Farming locations in Dark Souls 3 are places where players can efficiently work for items and souls. 


Farming Information

To increase soul farming, equip the Symbol of Avarice, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Mendicant's Staff  and/or Shield of Want.

All soul farming methods can be improved by equipping the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring (10%), the Shield of Want (20%), the Mendicant's Staff (20%), and the Symbol of Avarice (50%), which--when all pieces are equipped--will increase the total number of souls gained for killing enemies 237.60% (291.6% with CSSR+3). (The buff works by multiplying the number of souls dropped by the smallest multiplier (buff) first and then multiplying the product of that calculation by the next smallest buff, etc, for all items that increase the buff. As an example, say you have equipped the Covetous Silver Serpant Ring (10% buff or a multiplier of 1.10) and the Symbol Avarice (50% or 1.50). If an enemy that drops 1000 souls is killed, the number of souls gained will be 1000*1.10=1100 and then 1100*1.50=1650. The total buff, to simplify future calculations, would be 1650÷1000= 1.65 (165%) so instead of two calculations just multiply: (number of souls dropped)*1.65=(increased number of souls gained by buff.

To increase item drops, equip the Crystal Sage's Rapier, Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, and Symbol of Avarice.


Farming Item Location Notes
Souls Every Main Boss Room and Pontiff Bonfire

By far the best way to get tons of souls is to just bossrush through every mandatory boss then go to next NG when you get used to it each run takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and nets out a whopping 1.2 mil on just NG+ with no soul boosting items so with soul boosting items you get about 4 mil and goes up from there plus its a lot more fun than sitting in one spot grinding nonstop and when you get bored just start to PvP at pontiff because at that point you get about 4% of the souls you need to lvl if you are an invader and 15% if you are a host being invaded so depending on how good you are at PvP you can get 1 lvl every 15 min including waiting to invade or be invaded and loading times and the occasional loss and also along with getting souls you also get boss souls you can go for Titanite Slab if you decide to spend an extra 10 min and you can get an extra 5 free lvls every NG from yoel so this is by far the fastest method to get lvls and since there are 2 that don't require nonstop farming it ends up being really fun to do and I can do them both for hours considering I have 3 max lvl characters using this method.

Souls Lothric Castle Bonfire

Probably the best and easiest farming spot. Just kill the knight right next to the bonfire, rest, and repeat. If you use Shield of Want, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Symbol of Avarice and the Mendicant's Staff (just switch to it right after you killed the knight) you'll receive 5900 souls per run (approximately 15-20 seconds) and a load of items (use the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring to optimize this method!) you can sell afterwards for even more souls. On a SL 100 build 240,000 souls per 10 minutes are no problem to achieve.

Large Titanite Shard Lothric Castle Bonfire

Chance of dropping Sunlight Medal, Ember and Titanite Chunk as well. Repeatedly kill the Lothric Knight walking away. Using the Symbol of Avarice here is also ideal as you are right next to the bonfire. 2-3 Great Chaos Fire Orbs will kill the knight with the Witch's Ring.

Also a good place to farm souls.With the Symbol of Avarice, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, and Shield of Want this method yields 15000 souls/min, including stopping to pick up items.

Souls Anor Londo Bonfire

One of the best places for souls. Go up the stairs from the Bonfire, lure down the first Spear Silver Knight. Once dealt with lure down the Sword Silver Knight. Go right through the arch to encounter a red eye Sword Silver Knight. With Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Shield of Want, and the Symbol of Avarice, killing the spear and sword knight on the stairs gets you 9900, and takes 32-45 seconds as a SL100 pyromancer. The red eye will give you 7920, totaling 17820, but will add 15-25 seconds per run. I found that if you can quickly(within 25sec) kill the first 2, it's worth it to add the 3rd. If the RNG gives you trouble on the first 2, just skip the 3rd and run back to bonfire.

Per Run: 17.82k 10 Minutes:184k. 1 Hour:1.1M

Very high chance to drop Silver Knight Armor. Drop rate for shards seems to be about 30% Large Titanite Shard 70% Titanite Shard.

