Equipment Load is a gameplay mechanic that determines your mobility based on the weight of the armor, weapons and rings you have equipped.

Each weapon, armor, and ring you have equipped, even if it is not currently held in your hands, contributes to your current Equipment Load. The weights are simply added together. Tools, arrows, and bolts do not weigh anything, and do not contribute to Equipment Load.

Your character's current and maximum Equipment Load is shown as a fraction on many screens. A percentage called Weight Ratio is also shown in the top right corner of many of your character screens. This value is obtained by dividing your current Equipment Load (the total weight of your equipped armor, weapons, shields and rings) with your maximal Equipment Load (determined by your Vitality). Depending on your current Weight Ratio, your character's mobility changes as follows:

Weight Ratio % Effect
29.9% or less Fastest state: very fast rolls that go the farthest, with 13 iframes. Fast backsteps.
30.0% – 69.9% Regular state: medium rolls with 13 iframes. Fast backsteps.
70.0% – 99.9% Slow state ("fat rolling"): slow and short rolls with 12 iframes. Slow backsteps. Stamina regenerates about 20% slower.*
100.0% or higher Overburdened: cannot roll, backstep or run. The walking animation changes.

*Please see the Stamina page for stamina regeneration information.

You can increase your maximum equip load by:

  • Leveling up Vitality  (each point increases your base maximal load by 1.0).
  • Equipping Havel's Ring (increases your maximum equipment load by 15%/17%/18%/19%).
  • Equipping the Ring of Favor (increases your maximum equipment load by 5%/6%//7%/8%).
  • Equipping the Prisoner's Chain ring (increases your Vitality by 5. Does not work when your Vitality  is already at 99).


  • Equipping Prisoner's Chain at 99 Vitality will increase your weight ratio as the ring weighs 0.8.
  • Unlike Dark Souls 1, Equipment Load has no impact on run speed or sprint speed when it is under 100%.
  • Your character's base maximal Equipment Load is 40.0 + 1.0 for each point of Vitality.
  • The bonuses of the rings stack. Moreover, Havel's Ring and Ring of Favor stack multiplicative. Equipping the normal version of both rings increases your maximal load by a factor of 1.15 * 1.05 = 1.2075 and not by 1.15 + 1.05 = 1.20.
  • Roll speed and distance are both greater when the Weight Ratio is <30%. However, the animations for the fast and medium roll take the same amount of time to complete.
  • There seems to be some confusion in the community regarding the terms fast and quick. These terms describes the actual velocity of the player character, and not the duration of the roll itself. i.e.  Rolls cover more distance in the same time when having a Weight Ratio <30%.
  • The maximum obtainable maximal Equipment Load is 178.6 and is reached when a character with 99 Vitality equips Havel's Ring+3 and Ring of Favor +3. This means the highest load you can carry while still maintaining the fastest rolls is 53.5.
  • The Havel Knight (and your character) would require a Vitality score of 94 to be able to roll normally (<70% Weight Ratio) when equipped with the complete Havel's Set, the Dragon Tooth, Havel's Greatshield and Havel's Ring.


    • 05 Feb 2019 07:07  

      We can all agree that it's stupid how you can wear 1 ton worth of armor and weapons, and still mid roll, then you slide ONE ring on your finger and suddenly your hit with type 2 diabetes

      • Anonymous

        14 Jan 2019 02:25  

        Guys , please test this out , the details above a wrong about the running speed , you are faster at 30% , check it out cause I did right now and you are 100% a little faster , you can hear the sound of the steps being quicker etc.

        • Anonymous

          25 Dec 2018 02:01  

          I am at 70% with Lothric Set, 26 Vitality, Lothric Knight SHield, Talisman, Brigand Axe, Life Ring, Bloodbite Ring, Flame Stoneplate Ring, and Chloranthy Ring. I am not fat rolling.

          • Anonymous

            17 Dec 2018 10:38  

            You can roll with full havel set weapon and shield even a Talisman with FaP ring +3 and havel ring +3 with 85 vigor, a perfect 69% equip load for me

            • Anonymous

              26 Sep 2018 15:44  

              Quick tip: unless it's the first game, medium rolling and fast rolling are almost the exact same thing, slight differences but nothing game changing. I spent way to long trying to keep my equip load under 30% thinking there was a major difference when I was new

              • 06 Aug 2018 06:47  

                Quick tip for noobs: NEVER have your equipment load higher then 70% unless you have a big ass shield and huge stamina pool. And even then it is better to have normal rolls

                • 21 Jun 2018 09:39  

                  This page says that you fat roll at 70% an above and med roll at 69.9% and below (duh...) BUT sometimes i manage to med roll even with exactly 70%. I guess it is one of those problems with rounding up and down, and picking the roll with this method.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jun 2018 13:33  

                    Is there any way someone could test stealth/movement noise when walking up on enemies from behind, and give some figures. I've noticed that you're weight ratio affects how close you can get to certain enemies from behind before they turn around and aggro. It appears that weaker mobs are less sensitive and easier to sneak up on @ higher weight ratios. Stronger enemies like the evangelists and black knights or the red eye knight at High Wall seem to notice you and will turn around if you walk up from behind with a WR around 60% and up. Even when running towards an enemy from behind, the lower your WR is the closer you can get before being noticed. It seems to me the distance gradually changes with your weight ratio at every 10% or so. If no figures can be gathered I think a basic description of how this mechanic works should be added. Thanks!

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Apr 2018 21:37  

                      Sir Render -

                      I just figured out that Fall damage Is higher if you weigh more
                      though this seems to be reduced by Vitality or defense itself

                      27Vigour 7Vitality dies at the fall with Eygon when Burdened with neerly 70% weight
                      27Vigour 50Vitality doesn't die at 70% from Eygon's fall
                      Both were tested unembered

                      27Vigour 7Vitality Survives the fall when naked

                      Just thought i'd add that here and hope a mod sees this and adds it to the Information

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Mar 2018 15:35  

                        For the record "Fat Rolling" is over 70.0 "Fast Rolling" is under 30.0 the normal is just "Rolling", the over 100.0 "rolling" is "Overburdened" and is to be avoided at all costs this has been the general consisus throughout as DS games

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Jan 2018 12:17  

                          So I did a bit of research today at High Wall of Lothric.
                          I tested 29.6 %, 30.4 % and 52.6 % equip load.
                          29.6% goes approximately 1.5 rolls further than 30.4% on 8 consecutive rolls.
                          No big difference was seen between 30.4% and 52.6%.

                          I would like to thank my w key for giving me a consistent rolling direction.

                          Hope this info helps :)

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Jan 2018 22:05  

                            "There seems to be some confusion in the community regarding the terms fast and quick. These terms describes the actual velocity of the player character, and not the duration of the roll itself. i.e. Having <30% equipment load covers more distance in the same amount of time."
                            That's because you DaSIII babies mixed up already existing terminology. Fast roll was normal roll, Mid roll was the slower and then Fat roll was... where you fall on your back. Then you had ninja flip. There's your confusion.

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Dec 2017 00:36  

                              The stupid game keeps rounding up the number giving you a false 70% I had to make a formula in a calculator to get the exact percentage in equip load. Formula is:


                              Or the simplified formula:

                              EL x 0.7

                              EL is the current equip load in numbers

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