Dusk Crown Ring

Leaf-colored crown ring bestowed upon the princess of Oolacile, ancient land of golden sorceries.

Reduces consumption of FP, but also lowers HP.

Oolacile is synonymous for its lost sorceries of which the xanthous sorcerers are dedicated scholars. This crown ring is a rare artifact of great magic heritage.

 Dusk Crown Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Dusk Crown Ring Effect


Where to Find Dusk Crown Ring

  • Located in the Irithyll Dungeon. The ring is in a cell next to Xanthous Ashes, in the left-most cell of the room where there are 8 Jailers. ()
  • WARNING: picking up the Dusk Crown Ring will cause the corpse holding it to shriek, causing all of the jailers to come running into the room.






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    • Anonymous

      Thought I'd mention here, in case the warning above wasn't quite sufficient: you MUST clear out the majority of the jailers prior to picking up this ring. Even if you hide in a corner and they don't have line of sight, they'll still pour into the room, block your exit, and eventually swarm you. They may lose aggro and turn off their lanterns if they can't see you, but they won't leave the entranceway to the room, so you'll have to either bone out or die.

      • Anonymous

        25% doesn't seem like much but this has become one of my new favorites. I've always favored <30% builds and with them you can't really be hit more than once. From UGS's or some WA, even a single combo is enough to kill you. That said, using this and the 3 spell rings makes you a true caster. For Pyros going 35/45 Int/Fth has like 2% dmg difference to 40/40 (40/45 is even better of course), while you get access to Soothing Sunlight which fully heals everything in a large radius now for just 60 fp, 5 less than a normal Great Heal mind you. So great for support.

        Where it really shines is when you go full caster: 6/1 or even full 7/0 ashen vs. healing estus. Risky as heck but oh so much fun in PvP. While it's just a 25% reduction in fp costs, thanks to the occasional estus regeneration it extends your casting viability much longer than just 25%. You clearly notice this in ringed city PvP runs down the stairs, where normally you'd be struggling by the end of the stairs, but now you still have half or more of your estus left. It also helps keep up pressure, as drinking becomes less frequent. Horrible for all tanky or trade builds but a massive QoL improvement for full casters. It also enables some tactics that would normally be pointlessly consuming, due to bringing typically over expensive spells down to a manageable level. You can now spam projected heals left and right to cover your party while they go in to trade, while blasting lightning arrows and last all the way down to the next bonfire or longer more. This has certainly made playing a caster as a phantom in group PvP a lot more fun.

        • Anonymous

          "We already made you take away from your effective HP you could have from your Estus with each allocation towards your Ashen Estus. Your spells consume more stamina than many Halberds, Ultra Greatswords, Greataxes and Curved Greatswords despite Endurance being one of your lacking stats along with Vigor due to Attunement and main magic stat investment. We think it's only fair you lose 15% of your max HP to conserve just a we bit more FP, though your mileage may vary on the cost benefit analyses depending on the spell used. Good luck on your travels and hope you never have to fight solo, a target with awareness or anything moving and reacting faster than Havel Knight" - FROMsoftware.

          • Anonymous

            I do understand how this ring works, but imo i would prefer a 50% for both parameters. Any caster by definition has a ton of fp for sorcery/pyro/miracles, so there isn't a benefit big enough for us to wear it.

            • Anonymous

              This ring can make sacred flame cost nothing people are stupid best ring in game. Play sl1 and learn how things really work.

              • Anonymous

                People complaining about this ring surely didn't took their time to look how the ring works. Here is what you do. Go in your inventory, search for the spells, pyromancies, miracles you want to use, check their FP costs and then put on the ring. Check the FP costs again and you'll see that FROM did something amazing. They show you the reduced FP cost for ALL spells, pyromancies and miracles. Each one! I can see why people complain about this ring. They maybe shot a Souls pear while already having the ring equipped just to see that the FP cost used and shown are the same. As soon as you equip the ring all fp costs are shown reduced on the spell, pyromancy and miracle as well. So if you complaining about the Ring not working I hope you'll know now where the error is. Don't be a Int 1, you're spellcasters my friends.

                • Major discovery. If you equip the Lloyd's sword and shield rings at the same time as the Dusk Crown Ring, it amplifies the bonuses of the Lloyd rings. Not sure if this also applies to the teardrop rings too.

