Easterner's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Easterner's Ashes

Umbral ash of an armor merchant from an eastern land.

Surely the handmaid of Firelink Shrine can turn this into a few new things.

The merchant, the captain of a clan of hunters, was fascinated with weaponry.


Easterner's Ashes Usage



Easterner's Ashes Locations

  • Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, corpse on the roof where the Silver Knight archer enemies are. To reach the corpse with the ashes, you go up the ladder coming from Water Reserve bonfire and up the staircase in front of you. Then stick to the right, drop down to another platform where there will be a Silver Knight archer on the flying buttress in front of you, behind a pillar. Run along the buttress to the pillar, and look down to the right. You should be able to see the platform from here. Move a little further up and then drop down to loot the ashes.
  • If you don't have the Water Reserve bonfire, come from Pontiff Sulyvahn's bonfire and run along the path provided. After the Giant area, go up the set of double stairs into the tower ahead, then follow the directions listed above.



Notes & Trivia

  • Although never explicitly stated, the game strongly hints that these Ashes belong to Shiva of the East, a merchant and captain of the Forest Hunters in Dark Souls I.



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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2020 11:44  

      Description: Surely the handmaid of Firelink Shrine can turn this into a few new things.
      Handmaid: I can. And don't call me "Shirley".

      Couldn't resist.

      • Anonymous

        01 May 2020 21:25  

        Stop it with the shiva jokes. We get it, ok? Can we just move on to the next meme, like for example toothpaste ashes?

        • 30 Apr 2020 05:12  

          how the hell on evey fckn page with a reference on a shiva releted item (on all souls) people keep writing the same joke again and again and other people keep thumbing up? now I understand that if i was 12 and instead of witing this if I had written "shiva the deseased lol1!11" I would have probabbly collected some likes but who cares to get a like for a really old joke of another guy recycled till nausea?

          • Anonymous

            13 Jan 2018 03:11  

            Water Reserve Bonfire has the two Sulyvahns beasts down the ladder after the illusory wall in the first building after pontiff Sullivan, with Archdeacon McDonnell covenant in the corner.

            • 28 Dec 2017 11:33  

              This whole section of the wiki was only meant to confuse people into wasting hours looking around, you can't find the ashes until after you defeat Pontif sunlyvahn, I finally found these ashes and still haven't found a bonfire called the "water reserve" bonfire? What the hell, i was starting to really like this wiki

              • Anonymous

                05 Jan 2017 10:49  

                Just wanted to let people know on my current playthrough the easterners ashes did not show up, this isnt my first playthrough, I know where they are. I've gone back multiple times and tried walking around the corpse and looting it thinking maybe it was just not showing for some reason, and no luck. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jan 2017 02:40  

                  Awesome! I never got to buy shiva's weapons on Dark Souls because I always ended up accidentally kicking him off a cliff.

                  • Anonymous

                    Incorrect Location!22 Jul 2016 01:29  

                    It's not in Iithyll it's in Anor Londo from the Covenant bonfire after the courtyard of giants

                    • Anonymous

                      Found it16 Apr 2016 10:51  

                      from the bonfire with the two dogs, go up the ladder and out the door. it's on the rightmost platform after clearing the silver knights.

                      • Anonymous

                        "Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, corpse on the roof where the archer enemies are"15 Apr 2016 23:56  

                        Care to be more descriptive than that?

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