Grotesque Londor Grower


Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness Slash, Dark, Bleed, Frost
Resistances N/A
Immune Rapport, Alluring Skull

Grotesque Londor Grower is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.


Grotesque Londor Grower Enemy Description

  • The second form a Londor pilgrim has post-mortis, can summon an "angel".
  • Does not respawn.


Grotesque Londor Grower Combat Information

  • Summons angel upon entering an area. The angel can be killed, however, another angel will spawn if the pupa is not killed.
  • Deals minor physical damage, attacks can be avoided with ease or blocked.
  • Pinned by chains, therefore can't move.
  • If a pilgrim pupa dies, its respective angel will also dissipate.
  • Can't be lured using Alluring Skull.
  • Can't be Rapported.


Grotesque Londor Grower Notes & Trivia

  • During an angel's summoning there is a brief pillar of light where a Pilgrim Pupa is casting for the summon.
  • Pilgrim Pupas are seen in the concept art describing the same name. "Pupa" may be a direct reference to the "Pilgrim Butterflies" seen in Lothric during the end game.


Grotesque Londor Grower Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
 The Dreg Heap  808  5000 Twinkling Titanite x2 

Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

Location Drops


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    • Anonymous

      Just imagine Rapport would be usable on this creepy creatures... You could use the angel on that nasty invasions :D

      • Anonymous

        No one seems to be talking about where the other 2 are hiding, so I had to go out and find them myself. One's under the house to the right ledge just after the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire. Jump onto a branch to the left of the house and follow it until you find the summoner. This also leads to the Earthen Peak Ruins Tower bonfire without having to go through the swamp (would have saved much heartache). The third one is sitting on the roof of a building in the back right corner of the swamp. Get on the branch from the swamp like you would if you were just going the normal way to fight the pyromancer. When you get to the rock ledge, go to the buildings on the right where a thrall will be waiting there between the two points in the roof. After killing it, cross the branch leading to the building on the other side and the last summoner us just to the left. Have fun playing with no angels to worry about.

        • Anonymous

          Huh, I always assumed they were ascended pilgrims and/or the end result of a forced ascension. Mankind were one with the dark at one time (as said by the Grave Warden in DS2) but Gwyn linked their humanity to the first flame and thus they were separated. Could this be what happens when mankind tries to return to the dark?

          • Anonymous

            If it is what I think it is. It looks like a Londor Tree thing except its made of flesh and looks like a tongue at first. If you have trouble with angels, Spend the first few deaths looking for where these guys are. I can confirm that when these die, the Angel in that area will die with it. Recommended that if you have a bow, the one in the Earthen Tower Ruins is near the house next to the ledge.

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