Greirat's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Greirat's Ashes


Umbral ash of Greirat of the Undead Settlement. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

Greirat was a thief who fancied himself a martyr for the poor, which is what drove him to climb the wall.


Greirat's Ashes Usage

Greirat's item variety will alter when he is allowed to scavenge certain areas, and his ashes will reflect this based on the time he is killed. 

Greirat's Ashes Locations

Obtained following Greirat's death either from the player's hand or as a result of his questline.

  • If he dies on the Irythill mission (if not saved by Siegward), his ashes will be in the flooded cave by the long-haired centipede monsters in Irythill of the Boreal Valley just before the kitchen area. (Video)(Video)
  •  If sent out a third time, ashes can be found on a Grand Archives rooftop; between the first and second Gargoyle encounters, look down for a rooftop with a group of Corvian worshippers. Drop down and from there, in one direction is a Hollow Gem and a Titanite Chunk, while in the other is a short jump to Greirat's corpse and a treasure of 3 Titanite Scales.()




  •  If he dies on the Irythill mission, the new items he would have had for sale(uppon success) will be available from the Shrine Handmaid(After giving her his ashes). You will however, be permenantly unable to recieve the items obtained from the Lothric Castle mission. 



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    • Anonymous

      Wow, i never knew his ashes will be found there in Irythill since i actually never found his corpse in my 3 game cycles...
      Poor guy must have been terrified of these monstrosities, he didn't deserve this...

      • Anonymous

        Didn't realize Patches needed Siegward's armor/Siegward needed to stay at the kitchen when I sent Greirat out (I knew he might die, but the guide I read didn't mention that those requirements, and only mentioned that if you save Siegward from the well he will save him smh). I went to practice some weapons on the centipedes and found Greirat's ashes and got hella sad.
        At least now I know what to do next playthrough.

        • Anonymous

          His wuestline must be bugged, he died on the boreal valley in both of my recent cycles. I followed both patches' and siegward's events thoroughly and carefully, they were both available for rescue in both cycles, and greirat still died. More frustrating than most bosses ngl

          • Anonymous

            If you want those exploding and splinttering bolts NEVER EVER do Boreal Dancer early. It messes so hard with the Siegward/Greirat/Patches questline. First: Siegward won't even spawn in the well, no matter what progression you have in the Cathedral. Second: Patches won't have Siegwards armor and NEITHER will offer to save Greirat.

            Christ, why is the quest design so fickle in Fromsoft games

            • Anonymous

              Be sure to get to patches early to ensure greirat lives; to be safe I make sure patchers is doing his squat, reload the area, then send him. Sometimes if you get patches late in the play through into firelink, give siegward his armor, THEN send greirat He might still end up dead.

              • Anonymous

                My friend dies trying to help me - I turn in his ashes to the handmaid so his efforts don't go to waste - she makes fun of me and jokes about me killing him

                • I saved Siegward from the well, met him in the kitchen and defeated Pontiff, I then sent Greirat to scavenge Irythill, where he died. Do you have to send Greirat to Irythill before talking with Siegward or did I mess something up?

                  • Anonymous

                    ok so i killed him waaay starting the game, gave his ashes to the maiden but now at lothric prince she doesnt sell me lightning urns. am i F? also checked both his maybe ashes whereabouts and nope

                    • Anonymous

                      SAVED GREIRAT?

                      I killed all bosses EXCEPT Old Demon King, Stray Demon, Midir, Gael, Soul of Cinder, and Lothric Brothers.

                      I cleared out all enemies at Grand Archives.

                      And ONLY THEN did I sent Greirat on 3rd outing to Lothric Castle. Also, I killed Patches at the same time I sent Greirat on 3rd outing.

                      I couldn’t find his ashes at a Grand Archives drop down spot by the gargoyles.

                      So I killed the rest of the bosses and returned to not find his ashes each time....

                      If he is dead where is his ashes. Cuz he isn’t in the shrine either.

                      • Anonymous

                        I sent greirat out to lothric then went over to where his corpse is normally but his ashes weren't there. Was this a bug? If so please help me figure this out.

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