Dragonslayer Greatarrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Dragonslayer Greatarrow

Dragonslayer Greatarrow.png

Large spear-like arrows created by the giant blacksmith of the gods.  

Can only be used with greatbows.  

These large arrows were said to have been used by dragon hunters during the age of the gods. Easily pierces human flesh.


Dragonslayer Greatarrow Usage

  • Ammo for Greatbows.
  • Easily pierces human flesh.
  • Deals 90 Physical damage.



Dragonslayer Greatarrow Locations

  • Drops from silver knights  in Anor Londo
  • Available to purchase (600 souls) from Greirat  after his second expedition (Irithyll)
  • Can also be purchased from the Shrine Maiden by returning Greirat's Ashes after his second expedition (body can be found in cave near Distant Manor bonfire in a corner guarded by three spider creatures)




  • Can only be used with Greatbows.




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