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Filianore is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. She is part of The Ringed City DLC. She is in eternal slumber and is cradling an odd sphere resembling an open egg when you find her. She has no dialogue but can be examined upon first encountering her. 

Filianore Information

  • Not killable (in the traditional sense at least)
  • Interacting with, and thereby awakening, Princess Filianore is neccessary to access the final part of the Ringed City DLC.
  • It is repeatedly stated by several NPC's never to do this.



  • You can find Filianore in the tower of Filianore's Church at The Ringed City (Location) after you defeat the Spear of The Church Summon or if none is available,  Halflight, Spear of the Church
  • Then, a decayed version of her can be found at Filianore's Rest.



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Combat Information

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She has no dialogue but upon meeting her if you approach and examine her you will trigger a cutscene and when you return to gameplay, you will find her dessicated and dead and the world vastly changed.


Lore Theories

Due to the very small amount of information known regarding the mechanisms of the Dark Souls universe and the sheer significance of the events that occur upon waking Filianore, the number of potential lore theories regarding these events is too cumbersome to list here.  Instead, a list of the available evidence from the DLC and game in general related to these events is listed, so that the reader might come to their own conclusion.

  • It appears that Fillianore is the origin of the Grass Crest, found on the Grass Crest Shield and Chloranthy Ring, based on the items associated with her, The Young Grass Dew and Spear of The Church Covenant, which mark the symbol of Young Grass to be that of Filianore.
  • It is suggested by The Small Envoy Banner that Filianore is the youngest daughter of Gwyn, and was gifted to the Pygmies along with the Ringed City, with him promising to her that he would one day come for her, when the time came (a promise he is incapable of keeping.)
    • This seems to be supported by a statue found right before Filianore's Church, depicting Gwyn giving a kneeling Hollow two items, a crown, later seen worn by the Pgymy Lord, and the Chloranthy Ring.
  • Shira, Knight of Filianore, claims that Filianore is the matriarch of the church, is asleep and should not be awakened, for "as the Fire waneth, does she lie by the Dark, all for the sake of Man." Her preceeding statement, that "Those who are ken to God's name (the player) are surely ken to the terrors of the dark" seems to imply that Filianore somehow protects from the terrors of the dark.  However, what this means is highly uncertain.  She does state that the Spears of The Church, and Divine Spears of The Church protect Filianore from any who would attempt to awaken her, and also that Midir, who railed against the Dark, took up an oath to protect the Princess's Slumber
  • The Ringed City Hollow, a decrepit figure found on the outskirts of the Ringed City, appears to be a Pygmy, and has similar, but different intentioned things to say regarding Filianore and what will occur in waking her, claiming that her sleep is an illusion by the gods to keep the Dark Soul from you.  He states various times a disdain for the gods and their servents, such that it can be implied that waking the princess will have negative consequences to them.  His statement that he is an ally to the player comes with the additional statement "If thou art yet human, the urge will begin to swell, to bring ruin to this heap of dung."  This seems to imply that waking the Princess will bring about great destruction, either to The Ringed City (which it certainly does) or to the world as a whole.  Lastly, if slain, he will exclaim: "May the Abyss's Curse take the gods!" a statement of tremendous significance of inumerable interpretations.
  • Judicator Argo, summoner of the Spear of The Church boss that guards Princess Filianore, actually has very little extra information to add, only that "The Abyss runneth deep." open to interpretation, and that Filianore is to be protected "by the King's decree" although who the King is can be debated, being either Gwyn, The Pgymy Lords, or another, interesting primarily in that Gwyn is never referred to as King.  
  • Filianore's design
    • Filianore's eyes are closed and a sign of the Abyss, black crooked veins, poke from her closed eyes.  It is revealed from her corpse later on that she has no eyes, much like the firekeepers.
    • The egg like sphere Filianore is carrying is highly unusual, and its destruction heralds Filianore's waking and the consequences that unfold.  Although the player breaks it, it is already in the midst of coming apart, implying it would not remain forever regardless.  Facinatingly, the sphere is identical, down to the individual cracks, to the spheres that form the core of Vagrant Crabs, strange wandering creatures born from the results of interactions between player worlds in Dark Souls I, implying that the effect of Filianore's sleep may trancend time and space and be somehow related.
    • Curiously, Filianore has black hair, unique among the children of Gwyn, and does not have a name beginning in Gwyn, like Gwyndolin or Gwynevere, although what implication these facts have is uncertain
    • Her outfit greatly resembles the other princess of the series, Dusk.
  • The awakening of Filianore
    • When the "egg" caves inward at the player's touch, Filianore awakens, stares at the player, and then light emenates from the egg.  The player is brought to the same location, only everything is destroyed for miles, leaving thousands of miles of barren ash.  The cathedrals of Anor Londo and The High Wall of Lotheric can be seen in the distance, but what state they are in is unclear.  The Ringed City is destroyed, and there is no sign of any of the features that surrounded it.  Filianore is dead in front of you, a withered husk resembling a hollow.
    • Curiously, the player can use the bonfire to transport back to the Ringed City proper, where it is wholly unaffected, but where Filianore is gone from her resting place.
      • It is interesting to note that in previous cases where an illusion is broken, the illusion remains broken everywhere, as when the lights are taken from Anor Londo in Dark Souls I even when returning to other areas of the city, implying that awakening Filianore did not break an illusion, but instead that the player was transported elsewhere in time and space.  A similar situation exists with Firelink Dark in the Untended Graves, but as with that, the mechanisms of its existence are unclear.
    • The events that follow seem to be implied to be the natural consequences of the player awakening Filianore, serving as possible evidence of the function of her sleep.


