SL 126 - 139

Starting Class is Warrior

Pros: Havel's Armor, High Damage, Fast Roll

Cons: Extra damage taken with Prisoner's Chain, and build won't be truely complete until NG + +

Link to my build: Havel // Link to Full Havel Armor + Greatxe: Full Havel

Rings: Prisoner's Chain, Chloranthy Ring +2, Ring of Favor +2, Havel's Ring +2

Weapon: Dragonslayer Greataxe +5, Yhorm's Great Machete +5

Armor: (I wear no helmet) Havel's Armor, Havel's Gauntlets, Havel's Leggings

In the beginning you want to level up VIG to 20, STR to 20 and FTH to 12 to give you some survivability and damage output. I spent some time farming the Lothric Knights for their armor set and shield, grabbing the Astora Straight Sword for a great early weapon. As you progress, mainly focus your time in investing into STR and picking up the Great Machete. To make the Road of Sacrifices easier I reccomend going through with the Way of Blue Covenant and having at least 20 VIG, 40 STR, 20 END and 10 DEX bringing you to a comfortable SL 55. I spent time farming the Cursed Greatwood boss before I ventured forward into the Road of Sacrifices. I Highly reccomend going through the Profaned Capital first and beating Yhorm for Yhorm's Great Machete as it is a very nice weapon to have and upgrade until you are able to get the Dragonslayer Greataxe. You can if you want to, unless you plan to get the Sunlight Straight Sword bringing your FTH to 16 to make your SL 138 at the end of game 1, reallocate your attributes to pump your stats to be like This. (Don't ask me why the INT is at 10 I can't remember myself.) Personally I like sitting at 126 for potential PvP combat which I've yet to get to NG + + to get the last rings to see if this is viable for PvP.

>>> I did do the math, with the +2 Ring of Favor and Havel's Ring, your Weight Ratio will be sitting at ~69.9 right below the threshold for a Fast Roll. <<<

The AR of Yhorm's Great Machete is 666 at +5 while the Dragonslayer Greataxe +5 sits at 703. When buffed with the Sunlight Straight Sword you can get around 732 with the Machete and 773 with the Dragonslayer Greataxe.

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    • Anonymous

      I copied this build and I can't use the armour without a helmet and the gear you said to use and I'm soul level 200 with 20 more points into vitality you used and I have a Havel Ring +3 , Ring of Favour +3 and the prisoners chain on NG+++. So either the game has been changed and this doesn't work anymore or your lying

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