Eyes of a Fire Keeper is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Eyes of a Fire Keeper

A pair of dark eyes.

Said to be the eyes of the first Fire Keeper, and the light that was lost by all Fire Keepers to come.

It reveals to the sightless Fire Keepers things that they should never see.


Eyes of a Fire Keeper Usage

  • Can be given to the Fire Keeper in the hub version of Firelink Shrine. She will then offer to "remove fire from the world".
  • Talking to Ludleth the Exiled while in possesion of the eyes will change his dialogue to explain the background story of the untended graves and the owner of the eyes.
  • The effects of giving the eyes to the Fire Keeper changes the Firelink Shrine music, changes the Fire Keeper`s dialogue, as well as providing option of the Betrayal Ending.
  • If the Fire Keeper is killed after giving her the eyes, the eyes will be returned to the player and then everything will become as if you had never given them in the first place. Note that you can still return the eyes to her after this happens.



Eyes of a Fire Keeper Locations






Story & Lore

  • These eyes belong an overarching theme that couples the human pupils to a more profound, spiritual darkness [1].


    • Anonymous

      26 Mar 2020 10:47  

      Hi, what happens if you give her the Eyes and then choose Decline and you dont kill her? She will still have the Eyes, but does it count as accepting and "Wishing for a world without flame" OR it counts as if i never gave her those Eyes? Thanks and sorry for my english

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2019 23:32  

        These eyes belong to the First Fire Keeper, and Ludleth has been a Lord of Cinder in the past. Since he speaks about helping “her” cope with the visions, that implies that he was part of the first set of Lords of Cinder. This would also reinforce (but would not prove) the theory that he’s also one of the Pygmy Lords, but because he volunteered to become a Lord of Cinder, he wasn’t imprisoned with the rest of them.

        • Anonymous

          26 Oct 2018 05:37  

          Interestingly this ideology correlates with the painted world DLC. According to the bird thing npc that was sitting in the chair. The proper use of the flame is to burn way a rotting world then allow the next world to be born. Similar to hat ludleth apparently did. The betrayal seems to be towards the "Gods" race as theh need the flame to remain in power and not lose to humanity. The truth is that they are being accommodated for a living a lie. -sheba

          • Anonymous

            02 Sep 2018 22:41  

            I hate this item, if you have these eyes and not going for the betrayal ending, it's either, 'is there something I should know', then you give her the eyes and it's all 'please kill me' the moral to this story is? Don't talk to a blind person if you have eyes.

            • Anonymous

              02 Sep 2018 22:36  

              I really hate this item, when your not going for the betrayal ending, you either have to keep a secret from the firekeeper, or listen to her beg you to kill her, and if you kill her, it's back to the, is there something I should know? Scenario, moral of this story is? don't talk to a blind person if you have eyes...

              • Anonymous

                25 Jun 2018 05:03  

                WHen a girl says " i need someone who see fire innmy eyes and want to play with storm and fire what canni give her a answer ?

                • Anonymous

                  30 Mar 2018 08:53  

                  Imagine seeing her stick those blueberries in her empty eyeholes and then look around and act like she can see with them. Fuck

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Oct 2017 16:42  

                    I though you would have given the eyes to the mirical teacher irina so she could do somthing,
                    Could have been an Easter egg from developers but they must have seen better things to Be done

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Sep 2017 04:44  

                      I want to sell the eyes of the firekeeper since they are useless,if you wish for a world with no fire you just get a playthrought with no bonfires so I killed her,any ideas on how to dispose of the dark souls equivalent of the lord of the rings....ring

                      • Anonymous

                        31 Aug 2017 01:17  

                        I gave her the eyes like the dingdong I am and then had to kill her. I feel f*cking awful godammit dark souls.

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