, as these demons are most dangerous when they are together, hitting you. If you have the charging demon blocking the other demon, you can hit the body part closest to you to minimize the chance of being hit. Very often, hitting the distal portion of its arm will allow you to hit without being hit through the demon
s body, or "wall-banged", by the other demon.
6. Now for phase two. The Demon's special attack is either going to be a persisting beam, or a shower of fireballs, followed by an AOE, and floating chaos fireballs. It doesn't matter which one you kill first, but the laser beam demon (Demon From Below, I think) has a much bigger opening, as he is sedentary for about ten seconds while he is firing his laser in a three attack combo (which, I think ends in an AOE). Again, always leave enough stamina to dodge roll up to five times, because any of the three Demons in this fight can kill you in two hits, easy.
7. For all three parts of the fight (two demons, one demon, then demon prince), keep your punishments short, and focus on out-lasting the bosses. Put the rest of your focus on dodging their insanely fast attacks, as well. 
8. The Demons have a berserk attack where they march toward you, and claw into the ground, repeatedly, much like how a gorilla gallops on its knuckles when it is trying to scare off something. Trying to dodge only one claw saves more stamina than trying to dodge both!
9. The Demon Prince (third phase) has an attack where he flies and swoops down, grinding his claws into the ground. For this attack, since there is somewhat of a strange zone of effect, dodge rolling to the sides works much better than to the front and back.

Strategy 3 (Magic/Pyromancy)

If you have 30 intelligence, equip Pestilent Mist as the damage it deals is a set percentage of the enemy's max HP.

It will deal massive damage in the second phase and some attacks have him standing there without moving for a while. Try to get behind in that situation and cast Pestilent Mist Back off and shoot him with additional spells.

Strategy 4 (Dorhys' Gnawing/Bleeding Build)

Recommended to exploit both Phases' weakness.

Equip Dorhys' Gnawing, as a fail safe it is recommended to cast Tears of Denial before you drop down into the fight, also to get at least 1 Phantom (Lapp for example) to distract one of either Demons of your choosing.
It is helpful to equip the following rings: Morne's Ring, Ring of the Sun's First Born & Dusk Crown Ring; if possible also equip Carthus Bloodring for better chances of dodging at the cost of weaker defense. This should however not be a problem since the attacks of either demon are slow by comparison.

The tactic is rather simple: Keep your distance and keep casting Dorhys' Gnawing, roughly every 2nd to 3rd hit resulting in bleed-burst damage. Thanks to Farron Ring you will be able to cast a good number of spells before you will have to consume an Ashen Estus Flask.

Should you be mostly melee focused, it is a good idea to use weapons with high bleed capability, as an example, Exile Greatsword infused with Blood Gem but any bleeding build you are comfortable with will work, preferably with greatswords though.

As a personal recommendation, it is suggested to kill Demon in Pain first as the following fusion of both demons has fewer wide-range attacks and slower attacks that can be dodged easily. Keep repeating the previous steps and dodge Demon Prince's attacks and this fight should be no problem.

Demon Prince Attacks

Demon Prince has 2 different phases, depending on which of Demons (in Pain/from Below) was slain last.

Demon Prince
Flaming Reunion After killing last demon (Demon in Pain OR Demon from Below), fire gathers inside its corpse. Few second later there is an explosion with small AoE dealing fire damage for 50% of attack's duration, which ignites the boss fight arena. This move opens the fight with Demon Prince and he does not use it later.
Fireball Creates a ball of fire in his right hand and leaps up, throwing it towards the player and then landing a few feet away from its original position.
Fiery Swoop Flies up and swoops down, slashing the ground with its claws in a forward motion and leaving a pool of lava.
Critical Grab Demon Prince - twice - tries to grab player. If he succeds, he throws him on a medium distance dealing physical damage.
Triple Seething Chaos Demon Prince throws 3 fireballs on small distance, which acts identical to Seething Chaos spell. Deals high fire damage.
Air Wave Demon Prince uses his wings to create an air wave, which knocks out player, and lands few feets away. Deals no damage, but may put player in a difficult situation. Usually used before Fireball Shower or Laser Beam.
Fire Serpent Demon Prince rotates 180 degrees and attacks ground with his right claw. This attack releases a Fire Serpent, which acts similar to "Black Serpent" spell. Deals physical and fire damage. Often appears after Modified normal moveset.
Modified normal moveset Demon Prince will strike with his claws in a similar way, as Demon in Pain or Demon from Below in "flame" mode. This time however, these attacks are far more aggressive and faster.
Fiery Shout Demon Prince tries to scare off enemy by performing a fiery shout. Sometimes performs after regular attacks. 
Floating Chaos (Red Variant) Casts an enhanced version of Floating Chaos that fires at the player. Usually leads to Fireball Shower. Only available when the Demon Prince is revived from the red Demon from Below. Note: After Demon Prince death, they instantly disappear.
Quick Floating Chaos + Fire Serpent (Red Variant) Demon Prince casts a short version of Floating Chaos and flies away. Then he moves his right arm to the back (like he is scared of something) and attacks swiftly with his hand, what releases a Fire Serpent. Only available when the Demon Prince is revived from the red Demon from Below.
Fireball Shower (Red Variant) A follow up after casting Floating Chaos, the Demon Prince builds up a ball of flame from its mouth that results in fireballs chasing player and - if they manage to hit - deal very high fire damage. Good chance to get some hits in. Cue for evacuation would be the bright flare after casting. If Demon Prince is staggered at this moment, fireballs will fall around him. Only available when the Demon Prince is revived from the red Demon from Below. 
Laser Beam (Orange Variant) A sweeping laser beam that does massive damage if connected. Lasts for quite a while as the Demon Prince sweeps it left and right. If dodged correctly, the player can punish for massive amounts of damage by simply staying behind the Demon Prince. Can be easily avoided by performing a "Stretch Out" gesture. Usually leads to Laser Burst. Only available when the Demon Prince is revived from the orange Demon in Pain.
Laser Burst (Orange Variant) An explosive beam that does damage through the beam itself and also in an AoE around the Demon Prince's head. Usually cast right after the laser beam. The player can get behind the Prince and continue their combos without getting severely damaged. Can be easily avoided by performing a "Stretch Out" gesture. Only available when the Demon Prince is revived from the orange Demon in Pain.