 Souls  and  Titanite Shards (lower chance for Large)

 Pontiff Sulivahn Bonfire  Good place to farm souls before taking on Anor Londo. With Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and Shield of Want it nets 17160 per run. From bonfire proceed to the evevator shortcut. On the bridge kill all Deacons, run down the stair where the two hostile NPC's were and kill two Giants. Powerful weapon is recomended (was using FUGS and they went down in 3-4 hits). Should take around 1min 30s to 3mins.
 Souls  Dragon-Kin Mausoleum Bonfire  One of the best souls farming spots for STR/DEX builds. Right next to the bonfire (at the base of the stairs), a summoned knight will appear. This knight will net you a base of 4000 souls. As long as you don't kill the bellringer that is above you, the knight will continue to respawn infinitely making it possible to stay here forever and farm.
1. A good strategy is to ,equip Hornet Ring, a high AR large weapon (BIS Dragonslayer Greataxe +5 add. light. dmg. vs knights or BKGA +5), then simply backstab the knight as soon as the summoning sound cue ends and the light begins to fade.
2. It's not suggested to use Red Tearstone Ring and Dragon Torso Roar. You will probably one shot the knight but you won't be able to equip and efficiently use the step 3 farming items.
3. Equipping all available souls farming items will grant you a 9504 souls in 20s, which makes it 1710 thousand souls in an hour. Start with a Silver Serpent Ring than equip Shield of Want in your left hand (you don't need to two-hand a weapon since there is no bonus in DS3) and a Symbol of Avarice to your head. Also, equip a Mendicant's Staff (no need for stats to have a bonus) as your secondary right-hand weapon. Now, when you kill the knight, switch your main right-hand weapon with this staff, to gain the additional bonus and achieve those 9504 souls (don't worry you have plenty of time).
Souls, Large Titanite Shards and Titanite Chunks  Grand Archives Bonfire


90.000 Souls in NG. 

Use Covetous Silver Serpent RingSymbol of Avarice (equip right before you engage to save HP on the way up), Shield of Want (as your shield) and Mendicant's Staff (equiped as your secondary right hand weapon). The trick here is to switch to your mendicant's staff just as the knight dies so that all the aforementioned items are "out" when the souls counter updates, this will give you 30.000 souls pr. kill in NG alone. 

Use the elevator up to where the Twin Princes boss is located but instead of crossing the bridge go upstairs and farm the 3 winged knights (Backstab fishing them is very easy since they have slow attacks). They seem to drop large titanite shards guaranteed and even some chunks. Use homeward bone or coiled sword fragment to get back to bonfire after every clear and send the elevator down everytime you get up to get the run as fast as possible. They also drop 1 titanite slab the first time you kill all 3 of them in one go, but only the first time. If you're having trouble killing these three, try using the Rapport pyromancy for easy kills.


 Grand Archives Bonfire


 Run straight into the archives and head towards the first pool of wax with the three scholars surrounding it, you will need to melee one down along the way. I use word of god miracle with both miracle boosting rings equipped and the +5 faith ring to one shot the entire pack. Make sure to use the unfaltering skill so they dont interrupt your cast. Coiled sword fragment back to the bonfire when they are dead and repeat. The entire run takes about 45 secs and nets 15k souls. Best method Ive found so far.
Souls Keep Ruins Bonfire

A good early game spot for sorcerers or pyromancers. Turn around and kill the three Ghrus near the bonfire, then run out onto the bridge and look right. Note the three Elder Ghrus off in the distance. Jump out onto the rocks bordering the path and walk to the third one. Now take out your binoculars or your bow, aim at the nearest Elder Ghru, and fire off an arrow or a long-range sorcery. A well-aimed Soul Spear will aggro the nearest and leftmost Elder Ghru, which can either save time or doom you depending on your damage output at the moment. Let the Ghru come into lock-on range and pound it with fire or magic; repeat for the other two Elders. Nets about 6k, or 10k with the Covetous Silver Serpent and the Symbol of Avarice. Also yields a decent supply of Embers and (Large) Titanide Shards if you really feel like leaping into the poisonous muck and boning homeward or running around; I usually don't.

 Souls Ferron Keep Perimeter Bonfire  Two routes here, fast/easy and longer/harder.  Fast route - Turn around from bonfire and kill the three enemies with their backs to you before you get to crystal lizard.  A single run takes about 30 seconds and nets ~1200 souls with Covetous Silver Serpent ring.  Long route - Walk forward and stand in doorway until Darkwraith breaks off and attacks.  Deal with him and stick to the right, killing enemies along the way and eventually circling back around to the left where the other Darkwraith will be fighting enemies and easy to finish off.  Takes between 2-3 minutes per run, nets ~2600 souls with CSS ring.
 Souls  Boss Cooping

Puting a white sign of coop is one of the best ways of easy farming souls (specially in late game), most bosses are insanely easy with 2-3 people (even with the boss scaling) and long range attacks like spells can make some bosses a joke.

Equiping the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and the shield of want is recommended, and for even more one can allways equip de symbol of avarice, bosses usually give you more than enough time to equip it when they die, making it really worth as it will increase 50%.

