Farron's Undead Legion in Dark Souls 3 is a group of fighters mentioned in the game's opening cinematic. Also known as Abyss Watchers they are a boss found in the Farron Keep past the Farron Keep Parimeter bonfire. The boss is comprised of three seperate Abyss Watchers. This page will be updated when more is known.

Farron's Undead Legion Information


  • They are referred to as Farron's Undead Legion in the cinematic which could imply that Farron is an individual or a location.
  • The Exile armor set mentions that Farron was consumed by a festering wood after the Wolf's blood dried up, as well as stating that, "...Farron has always been a land of itinerants." Meaning that Farron could actually be a location.

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    • Anonymous

      Fighting the boss19 Sep 2016 16:20  

      Whats cool is that for about 2-3 minutes your outnumbered by 2 abyss watchers, and then a "friendly" abyss watcher with red eyes starts attacking the others. So for the first 2-3 minutes there is only one watcher, so play normally. Then for the next 2-3 minutes there are two watchers, so play defensively (be sure to heal properly). And once your "friend" comes out, single an enemy out and start staggering/damaging him. Disclaimer: Your "friend" can damage you.

      • Anonymous

        Farron's undead legion09 May 2016 04:02  

        So I'm not sure when it happened but after I beat the boss, my character's face changed and now even when I'm kindled she has their red eyes and gross face. Can anyone tell me why? Is there a way to change it?

        • Anonymous

          Boss Fight05 Apr 2016 00:40  

          I bet you it is going to be a lot like the four kings boss fight in dark souls 1 where you just have to fight a bunch of them and kill them quickly or you will get overwhelmed. Also noting that they are a throw back to Knight Artorias and the sealers I have a feeling that the will fight much like Artorias in DS1. Good Luck.

          • Anonymous

            A new PvP Boss fight, maybe ?20 Mar 2016 17:04  

            Do you think it could be some kind of Boss fight with actual players becoming Abyss watchers ; covenant's members, requested to fight ?A new version of the Monk fight of Demon's Souls, in other words ?

            • Anonymous

              Farronā€˜s Undead Legion Name and Armor04 Mar 2016 14:18  

              Farron is probably a Celtic name means "adventurous". By the way, the helmet they're using looks similar to Conquistador from 15-17 Century.

              • Anonymous

                Their weapons and uniforms.14 Feb 2016 06:00  

                It is also noteworthy that they wield the sword of Artorias and wear uniforms resembling the healers in New Londo who flooded the city of New Londo when they watched it succumb to the Abyss.

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