Flame Stoneplate Ring

Stoneplates are symbols of true knights, and red stoneplates are granted to those who valiantly face Chaos.

Increases fire damage absorption.

Flame Stoneplate Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3.


Flame Stoneplate Ring Effect

Increases fire damage absorption as a function of current absorption

  • PVE: damage from non-player sources
    • +0 = 13%
    • +1 = 17%
    • +2 = 20%
  • PVP: damage from other players
    • +0 = 4%
    • +1 = 5%
    • +2 = 6%
  • Weight: 0.6



Where to Find Flame Stoneplate Ring

  • Found on a corpse hanging at a tree on the edge of a cliff near the entrance of the tower with the giant in it at Undead Settlement video location (fextralife video starting at 12m). Try starting at Undead Settlement bonfire, go through first house to fire with Evangelist and worshippers, hang a right to cross the small bridge, and before going into the house along that path, break some boxes and find a path skirting the house to the right. Keep following that little "peninsula" over roofs, etc., while keeping your orientation by always finding ways to move toward the bell tower in the distance. Ring is indeed on a corpse, but it must be cut down. Because of the position of the tree, the corpse often falls down below the cliff. If that happens, there's no jumping after it. You must backtrack til you're at the regular entrance to the tower. Don't homeward bone to shorten backtrack; if area reloads, corpse will again have to be cut from the tree.  It is possible to cut the corpse so it doesn't fall below the cliff, but you have to carefully edge out so when you swing your sword the corpse is knocked back on to the cliff.

  • +1 Version (NG+): Located in the Profaned Capital. The ring is located on a ledge below where you fight the enemy that drops Logan's Scroll, ledge is in front of the entrance to the room with one gaint hands monsters.
  • +2 Version (NG++): Located in the Smouldering Lake, near Demon Ruins bonfire. Behind a hidden wall where the Black Knight with axe is found. Right beside the Black Knight Sword. ()





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    • Anonymous

      just walk around the other side of the hanging corpse so you're between the corpse and the edge of the cliff, and slash toward the ground so the body doesn't fall off the cliff. pick up the ring. no idea why there's so many comments about how to survive jumping off the cliff or reloading your game to get the ring.

      • Recommendation: Set the video location timestamp to when he's at the Undead Settlement bonfire, that way viewers could see the path rather than decipher the text direction or seek themselves.

        • Anonymous

          Just use the Spook spell if you're worried about dying to fall damage after knocking down the ring. That's how I did it

          • Anonymous

            Can you change the verbage from "near" to "overlooking" in "Found on a corpse hanging at a tree on the edge of a cliff near the entrance of the tower with the giant in it"

            • Anonymous

              The linked video is awful. It just seems like a random youtube playthrough player who just happened upon the ring.

              • Anonymous

                If you have the cat ring you CAN jump after the normal version after cutting it down. Just accidentally did it myself.

                • Anonymous

                  Truly, if you “kick” the corpse it will most likely land next to you or you will at least have time to spam pickup button and get it as it tumbles down the rocks

                  • Anonymous

                    When you cut down the corpse, if it falls down the cliff just quit and reload. It loaded the corpse lying on the ground on top of the cliff for me.

                    • Anonymous

                      The stoneplate rings are nerfed way too hard for PvP. Sure trim them a bit compared to PvE, but 6% absorption for +2? At last I can breathe easy around a pyromancer chucking 1,000HP chaos bed vestiges knowing they will only do a paltry 940HP.

                      • Anonymous

                        I got the covenant, then saved and quit in the pit where you spawn. Reloaded and the ring was sitting on the rock below the tree.

                        • Anonymous

                          where behind the hidden wall is the NG+2 version of the ring because i don't want to fight the black knight

                          • Anonymous

                            Why is everyone advising to do this the hard way? No need to go all the way down to get the ring: reload your game after cutting the body down and it will reappear on the cliff. I usually reload when I want to leave the Moundmaker cave after joining the covenant, so I don't need a homeward bone to get out.

                            • Anonymous

                              Since the Mound Maker guy isn't hostile until you kill the tree it seems, you can go to top of the ledge on your first run-through. Instead of shooting/slashing it down immediately and sending it down the cliff, instead walk up carefully onto the rocks its swinging above and nudge it towards solid ground before rolling or attacking to break it free. Saves one a long trip in either direction.

                              • Anonymous

                                It's not on the roof level where you fight the enemy that gives you Logan's Scroll. Go back the stairs where you see an entrance leading to a room with a hand face hippo. Face the doorway and turn 180 degrees and walk forward. Do not roll or move too fast or you will miss the tiny ledge. I think the current description on this page is quite misleading.

                                • Go up the elevator from the Road of Sacrifices bonfire and, look UP to your left from walking out of the tower. The corpse with the ring is on a tree very high above you. Again, shoot it down with your bow UP to your LEFT from facing the exit out of the tower building. It probably won't drop down to you, so you'll likely have to trek all the way around to the rooftop area where the thrall a-holes are and where the guy with the cage that takes you to the Mound-Maker covenant is. The ring should be there.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    on went exactly where is says in discription, and found "trash" on the body, instead of the +1 ring. Any help ?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      From the entrance of the tower look up to the left. There is a hanging body in the tree. Shoot it down. Should it fall on the ground uphill instead of to your feet: backtrack, until you reach the big fire with a lot of dudes praying to it and the Evangelist woman, cross the bridge, climb up the roof and jump down to the right where there's one of those guys with a cage on his back.

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