Easter Eggs and References, to past games and other popular media, found throughout Dark Souls 3

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Feel free to pile up all references and easter eggs found throughout the game.

Other secrets, like illusory walls and hard to find locations and items, already has its own page: Secrets


Links to the Past

References and easter eggs from other Souls games:

  • At the Cemetary of Ash, you pick up the Ashen Estus Flask from the corpse of what appears to be Oscar of Astora, the character who gave you the Estus Flask in the first Dark Souls. In the past he was barely alive but still gave you his last estus. In this game however, he only had ashen estus left and was sadly unable to keep himself alive.
  • Next to the bonfire in Profaned Capital you can find the corpse of Laddersmith Gilligan from Dark Souls 2, probably dead from the strain of smithing all the insanely long ladders in this game.
  • In the Demon Ruins, Quelana's corpse can be found holding her pyromancy tome, leaned against a giant spider which is probably the White Queen or Quelaag. It is unknown if the duo passed together or separately.
  • The Evangelist seems to be extremely similar to Demon's Souls Fat Officials. Their attire is similar, they both have dialogue, and they both use pyromancies.
  • Inside a cave in the poison swamp of Farron Keep, near the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire, there's a dead mushroom that resemble Elizabeth from the Oolacille Sanctuary. In front of the mushroom is a corpse clutching the Golden Scroll, which contains most of the sorceries that Elizabeth taught. There's also a chest there containing Dusk's dress, the Antiquated Set. Dusk and Elizabeth are closely connected characters from the first Dark Souls.
  • The Old Wolf of Farron is most likely a reference to Sif, the Great Grey Wolf. It is lying in front of a large gravestone, reminiscent of the graveyard in Darkroot Garden. Ranking up in the covenant also grants the Wolf Ring and Wolf Knight's Greatshield, both prior possessions of Artorias.
    • There are many other references to Oolacile and Darkroot Garden scattered throughout Farron Keep: Mushrooms, Dusk's Crown, Proper Bow, ...
  • Havel's weapon and gear can be found in the Archdragon peak. His armor can be found on a corpse in Farron Keep near the Stray Demon once his revenant is defeated.
  • Dragonslayer Ornstein's weapon and armor can be picked up off of the floor near the Nameless King boss fight. His armor describes that Ornstein was looking for him and it can be assumed that his armor was either put down or abandoned without conflict as there is no corpse accompanying them.
  • Gastly figures are seen roaming near Central Irithyll in a similar manner to how the Black Knights roamed the Kiln of the First Flame in the original  Dark Souls
  • The Fire Keeper is very reminiscent of the Maiden in Black from Demon's Souls. Both wander the hub area, level you up, talk while in the menu, and lack eyes.
  • The Giant Blacksmith's corpse can be found in Anor Londo. We can assume that he died smithing as he is in the same position. Luckily Andre, also hailing from the original game, is still alive and well.


References to other media

  • Berserk. (this probably needs its own section)
  • ???


Hidden game mechanics

Curious and obscure game mechanics and triggers. (Perhaps not the right page for this kind of info, but I can't find an existing page for things like this. Can be moved later anyway.)

  • Undead Hunter Charms can be used to loot Mimics. (any alternate use for duel charms?)
  • Killing the two skeletons with hats, in the Catacombs of Carthus, is the key to break the rolling skeleton boulders.
    • One Lesser Crab will also be the only thing left alive after the boulder breaks.
  • Attacking the suspension bridge in Catacombs of Carthus will break it and produce a ladder.
  • The Giant in the Undead Settlement will be your friend as long as you have one of the 2 special Young White Branches in your possession.
  • Looting 6 Young White Brances (2 beside each white birch), the Crown of Dusk and the Saint-tree Bellvine will lead to the Giant's death.
  • After attacking the Stray Demon's leg for some time, his leg will crumble and he will fall becoming much easier to fight.
  • Equipping the Black Eye Orb in an item slot, before invading Leonhard, will result in it being swapped with Rosaria's Soul after Leonhard is defeated.
  • The Covetous Silver Serpent Ring can be looted from a chest in both Firelink Shrines, either in the Cemetary of Ash OR in Untended Graves.

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    • Anonymous

      I'd like to throw in that each of Rosaria's Fingers is a reference to the older games. Longfinger Kirk is from Kirk, Knight of Thorns from DS1, Creighton the Wanderer is himself from DS2, Yellowfinger Heysel is Xanthous King, Jeremiah from DS1, and it's been implied that Leonhard is representative of Bloodborne (need to fact check this one)

      • Anonymous

        What about the twin princes? They're named after 2 entire locations from 2 of FromSoftware's other games. Lothric after Demon's Souls and Lorian from Bloodborne (although not mecessarily a visitable location but still)

        • Anonymous

          You forgot that phase 2 of the souls of cinder takes the move set and music for the Gwynn boss fight from dark souls 1

          • Anonymous

            Nashandra's painting van be found in Irithyl, right before Pale Shade invasion, in the room with the 3 silver knights. But luckily this painting dosent curse you lol

            • Anonymous

              in the cathedral of the the deep to the bridge before arrow barrage there is one zombie posing like orphan of kos facing the sun

              • Anonymous

                i think that demons souls share entirely its uneverse with dark soul in dark souls there a monk holding the last ligth and its the last monk and hes not looking good mabey he pas the ligth to the maiden then she becomes the fire keeper and the ringed citie is the vestige of the nexus somehowe but not the city itself but the ring around

                • Anonymous

                  What about Lost Izalith in Smouldering Lake? Heck, there were even Taurus Demons and Stray Demons from DS1.

                  • Anonymous

                    I think it's safe to say that some of these cases are more than just easter eggs, but lore-related. Particularly Farron Keep and its references to Oolacile. The Old Wolf of Farron, presence of a Xanthous scholar, dead Mushrooms, The Golden Scroll, Dusk's dress, are all in one place for a reason.

                    • Anonymous

                      To name a few more, Storm ruler is from Demon's,Gundyr is Old king Doranand the Lothric knight helmet is very reminiscent of the helmet for the "canon" set in Demon's.

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