Demon Prince Lore Theories

• Because of the differences in body type between the  Old Demon King and the  Demon Prince, it is unlikely that this boss shares any relation to the Old Demon King. 


Demon Prince Notes & Trivia

  • The moveset of the Demon Prince depends on which demon in the first phase is killed last (see "Attacks" information). 
  • If player manages to defeat the second demon (in Pain OR from Below) with a critical strike, the beginning of this fight will look slightly different.
  • Before events of Dark Souls III - as is said in Lorian's Greatsword description - Lorian managed to defeat Demon Prince.
  • Older description of Soul of Demon Prince stated, that he retreated to beneath the Earth. This helped him survive, as Lorian thought he died during battle.
  • Boss fight arena is a devastated Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls I.
  • Demon Prince shares the same tail with the Centipede Demon, a boss from Dark Souls I.
  • In contrast to Dancer of The Boreal Valley and her "fire traces", fire caused by Demon Prince "Flaming Reunion" attack after defeating him will last forever.
  • At one time during development (when there was a Crimson Bat instead of Demon in Pain) the Demon Prince had an additional name - Crimson Prince. This name occurred, when the player defeated Demon from Below instead of Crimson Bat.
  • Bug (during jolly cooperation, very rare): Soon after the beginning of this phase and hitting Demon Prince, despite fact that he is still alive, I got message "Heir of Fire destroyed" and prize for doing it. 
  • Bug (very difficult to achieve in co-op, impossible when solo): If the player manages to perform a critical strike on a last living demon (in Pain OR From Below), while it's HP is 0, 2nd phase will begin instantaneously and Demon Prince will spawn with 1 HP.


Demon Prince Gallery



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    • Anonymous

      13 Sep 2021 02:30  

      Pretty important thing to note, in this second stage he is resistant to all forms of damage. Dark damage is still reduced from the first stage (if you do 440 damage to the first stage, you do about 210 to the second stage.)

      Black knight weapons is the only truly effective thing against him, though a strong bleed weapon can work too, as he can be affected by bleed.

      • 07 Sep 2021 09:47  

        To everyone that dies to the fireball meteor shower

        If you run away before and you're like half way across the arena, those fireballs have all of that way to follow you, they can turn really easily and that's why you die.

        Instead, stay close to him until he's about to set it off, then when he summons them, run away. This causes the fireballs to not have much space to follow you. Their trajectory gets cut off, smacking the floor.


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          "if the demon your facing isnt embered stick to his face like gum sticks to a highschoolers desk" lol who writes that genius content?

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            This boss in 2nd phase is so tanky, my 800AR Lothric GS was doing like 300 per hit. my lv700 char even died to him once, I mean I was cocky but anyway

            • Anonymous

              16 Aug 2021 22:42  

              beyond trash bossfight, there is no reason for him to become so tanky in the second phase, let alone the absurd damage of the fireballs

              • Anonymous

                11 Aug 2021 22:16  

                For pyromancers I imagine a dark-infused Zweihander or Astora GS would work well due to good poise damage and dark damage (which is the elemental damage DP is weakest to)

                • Anonymous

                  08 Aug 2021 17:10  

                  That stupid giant fireball attack gets me everytime I fight him. I can run to the other side of his massive arena and they still manage to hit and oneshot me

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                    This shrieking retard puts up a nail-biting fight. One of my favorite fights in the game, though it feels tedious with the half-damage in phase 2 at low SLs.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Jun 2021 01:05  

                      As seen from many youtube videos... Demon in Pain has a half chopped off left ear, and he will give Demon Prince the meteor shower ability if he is killed last. Demon from Below has 2 full ears (no chopped off), he will give Demon Prince the laser swipe attack if killed last. Both are purple except one will be on flame mode, so not sure how people can see orange or red, perhaps they dunno the flame mode can switch between the 2.

                      • Anonymous

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                        The son of course looked younger than the father. So you mean demon prince must looked fat n old to be related to old demon king? zzz

                        • Anonymous

                          26 May 2021 12:02  

                          Thank you From for feeling the need to redo one of the absolute worst boss fights from DS2. A fight where you spend more time chasing a boss around the arena while he dunks on you that actually fighting the boss. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sinh the Slumbering Dragon 2.0. Now with twice the cancer and rage induction as the original.

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                              +5 Dragon's Tooth + Flash Sweat == high fire resistance + 3xR1 to stagger & crit strike. The critical animation invincibility really helps to get a breather and reposition the camera.

                              The Prince was riding the bonk train. Thomas the Bonk Engine.

                              • Anonymous

                                15 Apr 2021 04:27  

                                Guys if you’re really struggling with this I would recommend using a Carthus curved sword or katana (with buffable infusions) with carthus rogue because it deals slash damage which the demons don’t resist and bleed which they are weak to. This boss is one of the most annoying in the entire game with a very steep health pool, way too many resistances which cripple spell builds, and is generally difficult so simply get a +6-10 bleed slash weapon and try your best. Personally my favorite summon for this fight is Lapp for the defense and stalling but also medium damage so you can pick the demon first, do NOT summon two npcs as this will make the prince have incrediblely high HP and will often end up killing the laser prince which is much easier to dodge than the seething chaos prince

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