Ember Crab (correct name?)
Ember Crab

These giantic winker crabs like to stomp undeads.

Smouldering Lake


Health: NG(1540 HP)
Souls: NG (1200), NG+ (???)
Drops: Titanite Shard (common), Large Titanite Shard (rare)


Strategy: Without taking agro from more than one, run from the catacombs of Carthus; Abandoned tomb bonfire and go to the back right of the lake, to a tree with a little gap between itself and the wall. The crabs won't be able to squeeze through. (be carefull of their sides, they walk fast and have good range in their attacks.) make them face you and lure out the spitting of the goop that slows you, roll in and go ham. NOTE: leave a little stamina for a roll away, their overhead smash hurts a lot.


Sorry for this ugly page, feel free to change the layout, pictures, descriptions, tags - I just wanted to put down some informations I wrote down on peeve's playthrough. greetz valinov.

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    • Anonymous

      10 Apr 2020 05:22  

      One of these crabs doesn't aggro for me. ive reloaded several times, but it doesnt attack me unless i do first. it's one of the three crabs guarding the chaos gem to the far left, facing away from the ODK. Is this the same for anyone else or is it my own special crab friend?

      • Anonymous

        Drop Table16 Apr 2016 22:18  

        Please upload a drop table. Anyone know what this Ember Crab drops? Maybe ember? / titanite shard?

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