Farron Hail is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Sorcery you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries.

Farron Hail

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 2 per volly (14 in total)
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 28 Intelligence
Type Ranged AoE Attack



Sorcery which improves upon Farron Dart. Fires a cascade of soul darts.

Entrusted to the leader of the Legion's acolytes, and apparently a sorcery of his daughter, Heysel, that was refined by a Crystal Sage.


Acquired From




  • Each dart inflicts (Spell Buff x 0.58) magic damage before resistances.
  • Farron Hail quickly shoots four bursts of five darts in a wide, consistent spread.
  • There isn't much of a difference between point blank and distant damage, since only one dart can connect at a time.
  • Though it shares the icon of Soul Spear Barrage from Dark Souls 2, the cast is fundamentally different, firing twenty shots in four consistent bursts instead of launching an uneven barrage of projectiles.
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    • If you bowglitch this into another spell,it will cast the spell twice.
      Got two great soul dregs at the same time hitting the enemy with one cast and destroying the boss

      • Anonymous

        Quite possibly my favorite Sorcery. Slapping this into your Attunement slots turns you into a Touhou Boss. This one spell can be the difference between failing to hit an invader even once and destroying them.

        • Anonymous

          I've been using the Immolation Tinder with Great Farron Dart and Great Soul Arrow as harassment before smacking them with the only catalyst with poise. I've been struggling to find a good choice for my third spell, crystal soul spear was the only candidate but it's slow, easy to dodge, and rarely worth the risk. I always thought this spell was absolute trash but I was shocked to discover how perfectly it fits in. It has great synergy when mixed up with GFD; the wide spread and ability to stagger interrupts any attempts to run around to get close to you. Good stuff, glad it exists

          • Anonymous

            *Uses this for chip damage and stun against a gank*

            If the devs and the community don't care about balance in this game...

            *Bowglitches into 2 crystal soul spears and kills the host*

            Why should i?

            • Anonymous

              CORRECTION: As of patch 1.15 (regulation 1.35) this has a listed cost of 4 FP and at INT 30 has a total cost of 16 FP for 4 volleys. Not sure if it gets an extra volley at INT 31 (like HSM/CHSM do), but I'll be finding out soon

              • Anonymous

                Another cool spell that was never expanded on and stayed as only a low level sorcery while the most generic and boring spells are the only viable ones

                • This is a really good spell for certain areas for pvp in places like Cruxifixction Woods, Irithyll Dungeon, Grand Archives, inside the Demon Ruins, certain area in Central Irithyll but not the Pontiff Anor Londo courtyard where the space is wide and open.. Cruxifiction Woods is also like this, but it's pretty bad place for mages since the trees can be use for cover by sad ganks.

                  • Anonymous

                    It's not identical to the DKS2 spell, the Barrage from dks2 fires multiple projectiles in a conal shape one after another and every projectile can hit, this one fires 5 at a time multiple times and can't hit all of them even if an enemy stands directly before you. Tested on the old Demon King, 70% of the arrows just phased through it, so it's not as good for large enemies as one might think.

                    • Anonymous

                      Haven't tested in yet, but it fires much faster and in a nice cone pattern after the last update. Also seems stagger a bit now. I may replace soul great sword for this spell if it proves useful in PvP

                      • Anonymous

                        The actual FP cost for me (at 30 INT) was 14. It seems to 'tic' multiple times in one cast, 2 FP per each and fires about 10-12 darts.

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