Farron Flashsword is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Farron Flashsword

Spell Type


Focus Cost 4
Slots UsedSlots Used
Requirements 23 Intellligence



Alteration of Soul Greatsword developed by sorcerers of the Undead Legion of Farron.

The Legion has a tendency to emphasize speed over power, and this practical alteration of an existing sorcery is no exception."

Acquired From



  • Farron Flashsword inflicts (Spell Buff * 1.035) magic damage before resistances.
  • Cast speed is very fast, afterwards it uses the same combo as a Straightsword
    • Interrupts enemies with each hit.
    • Does not guarantee a 2-hit combo.
    • Can be cast in a combo, like Farron Dart.
    • Has a rolling attack and a running attack that both skip the casting animation.
    • Has variable range, reaching as low as a short Greatsword and as high as an Ultra Greatsword.
    • Can be parried if the catalyst is caught.
  • Since the sword generates at the catalyst casting point (where spells come out from) and the staff has a hitbox, a longer catalyst results in a considerable upgrade to the attack's reach.
  • The Preacher's Right Arm presents a good synergy with it's  Feasting Branch weapon skill.
  • The hitbox of the catalyst exists as well as the hitbox of the spell, with a second hitbox extending to the spell itself. This means the entire catalyst has the entire damage of the spell, and the catalyst itself does minor damage with it.
    • As a result, the Immolation Tinder can inflict fire damage with this spell, pairing well with Frostbite.
    • Sometimes, when the user is staggered, the staff hitbox will connect, but the spell hitbox won't, resulting in very low damage numbers.
    • This ironically means you get the most damage out of Flashsword by hitting someone at point blank rather than using the long reach to stay safe, though the damage increase is very minimal, so maintaining distance is still preferable.
    • This may be a holdover from the Straightsword moveset used for Flashsword, a trait which Soul Greatsword doesn't replicate on account of using a unique swing.
    • Since it has a melee hitbox from the catalyst, this spell can actually be parried by someone within the catalyst's reach.
  • Since it uses a weapon moveset, a combo can be held until the player blends into their idle animation or enters a new animation (rolling, walking, etc.)
  • This spell isn't especially useful on its own. It has a high FP cost to damage ratio, but since it doesn't combo into itself it can't compare to a real weapon. However, it's quite good for enhancing a staff's natural moveset, and as mentioned with the Immolation Tinder, this can be used to complement certain spells with clever use. It can also true combo out of a Heysel Pick two-handed R1, which can grant more pure magic damage on occasion.
  • There's a minor visual bug when casting Soul Greatsword right after casting this spell in which the Greatsword effect appears before the cast and at the tip of the catalyst. This is only visual, however, as when the Greatsword cast comes out the spell behaves as normal.


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    • Anonymous

      24 Oct 2021 09:09  

      I ABSOLUTLEY F ING HATE that you cant roll after running attack - you perform jump instead. Also what the f about doing 4 hit 12 dmg combo? If you hit the guy with your staff it should do staff's physical damage. This spell could be soooo good if they designed it properly.

      • Anonymous

        22 Sep 2021 13:36  

        HoboSorcerer here: the staff hitbox also has more hitstun when it staggers, resulting in combo potential with a wide variety of weapons. This is most clearly seen when pairing a crystal chime flash sword running attack with a parting flame black flame cast. With the proper spacing to hit the chime, you can combo a running attack into black flame. Hope this helps!

        • Anonymous

          30 May 2021 23:22  

          If the stave also hit the enemy together with the spell, does this mean there will be combine damage from both the spell n the stave melee damage portion?

          • Anonymous

            06 Oct 2020 23:49  

            This spell seems to have some interesting applications for the catlayst weapons that can use it as well as the Crystal Chime.

            For the Golden Ritual Spear it flows pretty well into the R1 attacks and with both Sorcery boosting rings will do more damage than the magic damage of the GRS itself. The only thing is that it doesn't extend the reach of the GRS much at all.

            Heysel's Pick is another strange one, this one gives the weapon a more desirable moveset though it doesn't seem to combo too well with the R1's like with the GRS, but it gives it an alternative way to melee.

            Cleric's Cnadlestick isn't worth mentioning, it's a terrible weapon, plus it's a Strait sword spell on a Strait sword, its redundant.

            The Immolation Tinder is one where you have that sweet spot to deal with that is very precise to make the most of it, if you can do this then you have very quick attacks with absurd reach.

            The Crystal Chime is the strange one, it has the shortest reach but is also the lightest Sorcery casting tool in the game and unless you factor in Steady Chant on the Archdecon's Great Staff the strongest regular sorcery casting tool on Pyromancer and Hexer builds.