The Boreal dancer its a pretty decent one as it can be accesed at nearly any point of the game, and if beaten in coop, drops 15.000 souls (27.000 with ring+symbol+shield)

 Souls, Large Titanite Shard and Titanite Chunk

 Lothric Castle

Twin Princes Bonfire

This is especially viable for Sorcerer who are able to one shoot the Knights outside the Lothric, Young Prince bossfight. Head outside and shoot a Crystal Soul Spear into the back of the four Knights walking down the stairs, nets you 17-20k/min. After testing several farmspots I still think that this is the fastest way to earn Souls as a Lategame Sorcerer. See this video for how to do it. 

 Souls Grand Archives Bonfire

 Take the shortcut lift to the top, go on the roof of the grand archives, then kill the 3 winged knights (30k/min in NG+, didn't test in NG)

Fastest souls I've found is this at >100k/min in NG. Avarice, CSSR+3, Shield of Want, and Mendicant's Staff. take the elevator and rapport the twin axe knight, then go to the left and bait the 3rd knight towards the fight. Then rapport the one that the axe knight is fighting, and once its all over and done with rapport the final knight and use spells with the staff or hit it with the shield. My average run is 2:10 with 214,813 souls and some winged knight gear/titanite.


Yhorm the giant's bonfire

(Profaned capital bonfire if boss hasn't been defeated)

The white robed jailers and the gargoyles outside of Yhorm's boss room provide alot of souls for relatively little risk. Just make sure you don't end up fighting the gargoyles with the jailers aggro'd and you'll have yourself with a 20K souls, 2-3 minute, low risk run.

(Large Titanite Shard)

Church of Yorshka bonfire

When spawning at the bonfire, take the exit to your left (not the one where you go down the stairs). Keep left and head for the hole in the balustrade. Drop down on the Boreal Immolator (Irithyllian Fire Witch) with a drop attack and, if necessary, give her a few more punches. Head up the stairs and back to the bonfire. Takes around 45s and yields 3564 souls per run with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Symbol of Avarice and Shield of Want. While the souls yield may be mediocre to low in comparison to other spots, it is a no-brain run also suitable for lower levels. You can easily stunlock the enemy after your drop attack and finish him off. Also you have a chance for large Titanite Shards. On PS4, the homeward miracle offers no advantage, because loading time takes as long as running back.


Archdragon Peak

This is the fastest and easiest way to farm souls I've found up to now. You have to put at least 48 in intelligence, and equip the four items to increase soul rate (as the Mendicant's Staff will be your main weapon, reinforce it in order to one shot the snakes). The only spell you have to use is crystal soul spear.

Once you are at the bonfire, turn back, lock the snake on the right. Here, you have to kill two snakes simultaneously (with a correct position, the spear will kill the second one too). Then simply kill the snake on the left, and go back to the bonfire.

In NG: 11k per run (12s.) / 500k for 10min / more than 3 milion/hour


Archdragon Peak (Dragon-kin Mausoleum Bonfire)

This is one way that was found orginally by Oroboro, and is quite easy and effective. Starting from the bonfire, in the first room you enter there is a Serpent-Sorcerer who will infinitly spawn a summon across the room. This summon can be farmed for 4000 souls each and 4400 with CSS. The Sorcerer will not attack you so long as you stay around the summon area. It should be noted that with decent timing (Just not to soon) you can backstab for massive damage and kill in one or two hits following for a fairly efficent farming. Once the summon is dead, he is resummoned within about 5-10 sec.

In NG(equipped w/Symbol of Avarice, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Shield of Want and switching to the Mendicant's Staff before gaining the souls): 9,504 per kill(20 second cycle) / 28K per minute / 1.7M per hour


Great Belfry

Unequip all armor (unless you have Symbol of Avarice) in order for maxium speed. Run across walkway by the bell and hit the Man-Serpent Summoner until he is one hit away from death. Wait for him to summon the rapier champion and then kill him. Kill the rapier champion and repeat. If you want to boost souls gained, equip Shield of Want in left hand and Mendicant's Staff in second right hand slot. As soon as you get the final hit on the Man-Serpent Summoner, swap to it then switch back to main weapon and do the same for the rapier champion. Equip Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. 


    • Anonymous

      20 Jan 2019 01:34  

      grand archives winged knights with rapport is probably the best method assuming you have everywhere unlocked

      • Anonymous

        19 Jan 2019 23:26  

        Don’t know why but anor Londo seems to have an 100% drop rate of shards for me. I ended up with hundreds today alone.

        • Anonymous

          15 Jan 2019 14:38  

          I found that on ng+ the grand archives clear is the best method for me personally to farm souls. Barely any risk involved and scholars drop an absurd amount of souls. This is ofc with the shield of want, symbol of avarice and the cssr+3. With the route that I take I farm roughly 250k souls in 4 minutes. I might make a vid on the route that I take soon.

