Dreamcatcher's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3. (Dreamcatcher's Ashes doesn't exist, instead refer to Dreamchaser's Ashes, other than that the information is valid)

Location/Where to Find

Found in Farron Keep on the window in same room as the Old Wolf of Farron. Use stairs to go around the tower and hit illusionary wall.

Notes and Tips

  • If you give the ashes to the Shrine Handmaid she will ask where you got them, you can either tell her or refuse. If you do tell her, she says they were foolish to go chasing after dreams.

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    • Anonymous

      17 Apr 2020 01:40  

      Maybe Hodrick is the dreamchaser. This would explain the similarities between his equipment and the Abyss Watchers' equipment, not only why the handmaid, who is probably his partner, has this special dialogue.

      • Anonymous

        Pendant02 Oct 2016 21:46  

        It should be added to "Notes and Tips" that the ashen hand appears to be holding the Pendant from original Dark Souls. It probably signifies how foolish we gamers were to believe it did something special.

        • Anonymous

          Shrine Handmaid15 Apr 2016 07:59  

          The old hag in the chair says it's the soul of a stupid fool and asks where you found it. I told her and can buy titanite shards from her now.

          • Anonymous

            merchant lady14 Apr 2016 11:35  

            I took this to the merchant lady at fire link shrine. She said something about it being the ashes of a fool. I don't know if it achieved anything.

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