            So stick this in your offhand with another Strait Sword or another faster weapon and you could use it as a 0.5 weight Crystal infused Shortsword to accompany that katana, strait sword or curved Sword that can also cast ranges spells in a pinch AND gives you passive regen though Gentle Prayer that can be amplified further by Bountiful Light.

            Yes it does cost FP, but it's not a lot and it gives you and extra attack in your offhand that could catch people off-guard. Also good luck parrying a tiny ass chime. It's not the greatest choice, but at the same time it has some uses that make it pretty interesting and given how light it is it, basically becomes a pocket Strait Sword that weighs 0.5 units.

            • Anonymous

              22 Sep 2020 18:02  

              HoboSorcerer here, and... I think this page could use some revision. "Has the range of an Ultra Greatsword" is just blatantly false, as the range of the spell's blade is more comparable to a longsword.

              Not only that, but it also fails to mention the sweetspot present on all staves when using flashsword. You can hit with both the spell and the catalyst to perform two hits in one, and this seems to extend the hitstun of flashsword considerably. This allows you to combo one flashsword swing into another, or even into other attacks & spells like black flame.

              • Anonymous

                19 Aug 2020 07:31  

                How is the actual damage of this spell? I looked up its damage output on an online build planner, & 200 something damage on an optimized build doesn't seem much, especially since it still goes though defenses and damage absorption.

                • Anonymous

                  18 Jul 2020 15:17  

                  Does this combo with right hand weapons as if it were a straightsword? Like...... can you combo this into a partizan chain?

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jul 2020 22:19  

                    Besides the Preacher's Right Arm and the Izalith Staff, what's the optimal staff to use for Int build swordmage using Darrin Flashsword if you want both damage and range?
                    Court Sorceror's staff is too short be to really make it any more useful than just using R1 with a melee weapon.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Jun 2020 21:38  

                      Is it faster to spam r1 with one staff or alternate between r1 and l1 with two? I tried it but can't really tell a difference.

                      • 17 May 2020 16:49  

                        Spellcasting weapons like the Heysel Pick, Golden Ritual spear, Immolation Tinder, and (if you hate yourself) the cleric's candlestick can r1 > farron flashsword combo if you have neough casting speed. You can even add a soul greatsword afterwards to rollcatch.

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Apr 2020 02:33  

                          Use with the man-grub staff for a a very LONG magic straight sword. That is, if you're feeling lucky enough to use that garbage.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Mar 2020 14:51  

                            What is the fking point of this spell?? You can just use any of those casuls' r1 spamming straight sword for better damage output

                            • Anonymous

                              02 Mar 2020 21:46  

                              The Man-grub's Staff actually has a longer Flashsword range than the Izalith Staff, because the sword does not actually manifest at the end of the Izalith Staff. The Man-Grub's staff manifests the blade an additiona 1.5 flashsword hilts further than the Izalith Staff, but is luck based in its scaling. The difference is most easily spotted by going to the raised balcony above pontiff and using flashsword into the corner of the balcony so you can measure based on the railing arches.

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Feb 2020 18:27  

                                Fun and surprisingly viable in pvp due to the sheer speed. I use it to guard break since theres no stagger as opposed to hitting with a one hand weapon. And comboing it with the immolation tinder moveset can be terrrifying

                                • Anonymous

                                  23 Oct 2019 10:47  

                                  i will make a build based around only this spell and soul greatsword for R2. i might use soul stream also, as a weapon art.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    28 Aug 2019 21:06  

                                    This thing is great for quickstep spammers that pull out daggers when they realized they weren't good enough to hit people with ultra great weapons and just give up halfway through.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      10 Apr 2019 02:53  

                                      "Has the range of an ultra greatsword" which ultra greatsword? And with which staff? Could this page have anything resembling editing or is this website run by some dude named Jerry who uses videos recorded by his buddy's iphone as a reference?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        30 Mar 2019 08:18  

                                        >There's an odd glitch that causes this sorcery to do 1-8 damage. However, this is a rare occurrence. It's not rare and it's not an odd glitch. Happens every time you hit an enemy with the shaft of the catalyst without touching them with the flashsword blade. Won't happen if you use a crystal chime.

                                        • 16 Feb 2019 01:25  

                                          INT BUILDS REJOICE! THE MAGIC EQUIVALENT OF R1 SPAMS HAS ARRIVED! Be prepared to get ganked in a corner by 3 people using this with izalith staffs with 99 INT

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