• Anonymous

      Fast kills05 May 2016 13:16  

      I'm wondering what the fasted method is for farming these guys. Im using dark orb and 3 shot them. Can do it in 2:36 turnaround using homeward. Its 100k every 5 minutes but is there a way to one shot them?

      • Anonymous

        Drops03 May 2016 21:12  

        They only seem to drop large titanite shards or titanite chunks.The one knight with 2 axes, drops the Winged Knight Twinaxes.Never got a armour piece, not even the normal one that you find in Lothric Castle.They do however give quite a lot of souls in NG.13 000 Souls for each one without the silver ring.14 300 Souls for each one with the silver ring.Farmed them for an hour with Gold ring, coin and mimic head. ~300 find stat.~Archer

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