Hello and welcome to my "the most easiest Pve build in DS3"
Because most of enemies in DS3 are either weak to fire or weak to dark so today i make a guide for SL 1 - 125
Here's my stat at SL 125 with Pyro build

Soul level Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
125 22( 27 with prisoner chain on) 40          20( 25 with prisoner chain on) 15( 20 with prisoner chain on)
strength dexterity Intellegence Faith Luck
12 18 40 40 7

_FOR SL 1 -
RH1 : Raw longsword   (buy it from Greirat who  you free him from a cell)
RH2 : None
RH3: None

LH1: caduceus round shield ( if you know how to parry, if not pick up Silver Eagle Kite Shield for blocking ) 
LH2: pyromancy flame
LH3:   None
Rings : Great swamp ring,Covetous Silver serpent ring( to get it), chloranthy ring
Spell : Fireball
              1) After killing Gundyr, you should prioritize your vigor first, lvl your vigor up to 22 will give you alot of hp to survive, then lvl your dex to 10 to use the longsword(After that put all your point  into Intelligence and Faith to increase your Fireball dmg )
              2) You can use Raw Astora Straight sword instead to give you more Dmg but it will become less dmg than longsword at late game 
              3)  Make sure to save Cornyx of the Great Swamp at the Undead Settlement
              4) After killing the boss in Undead settlement, go back Firelink Shrine and talk to Ludeth (the old guy who is sitting on the throne). Give him the Transposing Kiln which allows you to  transpose  boss's souls to a boss weapon or spell ....etc
              5) Prioritize upgrade your weapon than the pyromancy flame (because most likely you will run out of FP and you have no choice but to use melee)
              6) If you get invaded, don't panic and be prepare to kill the invader and do not use Fireball against invader , it will just waste of FP because invaders know how to dodge it. Just use a shield  and a straight sword ( Do 2 light attk then roll away, rinse and repeat <DO NOT SPAM LIGHT ATTACK OR YOU'll GET PARRIED>)
              7) These 2 NPC will invade as soon as you reach specific location Are Hodrick the Holy Knight and Yellowfinger Heysel so be prepare for that
_FOR SL 41 - 70 
RH1: Raw longsword
RH2 :None
RH3: None

LH1 : Grass Creat shield (Stamina Regen)
LH2 : Pyromancy Flame
LH3 : None
Rings: Great swamp ring, witch's ring, Covetous silver serpent ring, chloranthy ring
spell : Chaos Bed Vestige(MUST NEED) or Great Chaos Fire Orb ( Optional if you're good at free aim ) ,Fire Orb (Upgrade version of Fireball)
              1) Pick up the Grass Crest Shield that is next to one of the Giant Crabs for stamina regen
              2) Pick up the Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome which is next to the Giant Crabs facing the wall and give to Cornyx to learn the Fire Orb


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