Filianore's Spear Ornament is a Tool in Dark Souls 3. It was added with The Ringed City DLC.

Filianore's Spear Ornament

The Spears of the Church watch over the Princess' slumber, and this serves as proof of their fulfillment of their duty. The embellished gold cloth is woven with a crest of young grass.

The Princess' knights proudly displayed these precious flavors, which were most often seen swaying from their identical ceremonial spears.


Filianore's Spear Ornament Usage



Filianore's Spear Ornament Locations

  • See the notes of Ringed Knights page to see how they can be used to farm this covenant item.
  • Obtain from defeating Halflight, Spear of the Church or successfully defending.
  • Obtain from the Ringed Inner Wall, take the left path and take the elevator down. Turn to your left and roll/walk into the pathway there. Make a left and hit the illusory wall on your right hand side and there will be the Filianore Spear. (Video Location




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    • Anonymous

      07 May 2018 02:44  

      A good method for farming Spear Ornaments offline is repeating Halflight, Spear of the Church fight. Send the elevator back up by stepping on lever as you walk out to save time. You can also kill the lone ringed knight on the way. If you have trouble or don't want to risk it, you can run past him and shoot from inside the church. He won't come in. Switch to lucky set+coin before last arrow. I got 2 Spear Ornaments from the ringed knight and ~28 from Halflight boss fight. Ember up and summon patches for easier time backstabing the boss. You get less souls but almost no risk of losing to boss. Souls are easy to farm from 3 winged knights anyway. The ringed knight also drops embers, armor set etc. I got ~3 sets from him. Use the dilapidated bridge bonefire for easier reset.

      • Anonymous

        25 Feb 2018 20:10  

        Possible bug: fulfilled my duty yet wasn't awarded the ornament. There were connectivity issues at work, though. Host was moving erratically.

        • Anonymous

          18 Sep 2017 14:26  

          Did I get this correctly: Things you can get with these Filianore's Spear Ornaments can just be used if you're summoned as Halflight into the bossfight? So, if you are not interested in fighting as Halflight, there is no use of collecting these Ornaments?

          • Anonymous

            18 May 2017 20:17  

            I was waiting to get summoned as Spear of the Church so I ran to the paired greatsword Ringed Knight just before the entrance and farmed him for some chunks. He dropped me one of these.

            • Anonymous

              20 Apr 2017 11:18  

              I just got summoned as a Spear of the Church and got 2 Ornaments when I defeated the host (he had summoned a player and Unbreakable Patches). Did anybody else have this and knows why?

              • Anonymous

                16 Apr 2017 03:03  

                Made a quick video for anyone trying to farm Filianore's Spear Ornaments, with their annoyingly low drop rate.

                5 Ringed Knights in a little over 3 minutes, depending how fast you are.


                • Anonymous

                  12 Apr 2017 04:53  

                  I can't get summoned, am I the only 1 on NG++++? DLC hasn't been out that long smh! worse than being summoned as a darkmoon. I never understood how you could hardley ever get summoned but when u do get summoned you see others that have been summoned. I saw a darkmoon that was summoned over 100 times wtf. I asked him how and he just said he gets summoned a lot lol. We need to hear fromsoft speak on this problem. I don't think they can fix it, so they stay quiet about it.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Apr 2017 13:33  

                    Be me. Have Darkmoon Blade covenant equipped. Get summoned to this boss fight as Spear of the Church out of the blue anyway (see what I did there?). Not the fight I was looking for, but OK. Not properly equipped for this most unexpected fight. The gank is real, but manage to take out two out of the three phantoms and proc'd tears of denial on the host at least. Finally succumb to my wounds. Good game. But, is this supposed to happen? Glitched covenant summon?

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Apr 2017 12:27  

                      Just an idea for those who complain about this farm and summon stuff: just *****ing revive Argo for like about 30 times - profit!

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Apr 2017 19:24  

                        Wont this convenant be utterly dead soon?

                        I mean think about it, you will only be summoned if someone is fighting the boss. Now, people will only fight the boss once unless they go all the way to NG+ just for a boss which wont bring them anything. I feel like this convenant will be even worse than Blade of the Darkmoon once the initial DLC-hype is over...aka in less than 1-2 weeks.

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Apr 2017 15:01  

                          They really should have made the rank 2 reward usable outside of the boss fight as there is no reason to equip the covenant once you've gotten the rank 2 reward...unless you like being summoned for the boss fight. You gain nothing but a chance at being the boss and maybe gifting your extra ornaments to other players.

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Apr 2017 12:17  

                            Drop rate is abyssmal (with item discovery 430) and I'm a person who enjoys farming Silverknights and Ghrus. It's relaxing. But for this, at least for now, I recomment to play the Boss to get this item.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Apr 2017 03:10  

                              Can be farmed by continuously reinstating the king's decree from the purging monument and killing Halfight. Patches can also be summoned for the fight. You only get the ornament and not the slab as that is only on the first kill. Easily the fastest way to farm outside of going online and hoping to get summoned to defend which atm is pretty long for me.

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Mar 2017 23:50  

                                you can also find one on the way to Dark Eater Midir, if you jump over the ladder past the illusionary wall

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Mar 2017 18:21  

                                  Item is useless when are you actually going to use it if you do use it you can only use it in one spot such a horrible item

                                  • Anonymous

                                    30 Mar 2017 04:02  

                                    This drop rate is worse than the human dregs or the silver knights, ive farmed 9 ring knights for the past 3 hrs. Ive gotten 0. Each run takes around 10 minutes, this is insane

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