Flash Sweat is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Flash Sweat

Spell Type


Focus Consumption 20
Attunement Slots 1
Faith Required  / Intelligence Required 6 / 6



Unique pyromancy of the Great Swamp associated with Carmina.

Intense sweating increases fire damage absorption.

An influential pyromancy that internalizes flame, likely forming the foundation for many subsequent spells.


Acquired From




Acid Surge  ♦  Black Fire Orb  ♦  Black Flame  ♦  Black Serpent  ♦  Boulder Heave  ♦  Bursting Fireball  ♦  Carthus Beacon  ♦  Carthus Flame Arc  ♦  Chaos Bed Vestiges  ♦  Chaos Storm  ♦  Fire Ball  ♦  Fire Orb  ♦  Fire Surge  ♦  Fire Whip  ♦  Fireball  ♦  Firestorm  ♦  Flame Fan  ♦  Floating Chaos  ♦  Great Chaos Fire Orb  ♦  Great Combustion  ♦  Iron Flesh  ♦  Poison Mist  ♦  Power Within  ♦  Profaned Flame  ♦  Profuse Sweat  ♦  Rapport  ♦  Sacred Flame  ♦  Seething Chaos  ♦  Toxic Mist  ♦  Warmth


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    • Anonymous

      13 Mar 2021 08:21  

      Best skill of game.This thing with pellet and ring make the cinder fight much easier.Hell it makes every fire enemy easier.Demons check cinder check pontiff check abyss watcher check aldritch check lothric princes check.Great skill overall

      • Anonymous

        25 Jul 2019 18:53  

        How to be as sweaty as possible : this plus great magic barrier = White fog of sweat making it impossible to not slip your hand off your weapon and beside , it makes you only weak to Thunder and dark , so that's neat

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