Farron Ring

A ring given to Undead Legion of Farron. Reduces Skill FP consumption.

The Abyss Watchers, for their hunting, required a sword technique that went beyond any existing art. Wolf's blood provided just that, and this ring further extends the effect.

 Farron Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Farron Ring Effect

  • Reduces Skill FP consumption by up to 25%
  • Weight: 0.8



Where to Find Farron Ring







  • Although this ring is described to enhance the Abyss Watchers' specific fighting style, the fact that the Farron Greatsword does not require any FP for its entire moveset (including the swinging L1 and the parrying dagger) makes this ring quite illogical in a gameplay perspective. It's possible that this ring was developed very early on in the game's development and when the changes were made to the Farron Greatsword's moveset, they forgot to change the description.



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    • Anonymous

      01 May 2019 08:53  

      this ring sounds good on paper but it is actually pretty useless. the decrease in fp used is miniscule for most weapons unfortunately

      • Anonymous

        12 Nov 2018 11:06  

        Note that while the ring works as intended and reduces weapon art FP costs by 25%, that change is not reflected in in the item/equipment menu. Meanwhile, the Dusk Crown Ring - which has the same effect for spells, pyromancies and miracles - will display the new FP cost in all menus while equipped.

        • Anonymous

          11 Oct 2018 03:35  

          It also reduces the stamina consumption of the Wolf Knight Greatsword's weapon arts, might do it to others as well.

          • Anonymous

            28 Feb 2018 02:40  

            When I started playing this game I was like, this guy needs to die because he's kinda negative and sorta just insulted me.

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2017 18:40  

              Though it says Wepon Skills, I've found that it doesn't affect the Storyteller's Staff any when using it's WA.

              • Anonymous

                09 May 2017 06:36  

                someone needs to add that you have to put the cinders of a lord onto the throne before talking to hawkwood

                • Anonymous

                  24 Jan 2017 14:13  

                  You need to exhaust all the dialogues before you get the ring from Hawkwood. (You need to complete the Abyss Watchers as stated above)

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Dec 2016 14:21  

                    Regarding Trivia
                    FP reduction used by people who dont uses fp. That has been bothering me for a while, dose anyone have an explanation why the devs did this?

                    • 26 Nov 2016 18:03  

                      i killed him early in the game. does that mean i cant get this ring? and therefore cannot get the all rings trophy? shiiiiit. that sucks. guess i wont get all trophies this play-through

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Oct 2016 18:28  

                        If your trying to get the ring early in game, You must kill The Curse-Rotted Greatwood aswell as the Abyss Watcher's, Killing Just the Abyss Watcher's will not net you the ring.

                        • Anonymous

                          After lords of cinder20 May 2016 18:52  

                          This ring was not given to me until after defeating the lords of cinder and returning them to their thrones.

                          • Anonymous

                            How to get this ring?16 May 2016 03:03  

                            He NEVER gave it to me in 2 playthroughs, no matter when and how often I talked to him!Abyss Watchers are NOT the trigger!!!

                            • Anonymous

                              Testing ability07 May 2016 05:27  

                              Twin Princes Greatsword ability goes from 22 to 17: 23% reduction, 5 stamina conservedDragonslayer Greataxe ability goes from 35 to 27: 23% reduction, 8 stamina conservedDark Sword ability goes from 26 to 20: 23% reduction, 6 stamina conservedGundyr's Halberd ability goes from 30 to 24: 20% reduction, 6 stamina conservedLothric Greatsword ability goes from 25 to 20: 20% reduction, 5 stamina conservedExile Greatsword ability goes from 25 to 19: 24% reduction, 6 stamina conservedEstoc ability goes from 14 to 11: 21% reduction, 3 stamina conservedSunlight Straight Sword ability goes from 40 to 30: 25% reduction, 10 stamina conservedFume Ultra Greatsword ability goes from 28 to 22: 21% reduction, 6 stamina conservedSaint Bident ability goes from 22 to 17: 23% reduction, 5 stamina conservedSaint-tree Bellvine ability goes from 13 to 10: 23% reduction, 3 stamina conservedDragonrider Bow ability goes from 9 to 7: 22% reduction, 2 stamina conservedHavel's Greatshield ability goes from 16 to 12: 25% reduction, 4 stamina conservedIn conclusion, the Farron Ring will most likely not do the full 25% reduction. Since the amount reduced is a percentage and not a fixed number, you will not want to equip it unless your abilities are costly (22 or more).

                              • Anonymous

                                Additional Location04 May 2016 23:35  

                                Can be received from the depressed ashen one (crestfallen warrior?) after offering 'Cinders of a Lord' to the Abyss Watcher's throne.Talk to him to twice progress his dialogue.

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