                  • Anonymous

                    While wearing this ring with 1000 hp (27 vigor), my hp is only reduced to 850hp. Does the ring not lower hp by 15% then?

                    • Anonymous

                      It's VERY easy to test this ring and come away thinking it doesn't work. Here's what you do to test it:

                      1. Put on the ring at the bonfire.
                      2. Cast a spell.
                      3. Calculate how much the spell cost (max FP - current FP)
                      4. Go into your spell list and check the FP cost of the spell you just cast.

                      It turns out it will have cost the exact amount of FP listed on the actual spell, which makes it seem like the ring has no effect. But in actuality, Dark Souls 3 just does something that most games don't: while you're wearing the ring, it replaces the standard FP cost of all spells with the new reduced spell cost. It's not necessarily a bad thing for them to do, but it's a bit unintuitive.

                      Anyway, hope this helps some players who were confused like I was before I figured it out.

                      • Anonymous

                        Easily allows me to spam Chaos bed vestiges on my pyromancer. Impracticle for pvp, but good for pve granted you have decent absorption.

                        • Anonymous

                          A good thing to put into the notes on this page would be how rounding works.
                          I'm pretty sure the reduction is rounded down, but I've only a few castable spells atm.

                          • Anonymous

                            At 30 Attunement and using Ashen Estus Ring and this ring with the two pyro rings, CBV or GCFO can cast 4 times and still have about 120 Estus. It might be good in invasions to throw on after running into the level from a gank squad. With another invader or two you can hang back and do work.

                            Not worth it all on the dark spells because they don't cost much as is. Its probably only useful to chaos Pyros and miracle based casters relying on storm/stake. This is as invasions or way of blue/Darkmoon go though, an embered host or phantom doesn't need the HP as much and has time to take advantage of Executioner's GS, Parting Flame, or a simple infusion to conserve estus for bosses and Invaders. Using those items will greatly increase this rings efficiency. For CBV with EGS and this ring, you're reducing FP cost by 13/35 if you kill a single enemy.

                            Great for conserving Estus through the level. Chime healing with Farron Ring is also great with this. For 3-4 lbs you can also have simple and blessed parry dagger/red and white shield, Caestus/plank shield, etc to swap in on downtime to boost whatever is low.

                            • Anonymous

                              I got Chaos Bed Vestiges casting for 27FP(20%less) and 850 HP instead of 1000HP(-15%) unembered with no rings altering HP.

                              • Anonymous

                                It most definitely works for me:~25% ( can be rounded up or down) fp cost reduction, but the HP loss is not 20% but 15%. I have 1000 HP and it went down to 850.

                                • Anonymous

                                  tested on every sorcerie and pyromancie and this ring ...
                                  Reduce FP consumption of Sorceries, Pyromancies by 0 % big upgrade !
                                  But at least downgrade on maximum HP work !

                                  Overall in this game there only 2 3 ring that boost offense of a pure caster build if you dont count the two ring for % damage bonus and in those 2 3 one don't work and the other is totaly useless in pvp 7.5 % boost but downgrade your already weak defense by 10 % !
                                  only sage ring give a decent benefit without destroying your defense and got a ng+ version
                                  all the other ring are made for dex or strenght build
                                  And the defensive ring give more bonus to those build cause the bonus is apply in % HP and % Stamina % Max equip load so way more benefit on a class who already have higher HP higher Stamina And Vitality

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If you are a warrior and you want ToD then put 1 pnt into FTH, 1 pnt into ATN (so that you have 10 FTH and 7 ATN). Then put on Princess Ring, Dusk Ring, and Darkmoon ring. Cast ToD, then switch out your rings to what you normally want. Not so gud in arena since everyone seems to rush you (gg no honor). But if you are fast enough then you can have ToD for free and just waste 2 lvl ups.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I use to hate this ring although, as you progress and get more ashen estus flask, it gets really better. To me this ring shine in NG+ and I'm sure will to any pure caster.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This game really hates on magic and this item shows it. In a land full of magic why do they hate on it so much? Any little item that helps a mate is drastically given a equally nasty side effect. But warriors get all the extra damage, stamina and life they want for free. I mean a mate losing 20 percent life for a measly extra cast or so wow!!!

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