Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow

Large spear-like arrows enveloped in lightning created by the giant blacksmith of the gods.

Can only be used with greatbows.

Lightning has been a weapon of dragonslayers ever since the time of Gwyn, the First Lord.

Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.


Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow Usage

  • Inflicts Lightning damage.
  • Can only be used with greatbows.



Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow Locations

  • Available to purchase (750 souls) from Greirat after his second expedition.
  • Can also be purchased from the Shrine Handmaid by returning Greirat's Ashes after his second expedition (body can be found in cave near Distant Manor bonfire in a corner guarded by three spider creatures)
  • 10 Are dropped by a Mimic up the stairs beneath the Giant Slave in Irithyll Dungeon.




  • Because of the strange way in which damage multipliers seem to work with ranged weapons and ammunition, and the fact that there is no greatbow equivalent of the Knight's Crossbow (i.e. a greatbow with lightning base damage), these greatarrows will almost always deal less damage than their physical counterparts, even against enemies that ought to be weaker to lightning damage than to physical damage (such as Lothric Knights).




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      I wanted to use those against the Ancient Wyvern, and was very confused to see that they inflicted less damage to it than the regular dragonslayer arrows. I was like "do these scale with faith or something..?"
      So much for all the lore talking about Gwyn's knights fighting the Everlasting Dragons with lightning

      • Weapon concept to give these some use:

        Lothric Knight Greatbow

        Weapon type: Greatbow
        Attack type: None

        Weapon Skill: Unwavering Aim - Draw the bow with conviction, holding aim steady even when under attack. (Essentially poisecast, similar to Talisman WA for Lightning Arrow).

        Damage split: 80 physical - 80 Lightning. Base physical scaling is D with STR (C at +5), E with DEX (E at +5). Base Lightning scaling is C with FAI (A at +5).

        Lore: "When the knights of Lothric were revered as dragonslayers, the vanguard of archers guarded the battlements, drawing upon faith to ensure their aim held true.

        When the time came to tame dragons instead, they laid their bows to rest, and eventually faded from memory."

        • Anonymous

          It's a shame these are completely worthless, as you cannot infuse ranged weapons like you could in 1 and 2.

          • Anonymous

            Dragonslayer Greatbow's WA should've added lightning damage to each shot. That would give these a reason to exist.

            • Anonymous

              The only usage i find for these proyectiles is the knockback, because damage-wise they re almost as bad as crossbow's lightning bolts outside of knight's crossbow.

              They could have given us a lightning greatbow. I literally don't see the reason of not including it outside of lazy development.

              • Anonymous

                It should be noted that, with the Millwood Greatbow WA, the explosion will deal Lightning Damage based on the lightning AR. It won't do more than regular Dragonslayer Greatarrow, but it still has the lightning Split Damage, and changes the visual effect of the explosion to incorporate lightning.

                • Anonymous

                  I figured i would try to headshot KoS to maybe discover something remarkable.....after 20 attempts i finally hit him, shook my head at the damage and immediately went right back to my dragonslayer spear. This arrow needs a huge buff towards dragons

                  • Anonymous

                    Tested them against the standard Dragonslayer Greatarrows against the Lothric DragonStats 40/40/40/40, Dragonslayer Greatbow +0Lightning Arrow around 150 (depending on distance a bit more or less)Regular Dragonslayer Arrow around 230 from the same spot

                    • Anonymous

                      These are awful, they add a flat 90 lightning AR, it doesn't scale with the bow, so the damage it applies will be negligible. Yes their damage can be increased with various buffs and the clutch ring, but it's still splitting the damage for no real gain, you'll almost certainly be better off with standard arrows.Ironically, despite being more expensive, these are better used on weaker enemies, to expand your effective ammo capacity.

                      • Anonymous

                        This is unlocked after Greirat's second expedition/Sells for 750 Souls each per Shrine Maiden (gave her Greirat's ashes/have not confirmed if it's the same price via Grerat being alive)

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