          • 13 Jan 2019 08:32  

            Alternate Method: Illusive Harvester (NG+++) ---Use the Red Eye Orb to invade the world of Pontiff Sulyvahn. ---Equip the Shield of want, CSS+3 and the Mendicant Staff. ---Now evade and pick a spot in the vicinity and use the Young White Branch to mask yourself. ---Caveat :: If you are patient and also lucky enough to be undetected by the host or other invaders, you could rake in 2.5Million souls in 30min or more.

            • Anonymous

              27 Dec 2018 17:09  

              When farming the winged knights on top of lothric castle,use slumbering dragon ring(optional,but makes it 100%risk free) hidden body(also optional,but still needed for 100%risk free) and the pyromancy turn undead...every knight can be turned on one another and on the last knight ,it will simply act as if you weren't even there this letting you snack it until it dies(recommended some form of close range combat becuase you vant lock on to use spells while an enemy is under the effects of turn undead which makes mage pures annoying at times to connect hits) so if you exacute this correctly and it doesn't take alot of skill to do so,then you can get a reliable,high income souls farm with minimal risk.

              • Anonymous

                10 Dec 2018 09:25  

                Hey. Not sure how to edit a page so just going to ask if someone else might add something for me :) I've found that when farming souls at the Lothric Castle bonfire, if you have the capability to use Soul Stream, both the first and second knight can be hit and possibly killed in one blow. Therefore doubling the soul output. If that's good advice and anyone has the time to maybe make a note of that here for me, much appreciated.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Dec 2018 06:12  

                  Profaned Captial bonfire, jump off the platform and yeet the gargoyle, i've gotten 16,200 souls per kill off it using all the boost items i can possibly equip. (mendicant staff, shield of want, symbol of avarice, covetous silver serpent +3. use a great hammer to smash it dead then switch to the mendicant staff immediately after killing it to get the souls boost.) coiled sword/homeward bone back to the bonfire, rise and repeat.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Nov 2018 19:02  

                    Dragon Kin: 2 Ashen Estus+9, 13 Estus+9, 2-handing Dark Lothric Greatsword +10, Mendicant's staff on your back from Left hand, Shield of Want as 2nd Right-hand weapon, Symbol of Avarice & Silver Serpent Ring equipped. Stand behind spawn, lock on, Back stab, immediately go to Weapon Skill while he's down, Strong R2 as he's getting up, switch to shield, return to location behind spawn, switch back to 2-handing sword, refill estus every few times. Run directly to the bonfire to reset if a Havel spawns to waste your time. Nets you 9,504 per 15-17 seconds, roughly 2 million souls per hour.

                    • 13 Oct 2018 05:47  

                      255K/min!! Grand Archives Bonfire--------(NG+++): Gear: Symbol of Avarice + Gold Serpent Ring (+3) + Silver Serpent Ring (+3) + Mendicant Staff + Shield of Want. Strategy: Equip Rapport. Use the elevator to go up to where the Twin Princes boss is located but instead of crossing the bridge go upstairs and farm the 3 winged knights (Backstab fishing them is very easy since they have slow attacks). Each winged knight would net about 85k souls. Use Rapport on the first knight that jumps down. Head into the tower room and RELAX. Be sure to ensure that all your gear is equipped (watch your health, as the symbol of avarice will continue to drain it). As soon as one knight is down, go back out and use Rapport on the second knight and finish him off, repeat the same for the third, use the coiled sword fragment to exit and repeat the process again. Good Luck

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Oct 2018 08:00  

                        >>>100k/min Method!!<<< Anor Londo (NG++): Symbol of Avarice + Silver Serpent Ring (+3) + Mendicant Staff (Immediatly after every kill) + Shield of Want Using a Dark Exile Curved Greatsword +10, 50 STR, I killed every Silver Knight in 3 normal hits and the red eyed one in 4. Starting from the bonfire, running up and rushing the 3 knights, and then coming back takes me about 40 seconds (Not picking up items or losing time in any way). I did 2 tests: 1. 5:00 run, no deaths, almost perfect run = total of 499,078 souls, which means about 99,815 souls/min 2. 25:00 run, no deaths, perfect run (didn't even use estus) = 2,565,355 souls, which means about 102,614 souls/min Compared to almost every other non-PVP farming method I've seen, this is optimal for STR based characters. I recommend using Chloranthy Ring (+3) and run as much as you can to save time.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Sep 2018 20:53  

                          Invading has the highest potential for soul gaining. I invaded someone yesterday and got 1.3 mil in just a few mins on sl190 in pointiff Sullivan. I didn't even kill anyone. An invader killed some guy and I got over 320k and I sat at the pointiff Sullivan bonfire door and racked up points until someone found me. Took maybe 10 mins to gain 1.3 mil souls.

