Feather Arrow is an Ammunition in Dark Souls 3.

Feather Arrow


Red feathered arrows used by hunters.  

Their long range makes them ideal for distant targets.  

Simultaneously equip up to two types of arrows, and switch between them as needed. 


Feather Arrow Usage

  • Ammo for Bows.
  • Their long range makes them ideal for distant targets.
  • Deal 40 Physical damage.


Feather Arrow Locations




  • Has about 50 more range than normal arrows.




  • Trivia goes here


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    • Anonymous

      Pharris Bow, Hawk Ring, Carthus blood ring, light rolls and Feather arrows make Nameless King an absolute joke.

      • Anonymous

        Shrine Handmaid might start selling these after you give her Paladin's Ashes. Or after a certain point in story progression.The route I took was all the way to Crystal Sage, turn around, Abyss watchers, entered the catacombs slightly, then I took a detour to go through the beginning part of Cathedral of Deep area. Don't know if it's linked to that though.Also, wrong description on the page, it should be "Their long range makes them ideal for distant targets." not "Large, more powerful shots with a shorter range due to their weight."

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