  • Despite being unkillable, summoned phantom will see her in white as every regular NPC.



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    • Anonymous

      07 Aug 2021 18:23  

      "It is revealed from her corpse later on that she has no eyes, much like the firekeepers."

      Does this guy not understand how bodies decompose? Of course Filianore's skeletal beef jerky remains won't have eyes anymore.

      • Anonymous

        05 Jul 2021 19:11  

        this is the seconded time today first it was the consumed king now Gwyn okay someone call

        anor londo social services over the case of Gwyn lord of cinder being a bad parent

        • Anonymous

          04 May 2021 18:34  

          She is a very interesting character indeed but what is more interesting is the item she is holding, the shell in my theory it was protecting or more likely imprisoning the dark soul of man within itself but for some reason it was broken , im not going to try and explain why is it broken but rather what it is, in Dark Souls 3 there is a spell that as you can remember was in DS 1 and that sorcery is "Repair" well yes it's in the game and whats with it you may ask. Have you read the description? If not then let me show you what piqued my interest: "While the effects of this spell are rather subtle, its foundations are a well-guarded secret. Light is time, and the reversal of its effects is a forbidden art." - "Light is time" This thing in hands of Filianore, cracked but not completely, when touched breaks and glows brightly before sending us forward in time. So whatever it truly was im unsure but what im sure of is that tremendous amount of light was involved in its creation...

          • Anonymous

            05 Apr 2021 11:05  

            Probably someone already pointed this but the curtains and veils surrounding her form a bonfire, as you can see in the concept art. Symbolically, she's keeping the bonfire lit. This is probably related to her role in the deceive of the undead humans.

            • Anonymous

              17 Mar 2021 06:11  

              it's like a reverse cosmic egg, instead of producing anything associated with life or constructive growth it manifests death and mass destruction

              • Anonymous

                30 Jun 2020 21:36  

                Lots of petulance in here, if all you ever do is feed and feed, evenytually there's nothing left to eat.
                all these spite-driven abyssals, doesn't it even state in the game? Man and Locusts are kidred spirits? (the preacher mask)
                "Those Who are not ken to Fire CANNOT paint a world" Fire IS creation, the abyss is death and decay.
                if nothingness is what you result in, then nothing is what you deserve.
                it is what you make for yourself.
                Pestilence and Disease.

                • Anonymous

                  10 Jun 2020 09:48  

                  Gwynn having a 4th secret child that is never mentioned until the final moments of the final DLC of the final game is one of the biggest asspulls in gaming lore history

                  • Anonymous

                    02 May 2020 08:20  

                    - me looking at Filianore for the first time: ok ok ok ok my new princess show devotion so cute omg wannayou need humanities princess because I have plenty ask mlady ask please talk - Filianore awakens: aw sheet, I always forget this is *****ing dark souls.

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