This page is a duplicate. Please refer to Dorhy's Gnawing.

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      Some info and testing some folks might want to see!17 Apr 2016 02:23  

      This is the upgraded version of the Miracle "Gnaw". The projectile is identical, with the difference being it is slightly larger. The range and cast speed of this spell is identical to the previous version.With a Sacred Chime+6 and Morne's Ring (for miracle boosting) and a base luck of 13, damage tested at 141 damage on Dancer Knights from Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, bleed procced every other cast. In comparison to Gnaw, which dealt 84 damage per hit with every-other cast proccing bleed, the damage is significant enough compared to the old spell.The bleed damage procs on both spells dealt IDENTICAL damage (188 damage), on top of their base damage.Removing the Faith boosting ring does NOT change the damage on the bleed proc.- - -The purpose of this information is for folks whom want to consider bleed or miracle builds.The ONLY information I am missing is the scaling on weaponry on the base damage, as well as if weapons reinforced with +LUK or +INT scale the ability at all.

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