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    • Anonymous

      I wonder why they cut it off the game. What a waste. It'd made and amazing luck weapon since it has both poison AND bleed.

      • Anonymous

        I’m so upset these weren’t included in the game. For all the fan service in this game, it’s such a shame they didn’t include the original paired dex weapons that so many people fell in love with. It’s such an insult that they were finished but not put in the game. Ciaran deserves so much better than this.

        • Anonymous

          https://www.change.org/p/fromsoftware-bring-the-golden-dual-swords-to-dark-souls-3?recruiter=22901277&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition this is a petition to get them in game

          • Anonymous

            I was hoping so hard they'd add Ciaran's weapons and armor in Ringed City. And it could've happened. I'd rather have the DLC delayed and full.

            • For those unaware, these are the Gold and Silver Tracer from Dark Souls, the weapons of Ciaran, and they've been in the game files since the games' vanilla launch and are even usable with a little bit of data-mining. For some reason though, they're cut content. People expected them to appear in one of the DLC's eventually, but it never came to pass.

              These swords have their own WA moveset, item description. and finished animation and awesome looking after effect and everything, and have been in the game since its initial outing so it's not like they didn't have time to find a way to implement them in one of the dlcs. Why on Earth they wouldn't put in this completely finished and unique weapon into the game is beyond me, but it's a damn shame as they're one of the prettiest looking weapons.

              • Anonymous

                Have the weapons done, functioning fully.
                But not put them in any of the releases in the game.
                When I see no issues with the ones brought out of them game files.
                Thanks From, real good work.

                The only problem I could see is, the Silver tracer doing poison as the gold one does bleed.
                So, putting them together in this game may have been too much?
                Especially with the current patch.
                But having both effects on the weapons wouldn't be hard, it would just work like the Dancer's Swords.
                Just with, one doing bleed, and the other doing poison.

                • I haven't found these yet but hope's not all lost. It'd be a real shame if they didn't finally put these in officially, especially considering how off the wall the DLC weapons are.

                  • Anonymous


                    Quite a bit of work for it to be fake when it has its own unique moveset. And the description doesn't mention Ciaran, which would make sense that her set isn't in the game.

                    Your skepticism is valid, but the question isn't whether or not the weapon is in the game's files. It's whether or not somebody lied about it being in the DLC since most other weapons have been seen already.

                    • Anonymous

                      Are we actually sure it's the tracers ? There's no pic, desc or any info quite frankly, and i haven't caught wind of the presence of the lord's blade set being in the game, which adds to my doubt.

                      • Anonymous

                        I thought the tracers were just cut content (They are in the game files since launch, like Lapp's set), It would be awesome if they actually were in the dlc :D

                        • Anonymous


                          From an old unused content video. Definitely the Gold Tracer and Dark Silver Tracer.

                          Not sure if the description will be the same, though.

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