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Sep 2018 21:53  

                            If you're a mage and have soul stream and about 70int with the dragoncrest rings, the lothric castle is a great place to farm souls. I run to the top of the stairs and cast soul stream before the Knight agros and if you line it up correctly, you'll hit the other knight in the hallway. With practice, you can kill both of them every time. It takes maybe 20 seconds to kill them both, collect the loot and rest at the bonfire

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Aug 2018 17:25  

                              That Great Belfry tip is hellishly flawed. On a good run, it’ll only net ~2 mil an hour, where as killing the summoner then running back to the bonfire will net a good ~3 mil an hour with maxed out farming gear

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Aug 2018 03:48  

                                Yeah, ***** letting Richard the Rapist spawn. I’m netting about 12k from the summoner alone, with all the gear and a CSS+1, in 10 second runs, and the fact that they want us to trigger Richard while in NO armor pretty much adds 20 more seconds to the run and tells anyone wanting to get the max they can without an intelligence or vigor build to go ***** themselves

                                • Anonymous

                                  12 Aug 2018 10:27  

                                  Some of the pages on this site are fully retarded. "By far the best" for farming souls is to run through the entire *****ing game, for a "whopping" 1.2mil souls? Not to mention that entire section is a single sentence with about 150 words in it.

                                  • Farming [DKS3 Wiki]30 Jul 2018 21:50  

                                    I found that at the first bonfire in archdragons peak, the serpent men are great for soul farming with a sorc build. Using a Mendicant staff +10, silver covetous ring +3, symbol of avarice and shield of want for Max soul gain; there are 3 of these guys you can kill with crystal soul spear, 2 in 1 shot if you line it up properly and pick off the other. You can kill these 3 and reset in 10-12 seconds for 13122 souls per run in regular NG, which can get you about 4m souls an hour once you've mastered it.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      30 Jul 2018 21:43  

                                      I use the three Winged Fattys on top of the grand archives at lothric castle. Using Serpent Ring i get roughly 15000 souls per kill. Spawn at the Grand Archives Bonfire, take the shortcut elevator upwards, scale the rooftops to kill them. Quite simple. Gets bout 45000 quite quickly

                                      • Anonymous

                                        22 Jul 2018 09:11  

                                        Pretty good early-game run:

                                        Farron Keep Perimeter.

                                        Start by killing the three resting Ghru, which will net 1155 with CSSR alone. Then, continue on to where the Black Knight is ((careful not to agro the Lycanthrope)), and kill him for an additional 990, totaling 2145 Souls in only about 2-3 minutes.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          20 Jul 2018 01:32  

                                          i found half decent way, going to keep ruins, as per usual, then kill the 3 grunts behind but then bow the attention of the 3 tree ghoul things, using the great fire chaos orb and 2 fp flasks and im done, takes 2 throws to kill each one, usually get around 14k per 40 seconds, you have to be very swift, when you lure the tree ghouls i can luckily hit all 3 with 1 orb (timed well), hope this helps for the lower levels. i need to add that my time of doing this my int is 12 and faith 15. find it much better than most ways, even if you want to add 30 secs to your run you can jump down and gather the items.
                                          rings: covetous silver serpent ring, covetous gold serpent ring, witches ring and deep ring. noob power!!!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            08 Jul 2018 02:56  

                                            I farm the dual greatsword ringed knight near the church of filianore bonfire. With shield of want, silver serpent ring +3, and symbol of avarice, it gives some 42,000ish souls per kill. It's an easy kill using the frayed blade. Then i just coiled sword back to the bonfire and repeat.

                                            • 02 Jul 2018 06:57  

                                              Great soul and titanite farming location. Try the Consumed King bonfire. Using the rapport pyromancy, backtrack from the bonfire into the garden area, and minionize the cathedral knight by the doorway. Then lure out the second knight on the adjacent stairway so that the 2 knights fight it out. Easy 20k plus cathedral knight gear right there. Continue onward into the gargen, and use rapport again to nerf the 3 pus of man that wander the toxic areas, followed by the cathedral knight on the central platform. You'll get a guaranteed large titanote shard if not a chunk from each of the pus of man, plus a potential ember or dark gem. Currently in ng4, and getting about 80k each pass plus items.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                08 Jun 2018 23:47  

                                                Another reason the white jailers are good for farming is that they often drop their daggers which can be sold for 1k souls each

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