Giant's Coal is an Upgrade Material in Dark Souls 3.

Giant's Coal

Coal used for weapon infusion.

It is said that the giant blacksmith of Anor Londo was once the blacksmith of the gods.

Give to the blacksmith in the shrine to allow the use of gems for lightning, simple, and chaos infusion.


Giant's Coal Usage



Giant's Coal Locations

  • On a Giant's corpse in Anor Londo. From the bonfire, go up the stairs and turn left inside the building.
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  • This coal is found clutched in the palm of the corpse of the Giant Blacksmith from the original Dark Souls. (Andre's dialogue upon recieving the coal indicates it's him)
  • He appears to have died quite some time ago, but it is unclear how he died and why his corpse was left to rot. 
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    • Anonymous

      22 Mar 2020 03:33  

      for everyone upset that GB is dead, time is convoluted, so if we ever get another dark souls/DLC he could very well be in it, alive and well, heck that's why Andre is alive in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        06 Feb 2020 08:04  

        The way Andre's voice cracks a little when he talks about the big boy... *****, I'm not crying. You're crying!

        • Anonymous

          06 Feb 2020 07:55  

          Judging by the open door and the room covered in black sludge, I'd say Aldrich came through there, killed him then proceeded to the main chamber.

          • Anonymous

            26 Oct 2019 01:13  

            You were there when we needed you, you gave us the best armor set in the game, you sold what we needed... you will stay in our hearts, our TRUE Giant Dad.

            • Anonymous

              09 Aug 2019 02:47  

              Even though I knew it was coming, I still cried when I saw the Giant Blacksmith dead. He was a sweet little angel, who just wanted to forge weapons and make friends. He was so sweet and adorable in the way he talked was and one of the only NPCs I talked to in every run, despite usually not having a need to talk to him in most. He deserved the same burial a God would get, not being left to rot, still clutching his precious coal and hammer right 'til the very end. I miss him, so, so much... Aldrich is going to suffer for what he did.

              • Anonymous

                10 Jun 2017 23:26  

                It's possible this is a reference to Giantdad, as it's the Giant's coal, and unlocks the chaos infusion.

                • Anonymous

                  Aldrich02 Sep 2016 17:44  

                  You can see Aldrich's slime trail from the corpse leading up the stairs. Was another of his victims.

                  • Anonymous

                    Useless Video06 May 2016 14:30  

                    Perhaps one of the least useful video locations. If your intent is to show an item's location you need a point of reference. Particularly one that someone who had not already been to that location would recognize. Reasonably, this would be the bonfire.

                    • Anonymous

                      Dialogue17 Apr 2016 05:49  

                      If u haven't seen dark souls 1 story then don't read this. Andre's dialogue says that he knew the giant In Anor Londo, but how in the hell would he know of the giant he is not a god or apart of the gods so how is does he know. The only explanation is Andre is confirmed as the first born of Gwynn makes since due to them sharing the love of smithing and weapons which is Andres, Giants, and first born favorite thing

                      • Anonymous

                        Wait a minute...13 Apr 2016 16:15  

                        The Giant's Coal... used by the Giant Blacksmith of Anor Londo, the guy who sold you the "Giant Set", allows you now to forge... Chaos Weapons ?! ... ... ...Could it be some kind of reference to the legendary build of GiantDad ?

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